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Teen Lust

Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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Story Title: Teen Lust

Type of story: Long fic.

Main Characters: Kelly, Xavier,Romeo,Indi,Casey and Ruby

Other Characters: Charlie Buckton,Brax,Gina Palmer,Sid Walker,John Palmer and Claire Braxton

BTTB rating: A to be safe.

Genre: Angst & Romance.

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (V/D)

Summary: Summer bay has two new teens and some who have only just met but over 2 weeks fall in lust then it continues into love.


Ruby was having a amazing dream about Casey when her alarm went off she hit snooze Casey she moaned. Ruby looked at the clock and then jumped out of bed when she relaized she was going to be late for school. Charlie had left a note Ruby don't be late for school enjoy your day Charlie. Too late Ruby muttered

Ruby rushed off to school and nearly ran in Bianca sorry Miss Scott but I'm late for class.

"Yes I can see"that replied Bianca

Sorry see you at school

Ruby groaned when she relaized she had to run into class nearly falling over.

"Ruby your late" Miles said

"Sorry Mr Copeland I overslep" Replied Ruby

"I hope your not late everyday now please sit down"Miles said

"Hey" Casey whispered

"Hey Ruby said

"Lovely grand entrance" Casey said

"I nearly fell on my bottom" Ruby whispered

"It was still cute" Casey whispered back

"Ruby,Casey is there something you would like to share with the class?" Miles asked

"No Mr Copeland they said together

"Okay get on with your work" Miles replied

"Would you like to meet up for lunch?" Casey asked Ruby

"Shh before we get detention but yes that would be nice" Replied Ruby

"I am not sure my brother Brax or your mum Charlie would like that idea" Casey giggled

"Casey detention NOW! Miles said

"Yes Mr Copeland' Said Casey

"Wow that was harsh" Ruby whispered

"And you can join him Ruby"Miles said

"Yes Mr Copeland"

Ruby giggled

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I feel a bit silly posting after myself but here is the next chapter :)

Chapter 1

“Okay Class the bell is about to ring” Miles said

The bell rings.

“Before you go please hand in your assignments” Miles said

“Mr Copeland can I have an extension?” April asked

“You have one more week” Miles replied

“Thanks Mr Copeland” April answered

“April it’s lunchtime go enjoy the day” Mr Copeland replied

Casey started to stand up.

“Not you two you’ve got detention “Miles said

“We weren’t interrupting the class” Ruby said

“You we’re interrupting my teaching do you want double detention?” Miles said

“No Mr Copeland Ruby and Casey said in unison

“Please get on with your work” Miles said

Ruby and Casey did their work quietly until the bell signalling end of lunch rang.

“Go to your next class” Miles told them.

“So much for that lunch “Casey said

“Maybe tomorrow if I’m not late again to class and if we don’t get detention” Ruby answered

“I hope we don’t get detention tomorrow but then again I hope we do” Casey replied

“CASEY!” Ruby said

“What? I like you” Casey replied

“And I like you too” Ruby said

They walked hand in hand to their next class

“What’s going on their?” Xavier asked Dex

“Well Casey is new and I believe he has fallen for Ruby” Dex answered

“It looks like she has fallen for him too ‘Xavier said

“So what do you care?” Dex asked

“Well she’s my ex” Xavier replied

“So you have Kelly now” Dex said

“Yeah I know why do you care?” Xavier asked

“Well I kind of like Casey” Dex asked

“Dex you have a girlfriend April remember her?”Xavier asked

“Of course I remember my girlfriend April” Dex replied

“Well you need to quit worrying about Ruby and Casey” Xavier replied

“So do you” Dex shot back.

Just then Mrs Scott walked in.

“Quiet please now today we are going to do an assignment and you will need to choose a partner”

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Chapter 2

Ruby took Casey’s hand.

