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The Beast Within

Guest pembie

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Story Title: The Beast Within

Type of Story: Long Fic

Main Characters: The Braxtons, Miles, Colleen, Alf, The Walkers, Charile, Ruby, Elijah.

Minor Characters: Romeo

BTTB Rating: G

Genre: Comedy Fantasy

Does the Story Include Spoilers? No

Any Warnings: Sexual content not sure about this yet through (SC, L)

Summary: Supernatural Forces are at work in Summer Bay but is one Summer Bay resident to blame?

The Beast From Within

Chapter 1

A light breeze blows quietly through the clear air of the night. The clouds slowly drift away allowing the full moon of the night to shine down on a mobile home.

It can be hard to sleep sometimes at night and Colleen found herself having one of those nights, her eyes darted round in her head at rapid speed. She lay there in her bed listening intensely, was that the sound of a growl again,? outside in the undergrowth and bushes or was it her imagination playing tricks on her. After all she was getting old her mind was not what it used to be. Deciding she was just going abit batty Colleen turned over. Her eyes slowly closed clam down Colleen she told herself and relax sleep will soon be here. Her tense body started to relax she sighed allowing sleep to take its hold.

She was glad the growling had stopped, she could get to sleep now at last I wonder if I will have any raunchy dreams tonight she thought to herself.

Her eyes shot open, was that the sound of howling now? she sat up quickly grabbing and putting her dressing grown on, next she quickly shuffled her feet into her slippers and with rapid speed darted out of her mobile home forgetting to lock it and ran for The Summer Bay house.

Colleen, “Miles, Miles, Miles”.

Miles opens the door.

Miles stands there sleepily rubbing his eyes.

Miles, “Colleen you paid your rent this Moring do you remember?”

Colleen “Miles?”

Miles, “Colleen?”

Colleen, “I didn’t wake you did I?. You wasn’t sleeping were you?”

Miles looks shocked by her question looking down at his watch.

Miles, “No Colleen I’m always awake at 3.30am.”

Colleen not having seemed to of taken any notice of him carries on talking.

Colleen, “oh good Miles I have to tell you something”.

Miles, “Oh really what’s that Colleen? cant it wait until morning.?”

Colleen, “errrr its very important errrrrr”

Miles,“Oh good well see in tomorrow Colleen.”

He starts to shut the door.

Colleen, “MILES”

He opens the door.

Miles, “Yes Colleen tell me the problem then.”

Colleen, “ok Miles I heard………… Miles?”

Miles, “What is it Colleen?”

Colleen, “Miles you look awful you should try and get more sleep at night.”

Miles, “I would if I could Colleen.”

Colleen, “I think you should are you having problems sleeping at night.?”

Miles says under his breath

Miles,” Not problems sleeping, just problems with batty old women at my front door while I stand here in my wonder woman pjs.”

Colleen, “Pardon”

Miles, “Oh nothing”

Colleen, “Anyway Miles I heard growling right outside my mobile home it was…..”

Miles, “You heard growling.?”

Colleen, “Yes”

Miles “Maybe it was a dog?”

Colleen, “Oh no Miles it sounded like a wolf, I swear if I hadn’t got out of my mobile home it would of eaten me”

Miles holds back a laugh.

Miles, “Now come on Colleen a wolf come on.”

Colleen, “Oh yes it started howling too”

Miles is really laughing at this moment in time.

Miles, “Well there is a full moon tonight, well goodnight Colleen you are funny sometimes.”

Miles goes to shut the door colleen stops him.

Colleen ,“Oh no I can’t go back to my mobile home what if the wolf is still there.”?

Miles, “Errrrrrrrrrrrrr”

Colleen, “I want you to come back with me and check things out for me.”

Miles,”Errr I would love to help but I haven’t got a torch you wouldn’t want me falling over in the dark would you.?”

Colleen points to the table.

Colleen, “No torch hey?”

Miles, “No sorry buma eh?”

Colleen, “What’s that on the table?, looks like a torch to me”

Miles sighs.

Miles, “Oh that would you believe our good luck?”

