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Sasha Bezmel - Demi Harman

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The only relationship they wrote well for Sasha was Xavier, they had a build up and were great together but then his character had to leave so they broke them. That I understood. But it was like we spent SO long building up her and Casey and then it turned into a giant mess and made them both look bad. If Heath and April can be friends then Casha definitely can.

The difference there though is that there were no real feelings involved between Heath and April. They were both using each other for different reasons. Sasha had real feelings for Casey, so it's a completely different situation. I suppose if it was real life they might have been friends again eventually but as far as soaps go characters are friends when the story line needs them to be. There's no need for Sasha and Casey to be friends again at the minute so they're not.

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Hard to believe that at the start of the year I was praising the fact that the show was finding something to do with Sasha other than have her randomly hook up with the next boy she met.I've no idea w

Mods you can close this topic seems like no one will post in it.

I'm still of the opinion that she ends up in selfish/crazy territory because of what happened with Stu. But if the writers can't be arsed to think that far back to explain it then she does just come across as selfish/crazy. So I don't think comparing Heath/April and Casey/Sasha works because April and Sasha are completely different in nature (if you take out the stupid fake innocent routine that they incorporated back into April to get her back with Dex). Plus whoever said there were no genuine feelings involved with Heath & April were spot on. That was pure rebound but for Sasha no relationship is ever a rebound... which is realistic for a teen, isn't it?

I think she had more chemistry with Rosie than Casey & Spencer combined, and that isn't just me wishful thinking. I actually thought that was where they were heading at one point because they were almost acting like a couple. I liked the friendship between the girls but thought that adding Spencer to the friendship was the icing on the cake. It was OT3 territory that I haven't seen since Kim/Tasha/Robbie. And then someone thought it would be fun to write off Rosie to make way for Sasha/Spencer.

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I have no problem with how Sasha is acting right now. Yeah, she is smitten and in like with Spencer, but I don't know what is so bad about the way she is acting? Of course she could have not gotten with Spencer, but then again, the Bay is full of revolving partners, this is nothing unusual to any character.

She seems to still have her spunk left, and I would love it if for once she was allowed to call Spencer out on his crap, but that is the only issue I have with her writing. She is still the caring person she has always been, and is ready to go for a bat for her friends even if it gets her in a bad spot.

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Yesterday I called Sasha a bull in a china shop and a bit of a pitbull when she gets her mind set on something. And that is not a bad thing because it is the sign of an average teenager. And that is what has been missing in the last few years because most of the teens never felt like teenagers.

That goes for Maddy too but in a completely different way. She is a stroppy mare who can't figure out what she wants and doesn't like others trying to figure out what she wants for her but that is natural. Just like Sasha trying to make everything right but being too pushy is natural. And as for Spencer.... classic teenage boy who is feckin' clueless and practically useless when it comes to trying to please every friend, especially girls.

I disagree with you completely. Sasha and Rosie didn't have chemistry. They were just best friends. I don't understand how you think they were acting like a couple. I think she has more chemistry with Casey than Spencer, even though I love Spasha. I'm not too sure about their storyline at the moment. At this rate, Sasha will probably leave the bay single...

Sasha is my favourite character, but I absolutely hate to say this. But I am starting to dislike her, ugh! :'( Why do the writers always have to do this?!

Perhaps saying they were actually like a couple was an OTT comment but I stand by what I said about the chemistry. But that is just my opinion and my interpretation of Sasha/Rosie scenes. I know that we all see things differently and that is great but for me it was a natural chemistry. Sasha was the most relaxed when around Rosie, especially after Rosie stopped getting attached.

But I was not the only one who thought they were heading down the route of Rosie's attachment to Sasha being sexual. As soon as she locked on to Sasha I remember a few people on this board saying they thought it might turn into a "lesbian" thing, which would have angered me a lot since it would have felt like they were suggesting "lesbian=stalkerish behaviour" again.

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Well Demi and Teri are BFFS in real life so you probably picked up on that.

And she did have loads more chemistry with Casey another reason to be bitter they fell apart, lol!

I want her happy, I just don't know about Spasha. which makes me sad to admit. The whole Maddy angle kinda puts a bad spin on it. Plus the whole speech she did about Casey to Maddy put me a little offside. It came off very condescending and very unnecessary.

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I was never a fan of Sasha and Spencer, I did not like the idea of them getting together by using Rosie and the way Dex and Indi were going on about Spencer. I liked Sasha with Xavier and her friendship with Casey but Spasha I just never liked.

I do not like the way they did Spencer having bipolar and no one knew about it Maddy or Sasha. The relationship he had with both girls is based on secrets and lies. I do not like what the writers are doing with Sasha.

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