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Brax & Rubes are BOTH sooooooo gonna be in the doghouse !!!!! LOVED that, especially.............

 “Because she’s got 2 new babies to look after and they are hard work” Charlie answered.

“Oh” Jacob said “Wells I be good and I’s will help” Jacob grinned “But you gotta read my book”

 “But I promised it won’t be forever though”

“Really promise?” Jacob questioned.

“Yeah. I really promise”

 It was so quiet. With all 3 of her children asleep, and Brax still not back from wherever he’s stormed off too. She rested her head back against the couch as she closed her eyes, hoping to get a little nap herself, before deciding now would probably be a good time to express some milk. She sighed lightly as she stood up from the couch and walked through to her bedroom, finding the breast pump in the bottom of the wardrobe. She opened up the box and took the pump out before she settled herself on her bed. Hoping that Brax would appreciate Charlie sacrificing some well wanted sleep, so he could feed his girls.

 Well, being a little late was okay, and besides she was an artist now, wasn’t being late for things their style?

The ENTIRE Brax arrived home drunk sequence, in particular …….”as he pushed Charlie to the side, causing her to hit her stomach against the chair from the dining table. Charlie screamed out in pain as she double over, clutching onto her stomach. Brax twisted the cap off the bottle and threw it on the table before he staggered off in the direction of their bedroom.”

 sighing lightly at Ruby not being home yet, at Ruby not even bothering to get in touch with him. He sighed once more before he closed his eyes to sleep.

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Wow Danni!

Brax; seriously, man up, pull yourself together and give Charlie a hand! She need sleep and a lot of help! although, his awesamazing did make me :lol:

Poor Xav :( Waiting for Ruby

I hope that Brax pushing passed Charlie WAS drunken annoyance and nothing else; poor girl, she seems so unhappy about the hysterectomy and with it still hurting :(

Jacob saying he no heavy was adorable :wub:

Update again soon please Danni :D

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Brilliant chapter! So loved the feelings you portrayed and I was anxious reading down each line... Love your writing!!

Brax is being a proper jerk! Needs to get to grips and support Charlie...I know she seemed a bit harsh before but they're both stressed out. I'm sure he's going to really regret pushing past her and hopefully they can help eachother. Little Jakey is Gorgeous - really comes to life.

Poor Xavier! He's not my favourite but I actually felt for him... Brax and Ruby have some making up to do :mellow:

Thanks!! :D

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Amazing update Danni, I can't get enough of this story :)

Wow Brax really needs to grow up, Poor Charlie I hope she is ok, she definitely handled everything better than I could have, I would have locked him out of the house :lol: Oh and Jacob is getting cutier with every update, I love him :wub:

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Omg brax!!!! I literally gasped ewhen i read he pushed her!! What a jerk!!! I seriously hope this doesnt go down the abusive path, would ruin it for me :( its gonna be a huge cycle, brax gets sober next morning, charlies mad which mskes brax mad so he goes out and gets drunk! Oh no :( more soon please, have to see what happens!!!

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First of all I'm sorry to hear about your loss hope you are ok.

Sorry I fell so behind with this story but it has been ace catching up.

I think Ruby will end up with that Matt guy felt sorry for Xavier waiting for her to come home.

Hopefully Brax will sort himself out. I don't think he meant to push Charlie hope she's going to be ok.

Keep up the great writing :D

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