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Forever Yours (by Danni02) - comments


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I thought it was funny of Riley asking if she could have a ;ittle brother I had forgot that Charile can't have kids no more. That made me feel abit sad, when I remembered. :(:lol:

Xavier and Ruby and their kicking baby was sweet there at the end.

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Aww, thanks for the nod in the thing you put at the beginning of each update! Cheeky!

Two fab updates Danni; loved them. The twins are so cute and hilarious! they should have their own comedic act!

Where do babies come from? Why have you got scribbles on your arms? What's my baby brother called? -SO sweet!

Awkward moment there when Charlie was asked about giving the twins a baby brother. Felt sorry for Charlie :(

Xavier and Rubvy's little bit there was sweet; a cute little family in the making there!

Update soon Danni! This is amazing writing here! :D

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great chapter I think its safe to say Riley probably takes after Brax :)

I don't see this whole baby talk with Brax and Charlie ending well... Kinda feel bad for Charlie now knowing Brax wants more kids and she will never be able to have kids herself... jUst hope they can talk through it without upsetting each other or putting any strain on their marriage :unsure:

update soon :)

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Great update,

Haha Riley is going to be the cause of all of Charlie and Brax's grey hairs when they get older :lol:!!

Can understand where Brax coming from, but he did tell Charlie he was fine about not having more lids so you can undeatand why she might feel lied to!!!

Aww xave and rubes are so cute as a little family :wub:!!

More soon please :D

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