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SOOOO much to LOVE in the 1st 2 chapters, especially.............

 Casey once again pulled brax out of his day dream..., “Bwax” Casey toughed at Brax’s shirt....

“Yh Case” Brax answered ruffling Casey’s hair.

“Casey is hungry”..... Brax laughed lightly as Casey looked up at him with his big brown eyes.

“Come on then big guy, let’s get you feed” Brax said as he picked Casey up and headed to the kitchen.

 “Settle down everyone, take your seats.... we have a new comer today”. Brax looked up to see Mr Jones standing at the front of the class. But what caught his

attention was the girl standing next to him.

“Class this is Charlotte”

“I prefer Charlie” she said looking at him briefly

 Although she seemed to be smiling, her eyes seemed sad almost as if they were screaming for help.

 She couldn’t begin to comprehend how he managed to cope with it all. She would have called their mother about heath not turning up to class but she knew all too well that it would have been a waste of time.

 He only hoped that he would one day make something of himself and show his father that they didn’t need him, and that the only person who had lost out from him leaving them was himself.

 “Really mum, REALLY, you have time to drink yourself into a stoop but you can’t feed your three year old son” brax spat the words at his mother, anger clearly evident in his voice

 For him it felt nothing like home, more like a prison cell and each passing day, he felt like it was going to consume him,

 “Yh erm... I’m good with faces” brax replied sheepishly.

 Brax couldn't help but notice how vulnerable she looked, almost like the slightest thing could break her.

 she dismissed her current train of thought as she remembered the mess that was called her life that would once again continue once she entered her front door. She took a deep breath as she turned the handle, automatically readjusting her face with the smile that she had learned to falsely but perfectly wear for so long now.

 but with a drunk for a mum, and an older brother who was either working or looking after their younger brother Casey, Heath at times (mostly all the time) felt ignored.

Brax couldn’t understand why he found it so difficult to talk to her, he had felt the slightest shiver when his hand had brushed against hers, but tried to cover it up.

LOVE that Chax are teens in this, and 3 yr old Casey is cute. Sounds like what happened in the show [the Charlie/Grant/Ruby sitch] is why Charlie is the way she is in this fic.

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Great first two chapters,

Like the idea of them both being teenagers.

It deffo sounds like Charlie's moved to Summer Bay with her past still haunting her!!

If you wanna space out the words more, just keep pressing enter as many times as necessary at the end of what is supposed to go on each line. Then you can always go on preview post and make sure you're happy with the way it looks before posting it :)!

More soon please :D

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That was cooooool, especially.............

 For the first time since he sat next to her, she slowly lifted her head, instantly catching his gaze. She felt her heart race pick up at a rapid pace, she could have sworn it had gotten so loud the whole class could hear it; she felt her cheeks heat up as she flushed as he continued to glare at her. Her mind was telling her to look away, but she felt paralysed, unable to break her gaze from him.

Brax took a deep breath in as he found himself almost hypnotised by her perfectly shaded eyes. He found himself wondering about her past, what her life was like, but most of all he wanted to know the cause of the apparent sadness he could see in her eyes.

 Surveying her arms Charlie acknowledged the goose bumps that had formed.

 Both Brax and Charlie let out a little laugh both glad that any earlier awkwardness had now dissolved. “So I’m gonna be doing all the work ey” Brax asked as he flashed her one of his smile, making her flush ever so lightly.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about; having to write down all your wonderful ideas will be of great strain to my hand” Charlie beamed as she mocked Brax.

 Charlie and Brax slowly walked out of the class both disappointed that they would now have to go their separate ways.

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