Miles grabs the torch looking down at it with hate in his eyes, he only wants to be in his nice warm bed, but no he can’t be that lucky then he walks with bare feet out into the night with Colleen, dressing grown flowing behind him.

Miles is being pulled along be Colleen, as she shuffles through the darkness of the caravan park.

Colleen “Shhhhhh I heard the wolf right by that tree next to my mobile home.”

Miles, “Ok calm down woman will you?”

Miles is red in the face trying to catch his breath, he shines his torch over to the tree

Colleen screams.

Colleen, “There’s someone there I can see a figure.”

Miles, “Shh” he walks forward waiting for his eyes to adjust he sees a man sitting under the tree.

Miles, “Heath?”

Heath turns his head.

Heath, Alright

Miles, “Heath what are you doing?”

Heath,“What you doing here?”

Miles, “I asked you the question first, what are you doing?”

Heath looks round unsure what to say it’s like his looking for the answer to jump out at him.

Miles, “Well?”

Heath, “Errrrrrrrrrr star gazing.”

He gazes up to the sky as, he hand gesturing up to the sky.

Miles, Oh are the stars good tonight?”

Heath, “There alright can’t complain really, you know?”

Miles is unconvinced by this strange lie.

Miles, “Oh right that’s good with the stars and all Heath, but I wonder if you can help me out with a question I have?”

Heath, “Yeah sure go ahead”

Miles, Good you see it’s……..”

Heath, Oh hang on its not a maths question is it?”

Miles, “No”

Heath, “Oh good I don’t do good with numbers you see the confuse me.”

Miles, “Don’t worry won’t mention numbers at all”

Heath, “Oh good go ahead then”

Miles, “Ok the troubling question I have is”

Heath, “Yes?”

Heath is nodding.

Miles, “Where are your clothes Heath?”

Heath, “Don’t Know”

Miles, “What do you mean you don’t know?”

Heath, “Lost them”

Miles, “Where did you lose them?”

Heath, ”Cant remember”

Miles, “Ok.” He slowly moves backwards.

Miles, “Here take this”

Heath, “What is it?”

Miles, “It’s a leaf Heath”

Heath, “What’s it for?”

Miles, It’s for………”

Miles gestures down with his eyes.

Miles, “It’s to cover your modesty”

Heath, “Come again my what? I have never heard that word before”

Miles, “Your manhood”

Heath, “My what?”

Miles sighs.

Miles, “Your trouser snake Heath”

Heath looks down frowning but a smile appears when he finally catches on to Miles’s meaning.

Heath, “I got you now”

Miles nods.

Heath, “Hey it won’t make the snake blotchy will it?”

Miles, “It’s a leaf Heath”

Heath, “It won’t make it itchy will it?”

Miles, “It’s a leaf Heath”

Heath, “It’s not poisonous?”

Miles, “It’s a leaf Heath”

Heath, “Ok cool”

Heath covers his trouser snake (cough, cough) with the leaf.

Miles, Ok Colleen lets leave Heath and his leaf to carry on with his naked star gazing, Colleen?”

Colleen, “I feel rather queasy Miles.”

She falls into Miles’s arms.

Back at Summer Bay house Miles helps the fainted Colleen onto the sofa, Miles jumps as he see’s Alf standing watching him from the kitchen.

Alf, Sorry Miles I heard some noise so I came downstairs for some water”

Colleen muttering to herself, Alf and Miles haven’t noticed

Colleen“His a werewolf”

Alf, “Flaming heck Miles you look like you seen a ghost or something”

Miles, “I am scared for life I think”

Alf, “Oh”

Miles, “I have just seen Heath Braxton naked”

Alf, “His a dirty mongrel”

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Miranda I sure you will slip that line regarding Heath,s lack of clothes in somewhere I will look out for it :lol:

Chapter 2

In a hidden underground bunker on The Walkers farm, Brax Braxton stands with the rest of his gang looking very much like a pack of wolves watching him pointing down at what looks like a floor plan of sorts.