“I choose you as my partner”

“Come on hurry up and choose your partners” Bianca said

“Looks like we are working together Xavier” Kelly said

“Well I guess I don’t have a choose let’s work together Romeo” Indi Said

“Has everyone got a partner” Bianca asked

“Yes Ms Scott” the whole class said

“Good let’s get started” Bianca replied

“What do we have to do Ms Scott?” Ruby asked

“I was getting to that but its simple just got a biography on your partner” Bianca replied

The whole class laughed

“It’s not funny I’m being serious” Bianca said

“Let’s get started” April said to Dex

Meanwhile while Casey and Ruby we’re at school Brax paid Charlie a visit.

There was a knock on the door

Charlie answered it

“Brax” Charlie said

“Charlie” Brax responded

They kissed

“Let’s go the bedroom” Brax told Charlie

“I thought we were going out for lunch Brax” Charlie said

“Lunch can wait a little while longer Charlie” Brax told her

“Okay but only an hour” Charlie told her

Brax jumps onto the bed

Back at Summer bay high Casey and Ruby are hard at work on their project about each other.

“Favourite food?” Casey asked Ruby

Ruby giggled

“Um I’m gunna say Pizza” Ruby answered

“Me too” Casey laughed

The bell rings

“Okay class we will finish this off during the week have a great holiday” Bianca told the class

Back at Charlie’s house

“I told you an hour it’s been at least 3” Charlie told Brax

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get enough of you Charlie” Brax responded

“Never mind that was amazing” Charlie told Brax

Brax heard the door open.

“Looks like Ruby and Casey are home “Brax told Charlie

“Charlie I’m home” Ruby called out

Casey opens Charlie’s bedroom door.

“Woah Brax did you-?” Casey asked

“Shh yes we did” Brax responded

“You should go” Charlie told Brax

“So how was school?” Charlie asked

“It was alright” Ruby and Casey said at the same time

4 weeks later

“Ruby can you come in here please?” Charlie asked

“What is it mum?” Ruby asked

“I’m pregnant” Charlie told Ruby

“Wait did you and Brax-? Ruby asked

“Yes we did” Charlie told Ruby

“When are you going to tell him?” Ruby asked

“Soon maybe even tomorrow” Charlie responded

“Wow I’m going to be a big sister and Casey is going to be an Uncle” Ruby said

“Is that weird?” Charlie asked

“Well since Casey is sort of my boyfriend it is a bit weird” Ruby responded

“You can’t tell Casey if you do he might tell Brax and I want Brax to hear it from me” Charlie told Ruby

“Yes I won’t Charlie” Ruby replied

“Promise?” Charlie asked

“Yes I promise” Ruby told Charlie

“Good I love you Rubes” Charlie said

“I love you too Charlie and congrats” Ruby responded

I made a mistake Ruby is

Claire's sister

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Author's note I made a mistake in last chapter Ruby knows Charlie is her mum so she's a big sister now not an aunty.

Chapter 3

Ruby was finding it hard to keep Charlie’s secret but she knew that Charlie was going to tell Brax today in fact since school was finished for the day and Charlie wanted to tell Brax when Heath, Darcy and Casey we’re home. Maybe Charlie was telling them as she was walking home from school.

Charlie knocked on Brax’s door and Brax answered.

“Hi we need to talk is everyone home?’ Charlie asked

“Yep just hang on a sec Case, Heath, Darcy Charlie needs to talk to us all” Brax called

They all entered the living room at the same time.

Charlie knew the spotlight was on here so she just started talking.

“Okay this is not easy to say and at least one of you won’t be happy with it but I’m Pregnant and its Brax’s kid”

Darcy looked at her dad.

Heath just shrugged

“If you want to have a cop girlfriend and a baby don’t let me stop you” Heath said

“Congrats” Darcy and Casey said

“Does Ruby know?” Brax asked

“Yes I told her last night” Charlie responded

“Well I’m excited about our baby” Brax told Charlie

Casey rolls his eyes and looks at the ceiling he knew Ruby would have to tell his mum their secret soon and he already knew that she was planning in a few months time but he didn’t know why but now he knows she can’t tell Charlie until after her baby was born.

9 weeks later

Charlie was on a date with Brax.

“You look a bit pale are you okay?” Brax asked her

Charlie felt the baby kick hard.

