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It's Not Over Yet

Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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Story Title: It's not over yet

Type of story: Medium/Long fic .

Main Characters: Claire Braxton and Hayden Braxton

Other Characters: Charlie Buckton,Brax,Ruby Buckton and Casey Braxton

BTTB rating: A to be safe.

Genre: Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Not at the moment

Summary: Claire and Hayden are on the run from their parents tired of being treated like little kids. will they survive being run aways?

Authors note Claire is 15 and Hayden is 14

Chapter 1

The bell rang to end school Hayden and Claire we're itching to get out of school.

"What to do somehting crazy?" Claire asked

"You know me I love to go wild" Hayden replied

The girls hopped on the bus and went downtown.

Claire walked in to the salon with Hayden not far behind

"What can I do for you two?" The girl behind the counter asked

"We would like to get are hair down" Hayden replied

"Let me see if a hair dresser is available" The girl behind the counter said

"Your in luck Sarah is free" the girl behind the counter said

"Alex do I have more appointments?" Sarah asked

"yes two more these two what are your names?" Alex asked

"Claire and Hayden" Claire repsonded

"You two better come through then" Sarah said

They both sat down in the chairs next to each other.

"Now what can I do for you?" Sarah asked

"I would like blue streaks" Hayden told Sarah

"And you?" Sarah asked Claire

"Pink' Claire responded

"Okay let's get started" Sarah said to Claire

"Anna are you free?" Sarah asked

"yeah I am now" Anna repsonded

"Can you put blue streaks in Hayden's hair?" Sarah asked

"Sure" Anna repsonded

The girls waited patinetly while the hair dressers did their hair.

"Okay done" Sarah and Anna said at the same time

both girls looked in the mirror and giggled they knw their parents would hate it.

the girls paid and then left.

Claire and Hayden hopped on the bus and then they both walked home.

Claire got home first and nearly run in to her mother.

"Claire Hailey what have you done?" Charlie asked

claire glared at her mother

"I got pink streaks I"m not a kid anymore"Claire responded

Claire went to her room

Back at Hayden's place

Hayden opened the door and nearly ran in to her father.

"Hayden Amber what have you done?" Casey asked

Hayden glared at her father

"I got blue streaks I'm not a kid anymore" Hayden repsonded

Hayden went to her room

Casey called Brax

"hello?" Brax said

"Hi Brax have you seen your daughter yet?" Casey asked

"No I'm on my way home now" Brax repsonded

"Okay but I bet she did something crazy" Casey told Brax

Brax opened the door and their in the doorway was Claire

"Oh I see what you mean she has pink streaks" Brax told Casey

"Hayden has blue streaks" Casey repsonded

"Well since Claire is older by 2 months it was probally her idea" Brax said

"Yeah and if Claire was behind it Hayden won't be far behind" Casey told Brax

"Yep I better go Charlie seems very angry" Brax told Casey

"Okay bye" Casey said

"Bye Brax replied"

Ruby had jut gotten home.

"Where's Hayden?" Ruby asked Casey

"In her room" Casey reponded

but just as she said that Hayden came down the stairs and shocked Ruby.

"Hi Mum" Hayden said

"hi" Ruby said

Hayden went to the TV and turned it on.

Ruby took Casey to the kitchen

"What has she done?" Ruby whispered

"Well she is a bit wild but her aunty is a bit wild too" Casey replied

"Wait so my sister did somehting wild too?" Ruby asked

"Yep she got pink streaks" Casey replied

They all went to Charlie and Brax's house for dinner.

After they finished.

"Girls can you please go upstairs?" Charlie asked

"Sure" they replied

"what are we going to do about them?" Charlie asked

"Well I don't know I can't believe my sister got pink streaks and my daughter was not far behind" Ruby repsonded

while their parents we're talking Claire was busy writing a note.

"ran away" Claire and Hayden.the note read

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Thanks for the comments

sorry this chapter is short enjoy.

