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Two GREAT updates, especially.............

 Charlie sat on the beach, staring aimlessly into the wide, wide ocean. Never ending and never stopping. But forever moving and flowing. She let the sand, fall through her fingers as she picked it up in her delicate hands. She was thinking about him again. About their little looks and glances at each other when no one else was looking. The continuous flirting. The extremely passionate kiss, they had shared the other day. An all she could do was run. The last few days, she had found gerself always thinking about him. In the shower, at work, at home. She even had a dream about him. She didn't know what to do. She had never felt this way before about a man.

 "So hows that skanky daughter of yours?" asked Heath. Charlie just ignored him. She stood up and walked off. How dare he say something like that about her daughter. She was fuming. Brax punched him in the arm.

"What the hell was that for?" he said, rubbing his muscly arm.

"In case you didn't know, Casey is going out with Casey. She is no skank and if you got to know her, you would know this!" he said, before jumping in the surf and gliding away from his ignorant pig of a brother.

 "Uh maybe cause of my job and the fact that you are the gang leaver of the riverboys." she said, opening the door for him to leave.

"Whatever" he said, leaning in to kiss her. She turned away.

 She walked into the living room to find her mother sitting on a chair crying her eyes out.

"Mum?" i said, dropping everything and running over to her

"Im fine, im gunna go have a shower now" she replied, quickly getting up and jumping in to the shower. She was crying because she was upset. She really liked Brax and he obviously like her so why couldnt they be together? Even if they had to hide their relation ship in public. Why shouldnt they?

 All of a sudden they froze to listen. They could here all Ruby, Leah and VJ awake. How was he goin to get out? He had work in half an hour.

"The window?" she sugested, laughing. He sighed and picked up his shirt.

"I'll see you later!" he said, kissing her and launchin himself outside the window. She laughed, pu on her dressing gown and headed into the kitchen.

"Morning Rubes!" she said, as leah and VJ had already left.

"Morning, what you in such a good mood for?" she asked, smiling.

"No reason" Charlie replied, takin out the burnt toast her daughter just made. Ruby laughed.

"Mother like daughter!" she said, smartly before picking up her school bag and heading off to school.

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Chapter 8

*at the diner*

"So hows work?" asked Bianca, wanting to get off the conversation of her disasterous love life.

"Its okay, but i'd rather stay home" she sighed.

"Know how you feel" she said, looking over at Heath.

"So. You and Heath ey" she said, laughing. Bianca smiled.

"Maybe" she said, smiling just as Heath headed towards them.

"Hey Buckton, Miss Scott" he said, while watching Bianca.

"I bet you wouldnt o lasted too long in school" Bianca thought aloud.

"I would of, if we had teachers as beautiful as you" he said, walking off. Bianca smiled and blushed.

*police station*

Charlie sat in her office, doing the paperwork for a robbery, when her phone started beeping. She smiled when she saw Brax' name flash across the screen.


Hey, missing you already x B

Charlie smile at this and quickly replied.

Missing you too x C

Just as she sent it, Inspector joyce walked in

"Sargeant Buckton, we just got a call for a disturbance, if you wanna go check it out?" he said. Charlie nodded.

"Where is it?" she asked, picking up the keys.

"Its cheryl Braxton's house" he said. Charlie was shocked. What was she gunna do if Brax was there.

"GET OUT NOW!" screamed Cheryl. She was angry and was becoming violent when Charlie and Watson came in the door. All Cheryl, Brax, Casey and Heath looked at them. Brax smiled at her an turned back to his mother.

"Mum, settle down." said Brax, trying to calm fown his mother.

"I WILL NOT CALM DOWN, AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED HEATH IS MY ONLY SON!" she screamed, throwing a pile of Brax and Caseys stuff.

"Fine, we'll go. Just calm down" he said, as he pushe Casey out the door.

"Mr Braxton, i'm gunna have to talk to you" said Charlie, feeling weird having to call him 'Mr Braxton'. He nodded. Her partner talked to Cheryl, while Charlie talked to Casey and Brax.

"Look, im sorry i had to turn up like this but we got a call" said Charlie, looking into Brax' eyes.

"Its okay, your just doing your job" he replied, before picking up their stuff and chucking it in his ute.

*At Angelos*

It was exactly 1:14 am and Brax was sitting in a booth at Angelos. It was closed so bo one was gunna walk in. Just as he though that, Charlie walked in.

"Hey, you okay?" she asked, before sitting down next to him.

"Yeahh, just getting sick of my mother" he replied, looking down.

"It sounded pretty serious" she said, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Yeahh, it was. She kicked me and Casey out of home. We are living in a motel" he replied. Charlie gasped.

"I would let you stay with me but... Ya know" she said. They both laughed.

"Thanks anyway" he said. She pulled him in and they hugged tightly.

"Thankyou so much for understanding" he said. She nodded.

"It was nothing" she said, before he leaned down and kissed her lips gently.

"Im really glad your here" he whispered.

"So am i Brax, so am i."

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COOOOL chapter, especially.............

 "Hey Buckton, Miss Scott" he said, while watching Bianca.

"I bet you wouldnt o lasted too long in school" Bianca thought aloud.

"I would of, if we had teachers as beautiful as you" he said, walking off. Bianca smiled and blushed.

 Just as she sent it, Inspector joyce walked in

 "I WILL NOT CALM DOWN, AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED HEATH IS MY ONLY SON!" she screamed, throwing a pile of Brax and Caseys stuff.

