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Take A Bite Of My Heart (by Jen) - comments


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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY enjoyed that, most especially ........

 And if Dex thought things couldn’t get any worse, then he was sorely mistaken. Because now he’s hiding near a storage cupboard, behind a series of fairy lights and glitter trying to avoid a girl who goes by the nickname ‘The Virgin Slayer’ which sounds like she watches too much Buffy rather than being in any way enticing and Dex is darting his eyes around the room trying to make a break for it.

 “I can assure you that I am not playing anything, I’m horrible at sports, except figuring out the quickest way to leave,” Dex says rapidly, as Dallas squeezes tighter.

 and Dex would be impressed at her coordination -- managing to undress him in public without actually looking and being intoxicated -- except this is bad. Very bad. And Dex needs to put a stop to this immediately before she reaches his pants.

 “No, Dallas. She’s amazing and perfect and I’m not doing anything to mess that up. In fact, I was planning on doing this to her tonight,” Dex says with as much conviction as he can muster. Finding his strength from somewhere, he pushes her back, a bit rougher than he intended, but for a girl of her size, she has impressive strength.

 His eyes flick down to his pale neck, and Dex begins splashing on more water, trying to remove the pink stain of Dallas’ lip gloss from his skin. It’s then that he feels it. The tender spot just above his collar bone where Dallas had her mouth, her teeth, and now she’s left a distinct red circle.

 Dex needs someone with experience. Someone who knows how to deal with gossip, and sex, and possibly gossip about sex.

So he calls Ruby.

 “You’re not willing to make out with Heath Braxton in a very public place, are you?” Dex asks hopefully.

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Carina - Aww, thank you! I'm sort of overwhelmed right now, so seeing your comments really brightens my day :).

JosieTash - Thanks so much for reading and quoting the bits you liked. I have to say that as soon as I heard Dallas referred to as 'The Virgin Slayer' I had wonder if it was a poor Buffy reference. Also, I can't help but pay out on Ruby and her own sexual exploits :P.

soph1303 - Thanks for reading!

elikell - Your comment is so sweet. Thank you so much. I just really adore Dex, okay? It seems reasonable that my last half a dozen fic have been about him :wink:.

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