Brax, “Right boys this is a entire plan of the farm, our drug crop is over here hidden. I need someone there watching over it at all times, before you put yourself forward you need to be good with a gun”

A few hands shoot up in the air.

Brax laughs.

Brax, “You lot, you must be joking your likely to shoot yourselves in the foot.”

Sounds of moans can be heard echoing round the bunker.

Brax, “Broody?”

Broody, “Yes boss?”

Brax, “Just call me Brax”

Broody, “Yes boss errrrrrrrr I mean Brax”

Brax sighs.

Brax, “Have you seen Heath this morning?”

Broody, “No”

Brax, “His either seeing that Walker girl, or he is lost again I have told him where this hidden bunker is and the secret password but I don’t think he takes it in”

Broody “Do you want me to go look for him?”

Brax, “No I will phone him, trust our best marks man not to turn up”

Brax dials Heath’s number.

A voice can be heard from above Brax moves to the trap door and waits.

Heath, “Bulldog?”

Brax, “Wrong password”

Heath, “Dog?”

Brax, “Wrong”

Heath, “Fit babe?”

Brax, “Nope”

The anger inside him is building.

Brax, “its Black Ranger Heath, the password is Black Ranger”

Heath, “Well that’s a lame password”

Brax, “You chose it you great oaf”

Heath, “Oh yes I did”

Brax, “Ok come in Heath”

Brax starts to pull the trap door down.

Heath, “Oh I can’t”

Brax, “Why not?”

Heath, “Because I haven’t said Black Ranger yet”

Brax, “Well go on”

Heath, “Hang on I’m just finding my good speaking voice”

Brax, “Come on I haven’t got all day just forget the dam password”

Heath, “No”

Brax, “Why? I know its you out there I can hear you speaking”

Heath, “I could be a imposter”

Brax, “Somehow I don’t think so you sound just like my dumb brother”

Heath, “Ok are you ready? BLACK RANGER”

Brax pulls Heath down the trapdoor.

Heath falls into the bunker head first he bangs his head.

Heath, “Ouch”

Heath, “What have I missed?”

Brax ,”The whole plan, where the hell were you seeing that girlfriend again Indi? you do know she was our only way to get onto this farm? your not to fall for her.”

Heath, “Yes I’m using her don’t worry, but she’s fit as, you should see her naked”

Brax sighs

Brax” So you were with her? she made you late?”

Heath, “Yep all night didn’t make any trips anywhere else like errr lets say to the caravan park.”

Heath slaps a hand over his mouth.

Brax stares at him confused.

Brax, “Why were you there? I put you on duty here”

Heath lies he only went there to eat all that raw meat from peoples barques, oh that juicy raw meat tasted so good, with all that dripping blood. after that he chased a couple of rabbits oh he did like rabbits. Then he started growling at a black rubbish bag blowing in the wind, he thought it was going to attack him.

Heath, “I never went there only joking”

Brax, “Good now down to business I want drugs leaving here by midnight tonight and don’t worry about the cops I can sort that I have that Charlie Buckton wrapped………..”

Heath barks.

Heath, “Wolf grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”

Brax, “Heath did you just bark like a dog?”

Heath, “No what? no”

Brax going back to the plan.

Heath barks.

Heath, “Wolf grrrrrrrrrr”

Brax, What is wrong with you? have you taken something?”

Brax goes to hit Heath.

Brax stops and stares at Heath.

Brax, “Heath you need a shave your face is really hairy those are some serious side burns.”

Heath, “I will do that then”

Brax, “Heath where are your clothes?, because I have never seen you in a Hawaii T shirt and bright red trousers before”

Heath, “I found them so I kept then”

Brax, “Your breath stinks too”

Heath, “Wolf grrrrrr wolf, wolf, wolf”

Heath gets down on all fours and runs round barking.

Broody, ”What Is wrong with your brother?”

Brax stares at his brother acting like a dog.

Brax, “I have no idea”

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Thanks for all the feedback Guys :D

Chapter 3


In the darkness of night the yellowish of the full moon shines down on a church somewhere in the Yabbie Creek. Inside revered Elijah Johnson sits on a wooden bench head bowed praying he is joined by Revered Reggie.

