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My Saving Grace (by RoRo90) - comments

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You are AMAZING..not other words to describe you and your writing! :D Another brilliant chapter, I really hope Ella comes to her senses and realises Grant is playing her! Ruby is such a strong young girl, glad she is testifying! :) I love, love, LOVED the ending...so glad Charlie reassured Brax she isn't going anywhere! Please update soon! Xx

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First of all - the whole Ruby walking in on them at the beginning was just priceless :lol:!!

Hate Grant for trying to play the whole mentally unstable card :angry:, but I'm glad that Ella has a geunine reason for representing him rather than just out of spite.

Glad that they're all going to testify, hopefully he will get a huge sentence!!

OMFG that ending was just adorable :wub:!!

More soon please :D!!

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Amazing update once again!! i have no words to desribe how much i love this story you are a born writer & i dread the day this story comes to an end, i love the excitment i get when i see you have updated as i know i will never be dissapointed !!

please update soon & thanks xxxx

Same :) Update soon, love it!

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Aww I was grinning like an idiot that entire,

There are so many parts of that chapter that I would love to quote, so maybe I'll just keep it to my fave per post,

So today's favourite quote - keep it pg rated Braxton; there are children present :lol:!! And also heaths whipped comment comes pretty close :lol:!!!

I actual love the fact that the adults put a bet on the length of time it would take Casey and rubes to get together :lol:!!

Again chax simply = perfection :wub:!!

More soon please :D

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