“No I think the baby is coming quick call the ambulance” Charlie told Brax

Brax called the ambulance

“Hi my girlfriend is about a have a baby” Brax told the ambulance

“Okay we will be there in 10 minutes “The driver reported

“Call Ruby and Casey “Charlie told Brax

Brax called Ruby first.

“Hello?” Ruby said

“Hi your mum is about to deliver the baby meet us at the hospital” Brax told her

“Okay I’m on my way and so is Casey” Ruby told Brax

“I figured Casey was with you so I didn’t bother to call his phone” Brax responded

“Okay see you there” Ruby told Brax

Just as he hung up Brax heard the ambulance sirens

At the hospital

“Okay push Charlie” The nurse said

Charlie pushed

“Almost their the nurse told them”

Charlie gave one final push

Congratulations it’s a girl” the nurse told everyone

The nurse left the room

“Have you thought of a name yet?” Ruby asked

Charlie looked at Brax he nodded

“Yes her name is Claire Hailey Braxton” Responded Charlie

“Ruby meet your Sister Claire” Charlie said

“Nice to meet you Claire’’ Ruby said

Just then Heath and Darcy walked in.

Brax walked over to Darcy and Heath

“Come meet your cousin Claire Braxton” Brax said to Darcy

Ruby looked at Casey he nodded

“I doubt this is a good time but Case and I have some news” Ruby said’

Ruby looked at Casey

“I know we are young and all but Ruby is pregnant”

Charlie stared at her daughter while Brax, Heath and Darcy stared at Heath

Ruby looked up.

“It’s true but don’t t worry Charlie she won’t be born for another 2 months. Ruby told everyone

Everyone Congratled Ruby and Casey

“I still think we rushed in to it a bit” Ruby told Casey

“Don’t worry people will understand sooner or later” Casey told Ruby

They continued to walk hand in hand along the beach

“We should think of a name for our baby” Ruby told Casey

“I thought you wanted to name her Hayden” Casey responded

“Yeah I do but I was not convinced you liked the name” Ruby said

“It’s a good name” Casey told Ruby

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Thanks for the comments here is the next chapter :)

Chapter 4

“I can’t believe you two are making my daughter an aunty so young” Brax told Casey and Ruby

“I know they won’t grow up with a niece and aunty relationship until they are both older” Ruby told Brax

“I was thinking they’d grow up more like sisters ‘Brax responded

“Yeah but there is nothing wrong with that” Charlie told Brax

“I know” Brax responded

Charlie changed the subject

“When can you take us home?” Charlie asked

“Tomorrow” Brax responded

“Good I’m sick of this hospital room” Charlie replied

“I would be too” Ruby said

“You will have to be in here for a few days after your baby is born” Charlie responded

“Yeah I know” Ruby replied

“We better go and let your mum rest” Brax told Ruby

“Yeah I’ll see you both tomorrow” Ruby said

Brax and Ruby left the hospital

“I have a surprise for your mu” Brax said

“Oh what is it?” Ruby asked

“Well since she gave me a daughter I’m gunna ask her to marry me” Brax replied

“Wow that’s exciting” Ruby responded

“Yeah you know Casey might do the same thing after your baby is born” Brax told Ruby

“Yeah I have no doubt about it” Ruby responded

They drive in silence for the rest of the trip

“I’m going to watch TV” Ruby told Brax

“Okay do you need Casey or will you be ok on your own?” Brax asked

“Leah will be home soon so I’ll be fine on my own” Ruby responded

The following day.

There was a knock on the door.

“Ruby its Brax and Casey” Leah called out

“Coming” Ruby responded

“Hi” Casey said

“Hi” Ruby responded

“Are you ready to be a big sister?” Brax asked

“No but I have to be ready since I have a baby on the way” Ruby responded

They arrived at the hospital Charlie already had her bags packed.

