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Great update,

Aww feel sorry for Xavier he had the special night all set up and Ruby never showed :(!! She's gonna have to do a lot of grovelling if she wants to hang on to him.

:o!! Can't believe Brax pushed her!! Don't think he will start abusing her though, I think it's more that he was drunk and feeling useless!! Still no excuse though!!

As others have said, both Brax and Ruby are gonna have a lot of making up to do!!

More soon please :D

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Aw, thanks Danni! Glad Brax felt sorry for what he did and that he is helping with the babies now. No harm done, he is new at this. Brax must feel pretty good now he was able to make Riley stop crying. :) Charlie should talk to Brax about her feelings, it is not good for her to keep it all to herself. Has Brax given Charlie her present yet? :)

Thanks Danni!

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Loved this Danni!

Knew Brax didn't mean to push passed Charlie, he could no way be like that. Glad that Bianca was there to help Charlie before Brax got back, it has to be hard on her; still recovering from the surgery and having a young child and newborns to look after. But at least now Brax is getting himself involved more with the twins. When Brax was able to stop Riley from crying, that made me howl! :lol: bless, so funny! Jacob as ever is just so adorable, I reall am gonna pinch him.....hehe

Update again soon Danni :D

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Yaaaaaaaaaay that Brax saved the day with Riley !!!! That was coooooooooool, especially.............

 “What makes you think I was going to lecture you? You’re not one of my children”

 Charlie looked back up at Brax as she wiped the tear from her cheek. All she could do was trust him and believe that he wouldn’t do anything like that again. “You don’t get another chance” Charlie shook her head. “One more thing happens like this and I’m gone. I’m taking the kids and I’m out of here. I can’t stay with you, especially with the kids if you are going to turn into a violent drunk”

 Brax nodded lightly at Charlie’s comment. “I just....I didn’t support Paige’s head. I didn’t wind Riley or wipe her butt right -”

“Yeah and do you think you are the first person to do that?” Charlie questioned. “Brax, you always supported their head’s in the hospital. It was probably just the nerves of having them home. You know, this is it; we’re really on our own and I would be worried if you didn’t make mistakes. Most people do. I mean poor Jacob had to go through all of mines”

 “I did it yesterday when you were out getting....when you were out” Charlie said and Brax grinned appreciatively.

 “Theys real pritty” Jacob smiled as he climbed up onto the couch.

 “I don’t think that’s an option” Charlie shook her head. “One baby is hard enough, but twins” Charlie shook her head. “They’ve only been home one night and look at the place already” Charlie sighed as she looked around the messy room. “Then there’s still this little guy to keep occupied” Charlie said as she ran her hand over Jacob’s hair.

 As she undressed herself, she looked down to her scar and gently ran her hand across it as a tear rolled down her cheek. She’d kept it bottled up inside her for a week now, and although not taking about it was killing her, she knew talking about it would be even harder. Although she didn’t plan to have any more children anyways, she felt slightly cheated that the decision had been taken from her. As she turned to put the shower on, the tears continued to roll down her cheeks. She knew she had to talk about it to someone soon, whether it was Brax or Bianca, she knew she needed to let out her hurt and upset. Sighing lightly she wiped the tears from her face before she stepped into the shower.

 “Riley” Jacob yelled. “You be quiet” Jacob put his hands over his ears as he scowled, un-amused at the noise his sister was making. “I say be quiet” Jacob screamed.

 “Maybe try offering her the breast?” Brax said and Charlie nodded as she sat down on the couch, and lifted up her singlet and unhooked her nursing bra, offering Riley too feed. But Riley just continued to scream, not accepting the breast.

 “Shhh” Brax said softly as he placed Riley down on his legs and gently rubbed her tummy, before he began rubbing her legs, this seeming to have a calming effect on her, as her cries quietened. Brax smiled lightly as he continued to rub is daughter’s legs before he moved them around in circles. Just then, Riley let out a fart, before she immediately stopped crying. Charlie laughed lightly as Brax looked at her, feeling pleased with himself.

“Well done” Charlie smiled as she looked down to Riley who was now sitting content on Brax’s legs. She moved closer to Brax and he wrapped his arm around her and they both looked lovingly down at their daughter.

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The last few chapters were amazing as always! :)

The twins are so cute! :wub:

I can't believe Brax hurt Charlie but at least he's apologized and got his act together now.

I really hope he bought an engagement ring!!

Aww, he must have been really happy when he managed to stop Riley crying. It shows that he can be a great father to them.

I really enjoyed reading these chapters and I'm looking forward to the next one!

Please update soon xx

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