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First Day, New Job- Help?!

Guest Cecil

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Some of you may know, I recently got the job of a casual team member at an Australian Branded Retail store- Cotton On.

Tomorrow is my first day of working and I'm a little nervous. I'm not sure what to expect since this is going to be my first time working in retail.

I'm working 8 hours tomorrow. 11:30-7:30.

Does anyone have any advice they can give me? Anything would be great!


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Ah I remember my first day in retail, I was so so so so nervous. Seriously you will be fine, its easy to think negative things about it but just be nice and courteous to the customers, even if some of them just make you want to slap them.

1. Get up early enough to eat breakfast..it really helps! Trust me

2. Be friendly

.. and just enjoy it! :D

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Don't be nervous (or make it look like you are anyway! lol).

Be patient with the customers.


And whoever is training you, as them loads of questions until you are really confident in what you're doing.

They may sound like silly little things, but confidence is everything. If you tell yourself you're confident, everyone else will believe you :)

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Thanks guys!

I seriously don't know what I was worrying about!

It was so much fun! The 2IC trained me, well not really trained. She just tole me where all the things were and stuff and allocated me to an area.

I worked at the front, just greeting customers and stuff. Then just put a way stock and tidy things up. It was a real kick back day but totally fun cause I was jammin to the music haha

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