Revered Reggie still can’t help himself from nearly wetting his church gowns with laughter every time he sees Elijah , its Elijah’s appearance which cracks him up.

Elijah Johnson’s appearance consists of a long black leather jacket, black leather trousers, black shades and a blue flowing cape. While his hair is greasy with hair gel he very much resumes Neo from the Matrix Movies.

Reggie, “Revered Johnson?”

Elijah seems lost in pray.

Reggie, “Revered Johnson I just want to say well done”

Elijah, “Yes I will see to your will my lord thank you for your love and guidance”

Reggie, “Elijah Can you please come back down to planet earth? so I can speak with you, I’m sure our good lord will be so kind to wait”

Reggie can hear Elijah tuting under his breath.

Elijah, “Sorry my lord we will have to continue this little chat later, I have to talk to one of your messengers laters for now, catch you later, peace out”

Reggie jumps as Elijah turns to face him, for one minute he really believes he is seeing Neo from The Matrix.

Reggie, “You have done really well Elijah I am so glad you have found your faith in God again.”

Elijah, “I was in bed last night and you would not believe who climbed through my bedroom window, oh Reggie I got really excited, go on Reggie try and guess who it was.”

Reggie,“One of the nuns? they can be a very horny bunch on the side.”

Elijah looks horrified by that comment.

Elijah, “God no oh sorry Lord for taking your name in vain”

Elijah bows his head.

Reggie, “I’m sure he will forgive you now, come on then who came through your window last night?”

Elijah looks shocked that Reggie hasn’t guessed.

Elijah ,”Why God of course”

Reggie, ”God ?”

Elijah, “The lord himself he sat on my bed and took my hand and gave me a message.”

Reggie is now getting very worried about Elijah’s mental state.

Reggie, “So what was his message Elijah ?”

Reggie nearly starts laughing again as he looks at Elijah’s Matrix outfit again.

Elijah, “He told me I’m THE ONE”

Oh come on now Elijah your taking his neo matrix thing abit far now Reggie thinks.

Reggie, “You’re the One for what exactly?”

Elijah, “Why to rid this world of it’s evil of course of all it’s demons and monsters of the night.”

Oh God now he thinks his Van Heasling Reggie thinks.

Elijah, “So now I must leave for my quest of destroying this evil which plagues this world.”

Reggie, “You and what army Elijah ?”

Reggie can’t help laughing.

Elijah, “Only me Reggie and my weapons sent by the lord himself he placed them on the end of my bed as he left last night”

Reggie, “Of course he…………………”

Reggie stops talking as Elijah seems to pull a bag of weapons out of thin air.

Elijah, “Oh yes in here I have allsorts, stakes, holy water, sliver bullets for werewolves, the lord says they are real nasty demons oh yes also crossbows”

Reggie sighs.

Reggie, “So where does the quest start?”

Elijah, “Summer Bay”

Reggie, Oh I should of guessed, this crazy idea of yours would have nothing to do with winning your ex Leah back would it from your best friend Miles?”

Elijah, “Oh yes not only can I do the lords work I can also win Leah’s affections. And Miles is no longer my best friend he has now become my arch enemy.”

With that Elijah stood and poses like some superhero allowing the moonlight to captive him he runs to the church doors.

Elijah, Oh have you got the keys? The doors seem locked.”

Reggie, “Just give it a good pull it sometimes jams up”

Elijah pulls hard at the door as he makes Morse noises with effort.

The door opens Elijah runs out into the night his long cape sweeping behind him.

Reggie, “That one has well lost it”

We are now back at the Walkers Farmhouse.

Indi, “Dad what’s wrong?”

Sid, “More of our life stock have been eaten”

Indi, “Which was it this time?”

Sid, “Some chickens are missing nothing left not even bones”

Dex is on his laptop and says casually.

Dex, “Could be a werewolf”

Sid, “Dex this is Summer Bay not Mystic Falls”

Dex, Oh but can you be sure of that someone could of changed the welcome sign into town to say Summer Bay instead of Mystic Falls”

Sid shakes his head.

