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Never Let You Go

Guest CharlieandBrax4Ever

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Story Title: Never Let You Go

Type of story: Medium/Long Fic (undecided)

Main Characters: Charlie and Brax, Heath and Bianca, Casey and Ruby and any others

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Romance and Drama

Does story include spoilers: No spoilers

Any warnings: No warnings (I will make specific warnings before chapters if necessary)

Summary: Charlie, Brax, Heath, Bianca, Casey and Ruby and everything they have been through in the show but my story will lead into the future....

BTW This is my FIRST EVER fan fiction so it may be crappy but inbox me any ideas you may have and I will use them

Charlie made her way across the beach in police uniform towards where Heath was standing. She thought about what she was going to say, how could she ask her boyfriend's brother if he had raped her best friend?

"Heath" Charlie said

Heath turned around to face her.

"Gday Buckton what brings you done to my territory?" Heath smirked

"Just wondering what you were doing at the BnS last night?" Charlie replied.

"Nothing much, rocked up, a few drink, a dance and got bored and went home" Heath replied

"Why?" What are you trying to get me for this time?" Heath asked

Charlie exhaled lightly

"There was an incident at the ball" Charlie replied.

"Xavier had a chucker he?" Heath smirked

"A sexual assault actually, do you know anything about it?" Charlie replied sternly.

"No and neither do you or we would be having this little chat at the station and guess what I've got better things to do so see you later" Heath said picking up his board and heading towards the surf.

Charlie scolded and turned around to find Brax standing behind he with his board.

"What was that about?" Brax asked

"Nothing" Charlie replied and turned to walk off before Brax stopped her.

"No Charlie hang on" Brax replied

Charlie turned to face him

"What's worng, what's happend?" Brax asked concerned.

Charlie swallowed the lump in her throat

"Bianca was raped last night at the BnS". Charlie replied

"She doesn't remember who did it or what happened" Charlie continued

"What and that's why you were talking to Heath, I thought you said she didn't remember anything?" Brax asked

"I know Brax but they do have a history and he was there" Charlie replied

"Heath wouldn't do it because he knows if he did I'd kill him and that should be enough for you too" Brax replied.

"Well I'm sorry Brax but I can't just take your word on this" Charlie said tears welling up in her eyes

"No Charlie..." Brax said

"NO you understand Brax ok" Tears streaming down her face

"YOU JUST DOWN" She cried turning and running up the beach.

Brax turned to see Heath wasn't watching him before ran after Charlie.


"Charlie hold on a second" Brax shouted as he chased Charlie up her driveway.

"Just go Brax I don't want to talk you" She cried as she started to relive the terrible night of her own rape.

"No Charlie I am not going to leave you like this please tell me what's wrong" He pleaded.

"No Brax!" She shouted as she made her way inside the empty house towards her bedroom with Brax followed closely behind her.

"Why?" He asked

"Because Brax" She was know yelling at him through heart wrenching sobs

"Because I'm scared that...." She stammered

"Scared?, scared of what baby?" Brax asked

Scared that you won't love me if you knew what happened" She cried as she fell to the floor in heap

"Charlie you are the most beautiful, amazing, smart, funny, sexy girlfriend I have ever had and nothing is going to take me away from you know please tell me what is going on" Brax replied as he held her in his arms as she cried

There was a long silence before Charlie spoke again

"Wait here" she said "I will be back".

She stood up and walked to her room.

"Are sure?" Brax asked

"Yes" Charlie replied


She emerged two minutes later wearing only her silky blue night gown the one that Brax loved.

"Come with me" She told him as she took his hand in hers and took him to her bedroom.

They walked into the bedroom and sat on the end of the bed as Brax anxiously waited for Charlie to tell him what was going on.

"I.. I.." Charlie stammered as she found it harder and harder to tell Brax what had happened to her.

"You can tell me baby, I won't judge you" Brax replied

"I know it's just hard..." She cried again

"When your ready baby I'll be here" He answered

"I.. I was raped Brax" She cried harder than she had cried before.