“Hello” Charlie said

“Hello” all three of them said

“Well I see you have your bags packed we just need to sign you out and get Claire then we can go” Brax said

“yep I can’t wait to get out of here’ Charlie responded

Back at Leah’s house

“Will get out of your way” Ruby told Brax

“No you two stay I need you to hold Claire Ruby” Brax responded

Ruby took Claire from Brax

“Brax what is going on?” Charlie asked

Brax got on one knee

“Charlie will you marry me?” Brax asked

Charlie looked stunned

“Yes” Charlie said

“I thought you’d say no since you may of thought I was only asking because we have Claire now” Brax responded

“No I knew after Claire was born we would get married” Charlie replied

“Charlie I think our baby is coming now” Casey said

Charlie leads Ruby out to the car.

“Brax can you strap Claire in to her car seat?” Charlie asked

“Yep” Brax responded

They drove the the hospital

“My daughter is having a baby” Charlie told the nurse”

“Come through” The nurse told them

“Which one of you is the father?” the nurse asked

Casey stepped forward

“Okay Ruby push”

Charlie heard a baby cry.

“It’s a girl”

The nurse left.

Brax and Charlie went in while Casey called Heath

Shortly after Heath and Darcy arrived.

“Darcy meet your cousin Hayden Amber Braxton” Casey said

Darcy looked at Heath who nodded

“Nice to meet you Hayden” Darcy said

Heath noticed the ring on Charlie’s finger.

“Are you two engaged? Heath asked

“Yes well we have Claire now I thought it was best we got married” Brax responded

Everyone’s attention was back on Hayden.

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Thanks for the comments here is the next chapter


Chapter 5

“Can I please have some alone time with Ruby and my daughter Casey asked?

Everyone left the room.

“I know it’s been 6 and a half hours since Hayden was born but what do you say to getting married?” Casey asked

Ruby was shocked

“You know I want to marry you Casey but not right away I have to ask Charlie to take care of Hayden while we finish are HSC” Ruby responded

“Well we don’t have to get married right away or even engaged” Casey told Ruby

“We need time to grow first” Ruby said

“I know” Casey responded

“I would like to show Hayden off now” Ruby said

“Okay” Casey said

Casey opens the door and beckons for everyone to come back in.

Everyone but Darcy and Heath re-entered the room

“What’s wrong?” Heath asked Darcy

“I love having baby cousins but I’m afraid you’ll love them more then more” Darcy responded

“Oh Honey that will never happen” Heath told her

Heath hugged Darcy

“Let’s go see Hayden” Darcy said

“Okay you might be a teenage when they are growing up” Heath told Darcy

“Daddy I’m only 7” Darcy reminded him

“I know in 7 years you will be 13” Heath told her

“Wait so I get to do just about everything before Claire and Hayden” Darcy asked

“You bet” Heath responded

Darcy giggled and hugged Heath

They re-entered Ruby’s hospital room together

“I hope we’re not interrupting anything” Heath said

“Oh no Ruby and Casey want to finish their HSC so she was just asking Brax and I if we could look after Hayden” Charlie responded

“Oh speaking of you and Uncle Brax when’s the big day?” Darcy asked

“I know it’s a bit rushed but in 4 weeks” Charlie responded

Casey looked at Ruby who was starting to look a bit tired.

“Sorry to break the party up but Ruby needs to get some sleep” Casey said

“Oh yeah we better go” Brax responded

“Ruby you can come home tomorrow” Charlie told her

Charlie hugged her.

“Casey are you coming home?” Brax asked

“No I think I’ll stay” Casey responded

“Okay see you both in the morning” Charlie said

Everyone left

Shortly after both Ruby and Casey fell asleep

Around 2am one of the nurses woke Ruby up.

“Guess who’s hungry” the nurse said

Ruby feed Hayden and looked over at Casey who was sound asleep.

After Hayden was finished Ruby headed her back to the nurse.

Shortly after they left she lay awake for an hour.

Casey was still snoring.

Ruby let out a giggle

It was 5am when Ruby finally went back to sleep.

Casey woke up at 8:30am Ruby was still asleep.

He got up and gets himself and Ruby a coffee.

Ruby wakes up to the smell of coffee.

