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Never Forget You (by Lucii) - comments


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Loved this, I read it the other day on my lunch break and never got around to commenting.

A crazy theory of yours turned into a fantastic one-shot!

It was amazing and sad at the same time.

I was -in truth- expecting a happy ending, but I like how you didn't have that and you kept it close to reality. Even though it is still sad :(

Loved it, and if you have any more crazy theories.....share them lol :D

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That was BEYOND BRILLIANT !!!!!! Soooooooooooooo moving and emotional, especially .......

 Smiling weakly she made shaky steps towards the door. She hadn’t been eating properly and her weight began to plummet. Wearing black only made her look more gaunt and washed out.

 ”We’ll be there to provide for Ruby” Watson chipped in. ”I will personally make sure myself that she gets the best protection from the force”

 ”It’s not fair if you stay either come on Kate it’s time to go”

 ”Okay” Kate was grateful for the few extra days, her heart was already breaking at the thought of Ruby’s and Brax’s reactions. But she had to stay to get her head round the whole idea, so she could secretly say good bye to them one last time without them even knowing.

 Flowers were arranged to spell out her name as the empty coffin was lowered to the ground.

 A long way back in a small black car where the windows were dimmed, Kate Grundy watched her own funeral taking place. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she watched the ones she loved most grieve for someone they thought they had lost. She clutched her stomach cradling the baby that should have been a joyous celebration for their little family, instead she realised she’d raise it on her own.

 She watched Ruby and Brax for a few moments, her heart aching to run after them and show them she was okay but to keep them safe she knew she had to do this.

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Oh my god!!

That was amazing!!! And heartbreaking!!

I actually nearly cried reading that!! It was more realistic that it didn't work out, but I couldn't help but wish as I read the end that this was the start of a longer story! Because it was so, so awesome!!

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