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Is Anyone Home?

Guest Charlie-brax

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LOVED that !!!!, especially.............

 "Your gunna have to go out the window" she said, smiling. He shook his head and opened the door.

"No Braxxx!" she said, grabbing his hand. Just as she did this he pulled her out. Leah looked up and dropped her fork.

"Charlie , Brax?" she asked, sounding confused. He smiled at her and nodded, putting his arm around her. Charlie also smiled but also worried about how Leah would react.

"Well, congrats i guess?" she answered, trying to sound happy. Cause she cerntainly wasn't happy about this. Even though she already knew about it, she wasn't happy.

 "Hey, is anyone home?" he asked. She smiled.

"Maybe..." Charlie replied, laughing as he softly kissed her. She kissed back and it slowly became more and more passionate. The smiled at each other as they had to pull away for a breath.

"So no ones home?" he asked, cheekily.

"Actually yes, Ruby didn't tell me about her free period." she said, loud enough for her daughter to hear. He heard a laugh come from the living room.

 smiling as she kissed him.

"I am in the room" saud Ruby, as she turned away from the new couple. They both laughed and continued to kiss. Ruby looked up and saw this, disturbed.

"Okay, if your gunna fo that im just gunna leave you in peace" she said, packing up her stuf and walking out of the house. They all laughed.

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