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Good golly, you move fast with getting these written and posted, don't you? LOL. Not that I'm complaining.

'She has gone back to how she was after Rob died' Aden added

Aden shook his head in despair, he hated seeing Nicole in pain, and it had been a year since Rob died and she was just an empty vessel of pain, anger but she had Mia and Angelo.

Aww, poor Nic.

'She has Angelo' Aden said and refused to let Roman put him down, Aden knew what happened to them both and at first just like Roman, he was angry that Nicole had taken him back despite the fact that Angelo hated himself.

Awww, I'm so glad she took him back. Lets hope things can work between them.

Who is Aden dating?! Is it just a random or a familiar face?

'We haven't forgotten Rob and with every day that has passed we miss him. Our hearts were shattered but your support and love over the past year has helped us both get to where we are today, both Nicole and I are incredibly grateful for your support and we want to say thank you for coming to this memorial. We also wanted to say thank you to Brax for supplying us with a bench and a plaque. It means a lot'

Lovely speech.

Brax looked on & returned a smile to Nicole and Angelo. He wasn't surprised that Angelo and Nicole had got back together and stayed married, they both knew what they wanted and he wasn't one to be soppy but he thought that they were right for each other.

Brax would be right.

She could finally envisage a future, albeit it was sad as well because Rob wasn't going to be part of that future but she held him in her heart and she knew that Angelo did as well.

Awww. At least they can see a future. I like that. They'll never forget Rob, but they have to move on too.

'I would do anything for you and Mia'

Angelo :wub:

He opened it and lifted out a piece of paper and as he put the envelope down, a photo fell out but neither of them noticed it as their attention was on the photo. Nicole picked it up and gasped in shock.

Angelo frowned and looked at the paper with the words written on. 'Got your attention now.'

'This is too weird' Nicole said before anger started to surface 'This has to be a joke'

'Not a very funny one' Angelo scoffed.

Not funny at all! What on earth?!

They both sat there staring at the paper, neither of them knew what to make of it, it was very confusing and they both had no idea what to do.

'You ripped his heart out'

Angelo was confused 'Hold on. Whose heart?'

'My brother's'

Who is your brother' she asked.



Nicole sucked in her breath as she heard that name; the jerk was still screwing her over even when he was six feet under.

LMAO. :lol: That really did make me laugh.

'What photo?' Nicole asked as Angelo put his hand into the envelope again and pulled out a photo. It was a clear picture of Rob holding yesterday's coastal news.

For a few moments, he didn't know what to say or do but he came back down to reality as Nicole gasped.

'How the hell…'

WTF?! So, like, he's not dead?! Was he...... kidnapped? By Penn's sister?! All this time? That's awful!

OMG, I just had a thought...... Is Aden dating Penn's sister without realising it?! Or am I totally jumping to the wrong conclusion there?! Because they obviously didn't know his sister beforehand, so they wouldn't know. I hope I'm wrong, of course. LOL.

Honestly, Zetti, one chapter in and I'm already so intruiged and confused! What are you like? LOL. I'm very glad you're writing this though. I can't wait to see where this all goes. At least with Rob not dead, there's now chance of some sort of happy ending. I hope so anyway, but I know you :P

Can't wait for the next update already :)

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What...the...hell?That ending was a real jaw dropper and I can't wait to see where you take it.Love the fact that Nicole and Angelo managed to pick themselves up and get counselling and also curious to know who Aden's dating.Looking forward to some serious explanations.

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