"Fine, we'll go. Just calm down" he said, as he pushe Casey out the door.

"Mr Braxton, i'm gunna have to talk to you" said Charlie, feeling weird having to call him 'Mr Braxton'. He nodded.

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Chapter 9

*At the diner*

Heath walked in to order his coffee. He was really hungover and needed something to get rid of his headache, when he saw Bianca sitting there.

"Hey miss scott" he said, grinning.

"Hey Heath Braxton" she replied, going back to reading her newspaper.

"May i join you?" he asked. She nodded.

"Sure, but im just gunna leave" she said, before standing up and walking out.

*at the beach*

"So hows it going with Heath?" asked Charlie. She was worried about her friend.

"No way! Im trying to stay away from the Braxtons" she replied.

"That makes one of us" said Charlie, under her breath, hoping that bianca hadnt heard.

"What did you just say!" said Bianca, hoping she had heard wrong. Charlie sighed.

"Yeah, me and brax are seeing each other" she said. Bianca squealed and hugged her friend.

"Why didnt you tell me?" she asked.

"No one else knows, but you know now cause i need someone to talk about it" she said, smiling.

"I can do that!" she said, as she wrapped her arms around her friend excitedly.

*At the motel*

Charlie and Brax lay in the uncomfy motel bed. Casey had stayed at Ruby's house so they were like swapping but Ruby abd Casey didn't know it.

"What are you gunna do, Brax?" she asked, worried for her boyfriend.

"I dunno" he said. "I'll probably convince Casey at least to move back home" he turned to Charlie and saw her look of worry.

"It's okay Charlie. I'll work out something" he said, smiling.

"Yeah, i know. You always do" she said, smiling. He laughed and leaned in for a kiss.

*knock knock*

"Open up Brax, i know your in there" screamed Casey, as he banged on the door.

"Ohmygod!" freaked Charlie.

"Hold on Case" he said as both him and Charlie jumped up and put their clothes on. Charlie picked up her bag and keys and ran for the bathroom. Brax made sure she was gone before he opened the door.

"There is no way im going back there" he said, before he dumped his bag in the corner.


"Its alright Case, we'll sort out something." he said. Casey paced the room until he came back to a chair and he picked up Charlie's phone.

"Whats this doing here?" he asked, before showing him the phone.

"Uhh...." he said, awkwardly. "I have something to tell you"

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Chapter 10

"What is it Brax?" asked Casey, beginning to become impatient. Brax turned to the bathroom to see Charlie emerging.

"Uh... Its Charlie. Casey.. Im seeing Charlie!" he said. Charlie walked up and grabed his hand. Casey gasped.

"Uh.. I didn't see that coming" he said, before falling down onto the bed. Brax paced nervously as Charlie stood in the corner, biting her nail.

"Please say something Case" said Brax, nervously.

"Nahh its alright Brax. Its just a bit of a shock" he said, looking up at his brother. "Guess we both fell for one of the Buckton girls"

Brax laughed, "I guess so"

Charlie then walked over and took a seat next too Brax, grabbin his arm.

"Its alright Charlie" he said, as he felt her shaking. She nodded.

"I know, i know. I just didnt want them to find out so early" she said.

"Don't worry, i won't tell anyone. But your gunna have to tell Ruby soon. I can't keep secrets from her." he said. He had calmed down and was taking it surprisinly well.

"Yeahh, no one can keep secrets from her for long" replied charlie, getting nervous just thinking about having to tell her daughter.

*Later that day, at Angelos*

Ruby and Casey walked in. Ruby could tell something was up but couldn't get it out of her boyfriend. Just as they took a seat Brax walked in and sat next to his brother.

"We'll just wait for Charlie" he said, just as he walked in.

"Speak of the devil.." said Casey, smiling. He could tell Charlie was nervous. She sat next to Ruby and took her hand.

"There is something important i need to tell you Ruby" she said. Ruby nodded. She was scare at what Charlie was gunna say next.

"Ruby, its ah.." she started but Ruby interupte her.

"You and Brax? Is that what you were gunna tell me?" she aske , calmly. They both turned their heads to Casey. He shook his head.

"Come on! For weeks now ive known. The flirting everytime you see each other. Your eyes light up everytime you see him or anytime someone mentions his name. The sudden change in heart about the Braxtons and me & Casey. Need i go on" she said. Brax laughed.

"What did i say.. You can't keep anything from her" said Charlie, looking at Casey. He laughed.

"So.. Your okay with it?" she asked, happily. Ruby nodded. Charlie squealed and hugged her daughter and thrn her boyfriend but when she pulled away, he pulled her in and they kissed this time.

"GROSS GROSS GROSS GROSS GROSS!" screamed Ruby. Casey Laughed.

"Now we know how they felt" he said, standing up to get his pizza. Coming back and they were in each others arms, smiling affectionately at each other.

"Iloveyou Charlotte Buckton" he whispered. She smiled.

"And i love you, Mr Braxton" she replied laughing. He loved it when she used his name like that.

*that night*

"So.. Its true. You really do love me" asked Charlie, excitedly. She felt like a schoolgirl with her first boyfriend.

"Yeahh Charlie! I really do" he said, kissing her. "You are the love of my life" he laughed.

"Okay, now your being sarcastic" she said. They both laughed. He wasn't so sure it was sarcasm. He really did love her and she really did love him back.

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