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Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right

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Story Title: Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right

Type of story: medium/long fic (undecided)

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax, Ruby, Heath, Casey, Bianca, Leah

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst,

Does story include spoilers: No but will warn before each chapter if any

Any warnings: May contain sexual content, violence and language

Summary: To each other they were perfect in everyway until there histories started revealing themselves, is their love strong enough to make it? or are their worlds to far apart?

This is my first fanfic so let me know what you think :)


Chapter One

As he stood there admiring what surrounded him, he smiled to himself, he did not have the dream career or the perfect life but he had family, he had friends and he had the feeling of freedom that the ocean gave him everytime he stood there looking at it. Brax was never more proud to be a River boy.

"What are you so happy about eh?" Braxs thought's were interrupted by Heath his younger brother.

Though taller and slender then brax Heath lacked the wisdom and knowledge of his elder brother. He was known as the trouble maker of the town. Always in the wrong for one thing or another. It didnt help that he never thought about what he said or did, until afterwards, but by then it was normally to late. Heath tried hard to create the bad boy image for himself but deep down he was a big softy, Brax had no doubt about that. Brax laughed at his brother before grabbing him and placing him in a playful headlock whilst the others looked on.

The Rivers boys were a gang from Mangrove River, after Brax had brought the only bar and night spot in Summer Bay they had slowly migrated over to the area and decided to make it their local area much to the dismay of other residents. They were always known for causing trouble and doing the wrong thing, however it seemed to Brax that trouble usually followed them. They were the first to blame and although this annoyed him, as he wanted to gain a respectable name in the town he knew the boys were doing nothing other than looking out for each other.

"Would you two idiots quit it! " Both Brax and Heaths heads looked up to find Casey the youngest of the brothers.

"I'd beat both of yous any day! " He smiled before joining in with his brothers.

Casey was Braxs pride and joy, he had always wanted better for Case. He made sure he went to school everyday and stayed out the mischief and trouble he was surrounded by. After all Case was the only one of the brothers who had a shot at living a normal respectable life and Brax was going to make sure he did so. As day slowly turned to night Brax and Casey sat down around the fire teasing Heath as he was trying to impress some girls passing by.

"So hows your first week of school been eh Case?"

" It was alright, i mean it is school but theres some alright people there i guess " Brax noticed the smile on Caseys face as he sat there fiddling with a stick.

"Alright who is she?"

"Huh? what" Questioned Casey trying to hide his smile.

"Don't play dumb with me, spit it out" Brax pushed while playfully punching Casey in the arm

"Oh alright alright, her name is Ruby she's in my english class . She's been helping me settle in and is a really nice girl. I asked her to dinner at your restaurant tomorrow night. I'm so nervous though. You know i've never been on a date before" Casey explained a little embarrassed

"Is she a looker?" Brax joked,

"Shes gorgeous" replied Casey not noticing that Brax was teasing.

Brax couldn't help but smile to himself, he'd never seen Casey like this before. It made him happy to know Case had found a girl he enjoyed being with.

It made him forget about his loneliness, he was happy with his mates and at work but when it came to going to bed alone at night the sadness of having no one overcame him and the urge to find that one girl who truly meant something to him took over.

Ofcourse there was Tegan, Tegan was always there. It made him feel guilty thinking about it. She didnt fill the hole in his heart. Whenever he wanted her she would be there, but they didnt love each other, he could never love her. And although Tegan liked to think that she loved him, deep down he knew she didnt and he was glad.

Returning back to reality Brax noticed Casey staring at him, "Im happy for you Case if you need any help with tomorrow night just let me know" and with that he got up and walked into the dark of the night.


After a month of being away from the Bay Charlie's excitment grew as she drove past the Welcome to Summer Bay sign. It felt good to be home, after the shooting of her partner in the police force Charlie had chosen to take some time of to recover and refind herself. She'd been up the coast for a month and had enjoyed her time away from work however she had missed her daughter Ruby way to to much to stay away any longer then she had.

"Muum!" Ruby yelled running out the door to greet her. " Hey Rubes" Charlie laughed happy about the welcome she was recieving. " I missed you so much" Both girls smiled.

"Hey Charlie good to have you home" Leah greeted her with a warm hug. She was finally home again.

"So whats the goss mum? Meet any cute guys up there?" Ruby questioned

"Nope no cute guys for me" Charlie happily replied

"That makes two of us" Leah laughed.

" WHAT? What happened to Miles?" Charlie asked in shock.

" Oh it just wasn't meant to be. It's okay we are still friends and its better that way" Leah said not really sounding like she even believed what was coming out of her mouth

" If you say so. Im going to call Bianca and let her know im back. What do you say to having drinks at Ange.."

"Its called Braxtons now mum" Ruby interrupted.

"Its got new owners now but yes i am most definately in! How exciting it is to have you home. Now what to wear.." Leah said as she disappeared to her room.

" Okay anyone we know? How about you Rubes you coming?"

" I know them but you don't there new in town. Umm err well i sorta have a a date" She finally spat out

" Oh Rubes! who is he? Is he cute? where are you going? I need to know" She begged

"So you dont care?" This was not the reaction Ruby was expecting.

" No i trust your judgement, as long as your not out too late and not getting up to no good" Ruby couldnt believe it, maybe Charlie should go away more often she thought to herself.

"We re just going to dinner early at Braxtons so i'll probably already be home before you get there" Ruby smiled.

Charlie was happy for her daughter she loved seeing Ruby smile.

Later that afternoon she'd called Bianca and organised the night. It was good hearing her best friends voice, Charlie felt bad for being away while Biancas ex-boyfriend had relapsed and gone to rehab though it seemed Bianca had dealt with it herself and had plans to move on in her love life.

Charlie was undecided in what to wear and they were due to be leaving soon, she heard Leah pop open a bottle of champaigne in the kitchen,

"Cmon Charlie its going to be a big night" Leah yelled. Charlie couldnt help but laugh at her friend it was good to hear Leah laughing again.

She settled on a white strapless dress that criss crossed down her back, it was short at the front then lengthened into a mini a train at the back. It pushed her breasts up so they were noticable but not as if she were trying hard, it was tight against her perfect figure and the train that flowed at the back emphasized her legs making them look amazing, she wore her hair down in waves and chose a pair of black stilettos to complete the outfit.

Just as she was done Bianca walked through the door and the girls night was ready to begin..

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