Sid, “Ok see you two later I’m off to work”

Sid walks out the door bumping into Heath.

Sid, “Are you hot or something?”

Heath, “Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yeah”

Sid walks off giving Heath a odd look.

Heath, “Hey Babe”

Indi looks at her boyfriend blushing.

Heath stands before her in nothing but a beach towel.

Indi, “Heath?”

Heath, “Yes Babe?”

Indi, “I have two questions”

Heath, “They won’t make my head hurt will they? I don’t like thinking to hard gives me a headache sometimes”

Indi, “They might”

Heath, “Ok I guess go ahead”

Indi, “Question one”

Heath, “Yes?”

Indi, “Where are your clothes Heath?”

Heath, “I don’t know”

Indi, “What do you mean”

Heath, “I lost them”

Indi, “where?”

Heath lies.

Heath, “I put them down on the beach went for a surf and when I went to get dressed they were gone someone must of stole them”

Indi, “Silly me of course they were why didn’t I think of that?”

Heath, “Don’t know,pretty obvious when you think about it babe really”

Indi looks at Heath raising a eyebrow.

Indi, “Is it?”

Heath, “Yep”

A strong gust of wind blows ripping Heath’s towel away.

Heath, “Oh great oh wait I have this leaf to cover myself up”

Heath pulls Miles’s leaf from behind his back and quickly covers what Heath likes to call his trouser snake.

Heath, “It’s a leaf”

Indi, “It’s a leaf Heath”

Heath, “Yep”

Indi, “It’s a leaf Heath”

Heath, “I can see that babe”

Indi, “It’s a leaf Heath”

Heath, “I know it is”

Indi’s eyes are blinking at rapid speed not believing what she is seeing, she would get turned on if she didn’t find it all very strange.

Heath, “Are you ok?”

Indi, “I think so, I just didn’t expect I would be seeing my boyfriend standing naked on my doorstep today when I first woke up this morning”

Heath, “Well I am here in all my glory what do you want to do to me?”

Indi pretends she hasn’t heard his question and carries on with her second question for her naked boyfriend.

Indi, “Question 2”

Heath, “Yes?”

Indi, “What have you been eating?”

Heath, “Chicken”

Indi, “Did you forget to cook it? it’s only I can see the feathers”

Heath, “Yes it might have been abit under cooked I’m no Gordon Ramsay”

Meanwhile with Miles and Leah.

Leah, “Will you take this serious Miles? ,right I am going kiss you now, try not to spit in my face again ok?”

Miles, “Ok I promise not to laugh again”

They move in for a kiss, Miles starts giggling.


The front door is nearly ripped from its hinges as it slams into the wall.

Elijah swops in sliding across the floor, all the while he is doing his super hero pose.

He stops sliding.


Elijah then swops out again slamming the door behind him, trapping his long cape in the door.

Elijah, “Oh for Christ sake, oh I am sorry again my lord for taking your name in vain, but why did you chose to trap my cape in the door? this is slightly embarrassing I would have you know.”

Leah and Miles can hear him tugging at his cape.

Miles opens the door.

Miles, “There you go Elijah”

Elijah, “Thank you my arch enemy”

Elijah blows a kiss to Leah and swops away.

Leah, “What on earth was that all about?”

Miles, “Talk about crazy Exs.”

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Thanks for the feedback people glad this story cheers everyone up

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Now the place we find ourselves is Summer Bay’s Police station. Where Elijah is sitting fritting about in his chair unable to get comfy, with which movement he makes his leather trousers make a high pitched squeaking sound.

Watson, “Do you mind not doing that please? , and will YOU JUST SIT GOD DAM STILL . I have a splitting headache.”

Elijah, “I am sorry Watson I never realised leather could be so difficult to sit down in.”

Watson “Well your the one dressed like Neo from the Matrix, no one made you wear all that leather”

Elijah, “I had no say in the matter, I was told by the all and mightily himself that these clothes would help me out with my hard and daunting task ahead.”

Watson laughs.

Watson, “Elijah you work in a church how could that silly outfit help you out?”