She looks up at Casey

“Oh you shouldn’t have” Ruby told him

“I woke up before you it’s not as good as the diner’s coffee but it will hopefully work until we go home” Casey responded

Ruby giggled

2 hours later

“I can’t believe we get to go home” Ruby said

“I know” Casey told her

Charlie walked into the room

“Where’s Brax?” Ruby asked

“He’s at home with Claire’ Charlie responded

“Oh I’m ready to go home” Ruby said

Charlie picked up Ruby’s things while Casey helped her with Hayden.

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Thanks for all the comments.

Here is the next chapter :)

Chapter 6

Charlie helped Ruby inside

“Are you alright?” Charlie asked

“Yeah just a little overwhelmed” Ruby responded

“Okay well I have to go out for an hour Brax will be here with Claire if you need anything” Charlie said

Ruby nodded

Shortly after Charlie left and they put Hayden down Ruby and Casey feel asleep.

Brax came downstairs after he put Claire down and saw Ruby and Casey fast asleep side by side on the couch he picked up a blanket and covered them.

Brax was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when he heard a baby cry he slowly stood up.

Hayden was still fast asleep as was Ruby and Casey.

Brax went upstairs.

Claire was wide awake.

“Didn’t I just put you down?” Brax asked

He sniffed her bottom

“Someone needs a change.” Brax said

After Brax changed Claire she still wouldn’t settle finally he called Charlie.

Charlie was talking to Bianca when her phone rang

“Excuse me it’s Brax” Charlie told Bianca

Charlie walked outside

“Hello?” She asked

“Hi Charlie” Brax responded

“Is everything ok?” Charlie asked

“Well after you left Ruby and Case put Hayden down then fell asleep themselves and Claire slept for 10 minutes I changed her nappy and now she won’t settle” Brax told Charlie

“She’s probably hungry I’m on my way” Charlie responded

She quickly ran back inside.

“Sorry Bianca I have to go Claire’s hungry” Charlie said

“No Worries I’ll call you” Bianca said

Charlie slowly walked home.

Brax met Charlie at the door.

Charlie crept upstairs.

“I can feed Claire” Charlie said

“Are you sure?” Brax asked

“Yes I think you’d be better off helping Ruby and Casey look after Hayden” Charlie responded

Brax slowly walked down the stairs he was half way down the stairs and then he lost he’s footing and fell the rest of the way down.

The noise woke Casey and Ruby up.

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Thanks for the comments here's the next chapter enjoy.

Chapter 7

Casey stood up.

“Brax are you okay?” Casey asked

“I’m not sure get Charlie” Brax responded

Charlie had heard the loud crash just as she finished feeding Claire she went downstairs.

“What happened?” Charlie asked

“Brax fell down the stairs” Casey responded

“Should I call the ambulance?” Charlie asked

“Yes” Brax responded

Charlie called the ambulance

“Hello what’s your emergency?” the operator said

“Hi my finance has just fallen down the stairs” Charlie answered

“Okay we’re sending an ambulance now” the operator responded

It only took 10 minutes for the ambulance to get to Charlie’s.

“Casey can you help me put Claire on her car seat?” Charlie asked

“Sure” Casey responded

“Thanks now go help Ruby put Hayden in her car seat” Charlie said

Charlie got into her car.

Casey helped Ruby put Hayden in her car seat then he got into the driver seat.

Casey and Ruby drove in silence.

Charlie wasn’t used to driving in silence.

The only noise she heard was Claire mumbling every now and then.

Charlie arrived at the hospital first followed by Casey and Ruby.

They both unloaded their kids.

Charlie went to the nurses’ station.

“Hi I’m here to see Daryl Braxton” Charlie said

“Are you family?” The nurse asked

“Yes I’m his finance and this is his daughter Claire” Charlie

“And the other two?” the nurse asked

“Oh Ruby’s my eldest daughter and Casey is his brother” Charlie responded

“You may go in” the nurse said

The nurse went back to looking bored.

“Are you alright?” Charlie asked

“Yeah I just have a few sprains” Brax responded

“What kind of sprains?” Charlie asked

“Well they think I sprained my ankle and wrist” Brax responded

The bored nurse walked in.

