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Harder Than You Think (by Zetti) - comments


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Authors Note: Nicole is 18 and doing her HSC and Angelo is 21..running the baitshop...

Before we get started, I have to say, I *adore* the idea of a 21 year old Angelo!


‘How do you mean?’ she asked in a quiet voice that didn’t escape Roman’s attention, he was very aware that Nicole was being pretty quiet but after everything that she had been through.

He didn’t expect her to be who she used to be. Hell if he had been through the hell that she had been subjected to then he didn’t think he could be that strong.

Straight in with the intrigue. I like it. What HAS she been through???

‘Sarcasm doesn’t suit you’ he drawled as he folded the newspaper that he had been reading and placed it on the table before pushing the chair back and stepping towards the sink with his empty mug.

‘Oh but I do it so well’ Nicole grinned.

He placed it along with the empty dishes on the worktop into the dishwasher and began to clean the worktop from the cereal boxes and orange juice cartons.

‘Go to school’ he said laughing at her.

Already loving the Nicole/Roman interaction. One of my favourite things about these fics of yours is their relationship. Can't wait for more of that already.

After all, the only person she could depend on was herself, the past had proven that to her, she needed to move on and hopefully in time find a part of herself that wasn’t so damaged and alone.

She's damaged and alone? :( No likey. Lets hope a certain somebody can change that!!!

‘You seem off with the fairies’ he heard a voice say.


‘Your mind seems to be elsewhere’

‘Yeah, well not much else to do but think at the moment.’

‘This place is dead’ he noted as he put his hand out.

‘My name is Roman’

LOL Roman. Straight to the point, eh? This could be interesting, if Roman and Angelo are going to go into business together. Oooh.

‘Please tell us’ Mr Copeland replied clearly ignoring her futile attempts to get him to leave her alone.

‘No’ she point blanked refused.

‘Now’ he said not willing to give in.

‘I will not’ she replied setting a glare on his face that he had no choice but to accept, he knew that she had some issues and that forcing it wouldn’t be beneficial, but he wasn’t about to give on her.

LOL. I adore how she was so abrupt there. Sad that she has these issues though, whatever they are. I love how we'renot evena chapter in yet and you've given a sense of intrigue to her. Already it's clear there's a depth here, and I can't wait to see that explored further.

She didn’t want to tell him about that moment, it was the one moment that had changed her, she had nothing else in her life that she regretted as much as that moment.

She knew deep down that it wasn’t her fault but there was that niggling voice at the back of her head that had her convinced, it was her fault that she should and could have stopped it.

Awwww, what's happened?! I'm not liking the possibilities. Poor Nicole seems to messed up. Already. God help her by the end of this :P

She hadn’t moved on, the façade she put on for the world was pretty solid but it was self-preservation, she needed the time and the space to get her own head around it.

If she couldn’t explain it to herself, how was she supposed to tell someone else?

If only it was that easy and that simple.

If only.

I want to hug her so much already :(. And I don't even know what's gone on!!

Amazing start Zetti. Reallly cannot wait to see how the rest of this unfolds. :D

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Awww, yey for Indi/Nicole friendship <3

‘Harvesting the Heart’

‘By Jodi Picoult?’

Nicole nodded as Indi smiled ‘I haven’t had the chance to read that book but I do like her books’

‘Really?’ Nicole asked surprised.

‘Yes, I actually adore the way she writes’

‘Same, which is your favourite of hers?’

‘At the moment its Change Of Heart but I do love My Sisters Keeper’

My little Jodi heart <3's that, not least because COH and MSK are in my top 5 of her books. LOL.

‘So just a heads up’ Indi said as they approached the surf club. ‘I have a brother who is…let’s just say not completely with it’

Nicole giggled at Indi ‘Oh trust me, I have met plenty of people like that, I am sure I can handle your brother’

LMAO. I loved that line from Indi. It's SO something somebody would say about their sibling.

'So how about we all do a study group?' Indi asked

Dex frowned. 'How's that meant to work? Different year groups'

'Stop overanalysing Dex' Indi chastised.

Regardless of how it would work, I like the way you're bringing them all together there. I'm even more excited if, by doing so, you're lacing all the characters into the fic somehow. <3

"We need to celebrate"

Angelo agreed & Roman suggested "Why don't you come down & have dinner with us?"


"Nicole my daughter & me obviously"

"Okay, why not. Tonight?"

"A good a night as any"

*SQUEE* They're going to meet! I am SO excited for that, I hope you know. :lol:

Another great update Zetti. I love how it laid down a few friendships. Can't wait to see what happens next :)

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