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SOOOOO much going on for Brax !!!!! REALLY enjoyed that !!!!, especially.............

 “Oh Jacob” Brax said as he shook his head “That one is very expensive” Brax said as he looked at the $899 price tag. “And Daddy wanted to get something with aquamarine in it”

“With what?” Jacob asked as he scrunched his face up.

“The birthstone for your new sisters” Brax said.

 “There’s one more thing I want to buy Mummy first. Can I see you’re collection of rings please?”

 “Okay, sorry, no need to shout” Brax said as he moved his arm to better support his daughter.

“Sorry, but she can’t hold her head up yet, you know you need to support her”

“Okay, I said I’m sorry” Brax snapped. “Geez”

 Charlie spoke softly as she looked down at Riley, who was staring up at her with big blue eyes.

 “You shouldn’t have stuffed animals in a new-born’s cot” Charlie answered.

“Why?” Brax questioned as he folded his arms.

“For safety” Charlie replied “I know it is unlikely, but they could fall on the child and suffocate them and we’d rather be safe than sorry, right?”

“So I did wrong?” Brax questioned.

“No, no” Charlie shook her head.

 “Because I’ve been a little bit busy, Brax” Charlie snapped “I will express some as soon as I get the time. I’d love for you to be able to feed the girls too”

“Okay” Brax sighed “Haven’t you been feeding them at the same time at the hospital?”

“Yeah, but we left the breastfeeding pillow at the hospital” Charlie sighed “I tried with a normal pillow, but it didn’t feel right. It just kept slipping, so I thought I’d do it this way”

“Right” Brax nodded “Guess I’ll have to make a trip to the hospital then”

 After what seemed like hours to Jacob, Charlie finally finished feeding Paige.

 Brax tried to hold his breath as he reached for a baby wipe before he started to wipe her bum.

“Front to back” Charlie raised her voice. “You always wipe front to back”

 “See Mummy is just being silly, it won’t fall at all” Brax said, just as the nappy slipped down Riley’s legs. “I can’t do anything right can I?” Brax raised his voice before he handed Riley to Charlie and stormed out of the room. Charlie sighed lightly as she heard the front door slamming shut.

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Great Update. I am glad the twins are doing well. I thought Jacob might get jealous. As much as I love Brax I find him to be a little bit arrogant and selfish in this story, even a little childish I felt like he was throwing a tantrum about Charlie trying to help him he is a first time parent she is not. Get over it Brax.

Can't wait for more I absolutely love this story :)

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