She fell into Brax's arms as she could no longer take the pain, the pain she had been hiding from him for so long.

Brax held her tight pulling him closer to him never wanting to let her go and he felt a tear trickle down his face as he thought in horror how could someone do this to his beautiful baby.

What do you guys think??

I really do hope you like it, this is my first fan fiction and I don't think I am a very good writer but I will wait and see.

Next Time...

Charlie tells Brax the story of her rape


Who makes a surprise visit to Bianca?

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Thank you for all your comments ♥♥ Hope you like this next one....

Charlie sat up as her crying slightly eased

"Are you ok baby?" Brax asked holding her tighter than ever before

"Yeah I'm fine" Charlie replied wiping away the tears that still fell

"You know you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to" Brax said

"No I want to it's fine" Charlie said

"When I was 14, I had a boyfriend, his name was Grant Bledcoe" She shivered at the sound of his name snuggling deeper into Brax's arms as he listened intently to her story taking in every inch of her pain

"One night we went to a party with a group of our friends on the beach. It was fun at first we danced around and chatted with friends and then he took me aside to a secluded area on the beach. At first we just talked and then he started to kiss m and at first it was ok and then he started to take off my clothes..." Charlie said, again tears welling in her ideas.

"It's ok baby, I'm here" Brax said

"I told him to stop but he just told me to shut up and hit me across the face. I screamed but nobody heard me..... WHen he finished with me I was in pain and crying uncontrollably but all he did was laugh at me and didn't let anyone until I found out I was 4 months pregnant with Ruby and there was nothing I could do. When RUby found out she hated that I didn't tell her an she went after Grant but my dad murdered him" Charlie said as she started to break down once again

"Charlie baby, I am so sorry, how could he do that to you, I will never let anyone hurt you Charlie because.... I love you and no women especially you deserves to be treated like that" Brax said

"I love you too" Charlie replied

"I'm glad that you could trust me enough to tell me" Brax said

"Me too" Charlie replied

They sat to together in silence Charlie snuggled in Brax's arms and Brax thinking about what Charlie had just told him


As Heath made his way to the front door of Irene's house he knew that this could be a very bad decision, but he also knew that he needed to reassure Bianca that it wasn't him who raped her.

He knocked softly on the door contemplating whether to turn around and make a run for it or not but his thoughts were interrupted as Irene opened the door

"What hell do you think you're doing here?" Irene asked

"Before you start yelling at me about what I have done to Bianca. I need you to know that not only did I not rape Bianca but I need to prove to you why" Heath replied

"And what the hell would that be" Irene questioned

"I have never felt this way about anyone before Irene, Bianca she is absolutely amazing and I would never do anything to hurt her because..."

"Because what?!" Irene questioned sternly

"Because I love her alright" Heath yelled

Irene stood there shell shocked at what had just come out of Heath Braxton's mouth

"I love her ok and I am here to prove to you and Bianca that I wasn't the one that raped her but I am here to help her through this" Heath continued

"Well darl, I have to admit I do believe you but I really don't know if Bianca will want to see you"

"See who?" Bianca questioned as she stepped out of her room to see what all the yelling was about to find Heath standing at her door she shivered and tried to talk but nothing came out

"Bianca please I just need to talk to you.." Heath pleaded

Bianca looked down at the ground before looking back up to Heath and seeing the genuine look in his eyes

"You have five minutes" Bianca answered coldly as she walked back into her bedroom and beckoned Heath to follow her


He closed the door behind him and turned to face her

"Bianca look you have to believe that I didn't do this to you ok, I would never...

"NO just stop! Just stop Heath because coming around here isn't going to make me believe that you weren't capable of doing this to me ok" Bianca replied angrily

"So you might aswell get out now" Bianca continued

"But Bianca..." Heath pleaded

"No Heath because you didn't know what it felt like to be that person lying there in the dirt feeling absolutely disgusted with yourself and knowing you were the victim of it!! Bianca shouted

"Just get out" Bianca continued

Heath didn't say anything, he walked out of the room with his head low but he did leave a special something for Bianca on his way out that she didn't notice until he was gone.

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