“Visiting hours are almost over” She told them

“Okay we will see you tomorrow” Charlie said

“He can go home tomorrow afternoon” The bored nurse said

“Okay but we still have to come back to get him” Charlie said

Charlie went to the car and strapped Claire into her car seat then got into the car, Ruby and Casey did the same thing.

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Thanks for the nice comments here's the next chapter I skipped ahead a bit enjoy :)

Chapter 8

Charlie Buckton was standing in the bedroom doing last minute touches to her make-up and helping Ruby get ready. Charlie couldn’t believe the big day was finally here the day she finally got married to Brax also known as Daryl Braxton. Little Claire looked cute in a pink dress Ruby’s daughter Hayden was also wearing a pink dress.

“Mum are you alright?” Ruby asked

“Huh?” Charlie asked

“I asked if you’re alright” Ruby responded

“Oh sorry I was a million miles away I’m fine” Charlie said

Ruby smiled at the two little girls.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married” Ruby said

“I can’t believe you have a little girl and passed your HSC” Charlie responded

Charlie smiled at her eldest daughter

There was a knock in the door.

“Come in” Ruby called

“Ladies it’s time to go” Bianca said

Charlie let out a girlish giggle

They all get into the limo.

Brax was already on the beach he smiled when the limo pulled up and he saw Charlie get out while Bianca held Claire and Ruby held Hayden.

Charlie’s father was no longer alive so she had asked Bianca to give her away.

Bianca walked Charlie down the aisle.

As she got closer she let out I Darryl Braxton take Charlie Buckton to have and to hold till death do us part” another girlish giggle.

“Ruby the rings” Alf said

Brax repeat after me I Darryl Braxton take Charlie Buckton to have and to hold till death do us part” Alf said

“I Darryl Braxton take Charlie Buckton to have and to hold till death do us part “Brax said

“And Charlie repeat after me I Charlie Buckton take Darryl Braxton to have and to hold till death do us part” Alf said

“I Charlie Buckton take Darryl Braxton to have and to hold till death do us part” Charlie said

Brax put a ring on Charlie’s wedding finger and Charlie did the same for Brax

“I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Braxton you may kiss the bride” Alf said

Brax kissed Charlie

Two years later

Casey and Ruby had finished their HSC and we’re now engaged.

Hayden was nearly 3 years old.

They hadn’t decided on a wedding day yet.

“We need to talk to you” Ruby said one morning to Brax and Charlie

“What is it?” Charlie asked

“Casey and I have decided to buy a house” Ruby announced

“Are you sure?” Brax asked

“Well we’re getting married soon and Hayden’s nearly 3” Casey responded

“Oh I was hoping Claire would have someone to play with” Charlie said

“We’d still visit and I’d send her to the same school as Claire” Ruby responded

“Have you brought a house yet?” Charlie asked

“No not yet” Ruby responded

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Thanks for the comments here's the next chapter it's a short one :)

Chapter 9

Charlie Braxton was sad to see Ruby moving out but like she had said Hayden was nearly 3 and they couldn’t relay on Charlie all that much as she had her own 3 year old to worry about. Claire was a couple week shy of her 4th birthday.

Charlie looked around Ruby had already started to pack some her and Casey’s stuff up.

In a few days they would be moving into their new place with Hayden.

They’d only be an hour away but Charlie was going to miss them.

Ruby walked into the family room she took one look at her mum.

“Are you okay Mum?” Ruby asked

“Yeah I’m just going to miss you and Casey and Hayden” Charlie Responded

“We’ll only be an hour away you can visit anytime” Ruby responded

“I know” Charlie said

Ruby continued to pack.

“Do you need any help?” Charlie asked

“No I’ve got it Mum” Ruby responded

“Where’s Hayden?” Charlie asked

“Casey has her and Claire don’t you remember them leaving?” Ruby asked

“No” Charlie responded

“Oh he took them to the park” Ruby responded

Brax walked into the room

“Hey Rubes how’s the packing going?” Brax asked

“Yeah It’s going okay” Ruby responded

“We’re going to miss you around here” Brax said

“I’ll miss you guys too” Ruby responded

Charlie started to cry.

“Don’t get all emotional on me” Ruby said

It was too late Ruby was crying now too.

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