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GREAT, intriguing start [and AWESOME that it's begun so soon after the original finished] !!!!, especially.............

 “Mummy” Jacob smiled as he ran over to her and she bent down, as far as her 5 months pregnant stomach would let her and hugged her son.

 “Very active” Charlie yawned as she placed her hand on top of Brax’s, just as a kick could be felt.

“That’s amazing” Brax grinned as he felt another kick. “Seriously I could just keep my hand there all night”

“Well we would appreciate some food” Charlie grinned as she looked up at Brax.

“Dinner will be around 10 minutes” Brax replied and Charlie smiled before she shared a kiss with Brax, before resting her head against his chest.

 “Someone told me today I looked like I was about to pop any second, and someone else said and I quote ‘Oh you must be close to your due date now, are you getting excited?’”

“So, what does it matter what other people think?” Brax said.

“Oh it matters, Brax” Charlie said with anger building up. “What do you have to do? Nothing” Charlie said “I have to -”

 “I know. I’m sorry” Brax said as he rubbed Charlie’s arm, trying to stop Charlie going into one of her hormonal rants, that were becoming more popular over the last month

 Jacob said before he put his hand onto Charlie’s stomach and his eyes widened in amazement as he felt kicks.

“Oh he’s angry to Mummy” Jacob said as he looked back up to his parents.

“He?” Brax questioned and Jacob nodded.

“Mummy has boys” Jacob said as he looked back down to her ever growing bump.

“Is that so?” Charlie asked as she lightly ran her hand over Jacob’s head and Jacob nodded. “What about Ruby? She’s a girl”

“Eh well....ehm” Jacob said as he scratched the side of his head, trying to think of a response. “You have boys now”

 “You told Jacob to keep a secret?” Charlie questioned “Have you just met the boy?”

 “I agree it’s pretty small, but Brax, we can’t afford to move elsewhere. With my crappy wage and -”

“Oooh Mummy sayed a bad word” Jacob said and Brax bit his lip, to stop himself laughing at the boy.

 She looked mad with him. Sighing lightly he took a forkful of his lasagne and brought it up to his mouth. It seemed like he couldn’t get anything right these days.

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Didn't think it'd be this quick Danni!

But OMFG so good.

Jacob still as cute as ever :wub:

Charlie pregnant :wub:

and poor Brax not been able to get anything right :(

Update soon :D

(Canadian air must be good for you :P)

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Waw, I was sad when Nothing lasts forever was finished, but now I have got this one to cheer me up! Thank you!

Poor Brax, Charlie is hormonal, I am sure it will pass... eventually! :)

Jacob is still so cute, they are such a nice family. And a little baby on the way, waw, I am so happy.

I am silently hoping for a girl, but I would be happy with a boy too.

I am loving this already and it was only the first chapter! I really can't wait to read more Danni, thank you so much for writing the sequel.

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