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Favourite storyline of 2011

Guest Laura

Storylines of 2011  

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None of the above?? lol.

allthough I would have said Bianca's rape, if they had done that a bit better and not have it thrown under the bus basically.

I kinda like watching Sasha & Stu's storyline, cos at least that's a bit interesting, not that I condone it or anything. Indi & Romeo's "struggles" has been interesting too seemingly that they don't have much to pay since daddy pays for them to live there and they prob only have to pay for their phone bills since they don't have a car or anything like that...

Nicole's baby storyline bored me to tears..... which was a shame cos Nicole was one of my faves.

Might just choose Stu & Sasha....

(How about who killed Penn? as stupid as that storyline was at least it was interesting... seeing Irene & Alf fall out, Will & Irene fall out, Will go to jail, Alf go to jail)

Its amazing how much crime there was this year, in practically all storylines, and nothing much done about it either.

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I can't say I'm suprised to see the River Boys with the most votes. I'm also suprised Indi and Romeo's financial problems have managed to get even four votes. Not just cause I find it boring but just cause I didn't think anyone really liked it.

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While I was expecting the River Boys storyline to score well, I am very surprised that Romeo and Indi's financial problems proved popular.

While I thought it was good that their young marriage was not smooth sailing, I thought Romeo's problems with the charter boat went on for too long as did Harvey's interference.

I am glad though that Romeo and Indi are sticking together despite their problems. Overall Indi seems to be very supportive and had shown her maturity in the last few months for her tolerance with Romeo's job problems and the fact that he gave her money to Mink.

I hope this couple pulls through. They should be allowed break the curse that has always hung over young married couples!

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