Chapter 2

Ruby stood up

“I suppose we should be going” Ruby said

Casey stood up from the table

“I guess we better get that rebellious daughter of ours.” Casey said

Ruby went up the stairs to Claire’s room and knocked on the door when nobody answered she pushed the door open.

There was no sign of Claire or Hayden

Ruby checked the bedroom thoroughly until she found the note on the desk she grabbed the night and went back downstairs.

“Where’s Hayden?” Casey asked

“Not up there neither is Claire” Ruby responded

“Where could they be?” Charlie asked

Ruby showed her the note.

“Oh I didn’t think they’d take it that far” Brax said

“What does the note say” Casey asked

“Ran away Claire and Hayden.” Ruby responded

Casey shook his head

“I guess we can’t really look for them now its dark” Charlie said

“I hope their okay” Ruby responded

“I’m not sure they’d make it one night being on the run but I just hope their okay” Casey said

“I don’t know why we are doing this” Hayden said

“I wish you’d stop saying that we’re teenagers now we don’t need to be treated like we’re five anymore” Claire responded

“You do know our parents are probably worried” Hayden said

“Yeah I do know that” Claire responded

Hayden sighed and kept walking with Claire.

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LOVE that Hayden, like he mum, is the more sensible of the two, e.g.

“I don’t know why we are doing this” Hayden said

“I wish you’d stop saying that we’re teenagers now we don’t need to be treated like we’re five anymore” Claire responded

“You do know our parents are probably worried” Hayden said

“Yeah I do know that” Claire responded

Hayden sighed and kept walking with Claire.

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Thanks for the lovely comments :)

Here is the next chapter.

Chapter 3

“Charlie what do you want to do?” Brax asked

“Well I don’t want to take my second daughters case” Charlie said

“I’ll go to the station with you today maybe Watson can take both missing person’s” Brax responded

“Well we will need to talk to Casey and Ruby first” Charlie said

Ruby knocked on the open door.

“Come in” Charlie said

“Talk to us about what?” Ruby asked

“Sorry overheard” Casey added

“That’s fine and talk to you two about going to the police station and asking Watson if she can take a missing person’s case” Charlie responded

“Hayden stop sighing” Claire said

“Sorry I’m more like my mum sensitive while you’re more like your dad don’t give a care in the world” Hayden responded

Claire froze

Hayden wasn’t sure what she just did.

“May dad cares” Claire said

Hayden sighed

“What are we gunna do now?” Hayden asked

“Well we’re hot maybe we go get a job at a hotel” Claire responded

“Not near a pool neither of us can swim” Hayden said

Back in summer bay

Charlie walked into the police station

“Charlie you’re not working today” Watson said

“I’m not here for work I’m here on a personal matter” Charlie responded

“Follow me” Watson said

“Look my daughter Claire is missing” Charlie said

“I was going to say no she’s not she’s with you” Watson laughed

“No my youngest daughter and Ruby’s daughter is missing too” Charlie said

“We’re where they last seen?” Watson asked

“At our house” Brax jumped in

“Did they leave a note or anything?” Watson asked

Ruby took the note out of her bag and handed it to Watson.

Watson read it.

“Okay do you both have a recent picture?” Watson asked

Charlie headed over a picture of Claire taken two weeks ago.

“She has pink streaks in her hair now” Charlie said

Ruby handed over a picture of Hayden taken a month again

“She has blue streaks in her hair now” Casey said

“Okay I’ll see what I can do” Watson said

Charlie looked like she was about to cry.

“They’re just teenagers” Charlie said

“Doesn’t worry will find them” Watson said

“I’m hungry” Claire said

“It was your idea to run away” Hayden responded

“I know and I can see a hotel” Claire said

“What are we going to check in?” Hayden asked

“Yes” Claire said

“We don’t have a credit card” Hayden responded

“Don’t need one” Claire said

She showed Hayden the money.

“I don’t think we should go in there” Hayden said

Claire sighed and dragged Hayden inside.

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