Elijah, “It will show all the demons they should not mess with me, they will have no choice but to show me some god dam respect, oh there I go again sorry about the name in vain thing again my lord”

Watson, What demons are they?”

Elijah, “Why evil lurks all round us Watson my good woman, but don’t you worry I am here now”

Watson, OH Yay I am brimming over with excitement”

Watson sighs, her head is banging with pain why does she end up talking to all the weirdo’s.?

Elijah has gone back to loud squeaky fritting sounds, he keep sliding down his chair.

He spots Watson glaring at him, he stops moving in his seat and looks at her with guilty puppy eyes.

Watson, “Right then your leather outfit is to gain respect, what are the shades for?”

Elijah is taken back with that question.

Elijah, “To stop the sun getting in my eyes of course, there is also the small matter of looking cool”

Watson says under her breath.

Watson, “No they don’t do that for you they just make you look nutty person going through a mid life crisis”

Elijah, “Sorry?”

Watson, “No nothing just reading this think you have gone mad leaflet here on my desk.”

Elijah asks in a serious tone.

Elijah, “OH and have you?”

Watson mutters again to herself.

Watson, “No but I know someone who has.”

Elijah, “What’s that sorry?”

Watson quickly changes the subject.

Watson, “Why are you wearing hair gel?”

Elijah, “Just thought I would go with a groovy style you know?”

Elijah, “Now tell me Watson my good woman are you not a fan of leather?”

Watson blushes.

Watson, “Oh yes I have had few experiences with leather.”

Elijah raises a questioning eyebrow.


Watson, “Excuse me I would like you to apologise this instant”

Elijah, “Oh yes sorry lord for swearing and having unsavoury thoughts please forgive my sin.”


Elijah, “Lord I also apologise for Miss Watson here for using your name in vain she does not know she has sinned”

Charlie walks into the station.

Watson is bright red with anger and looks on the verge of jumping over her desk and

punching Elijah , Elijah is too lost in pray to notice.

Charlie, “Watson what’s wrong you look like you want to punch the good reverend………….”

Charlie then falls against a door in hysterics of laughter at the sight of Elijah outfit.

Watson, “Elijah here wants a word with you Charlie”

Elijah, “It is very serious”

Elijah glares at Charlie who is gripping her stomach has she laughs.

Watson, “Charlie Interview room 1 is free”

Charlie, “I can’t stop laughing I cant breathe oh my stomach hurts”

Watson guides a laughing Charlie through to the interview room gesturing Elijah to follow after them.

Now we are back on The Walkers farm

Dex sits on the sofa on his laptop, he can hear Indi and Heath talking at the door.

He sits staring at the screen this is the first time his tried online dating and he is in the middle of registering but has become stuck on a question on the fill out form.


What are your sexual pretences Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual?

Dex ,”Well I can knock lesbian off the list last time I checked I was male. Do I like girls? errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I like some but mostly I find them annoying. Do I like both genders? Errrrrrr, maybe, no that’s just being greedy now Dexter am I gay? Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I don’t know I wonder if animals have this much trouble? I know male giraffes are bisexuals.”

Heath, “I will be quick Indi”

Indi “How fast can you run?”

Heath was speedy when in his other form, he wasn’t sure now through so he just said what first came to mind.

Heath, “50 mph”

Indi, “Heath you don’t have to try and impress me”

Heath, “I don’t know then I’m fast Marlin wont catch me naked don’t worry”

Indi, “Ok quick dash upstairs to my room then”

Heath, “ok got ya

Dex is still pondering his sexually, he wishes there was a unsure option on the dating website which clams to crate for everyone. Dex stretches back and catches a glimpse of a naked Heath dashing upstairs. One thought hits Dex hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Dex quickly clicks the gay option.

Indi, you alright Dex? you are pulling a funny face”

Dex, “Yeah just seen something I like”

Indi, “Dex are you looking at porn again?”

Indi runs upstairs after Heath.

We are now In Indi’s bedroom.

Heath, “I can’t wear that”

Indi, “Well Heath its either this or nothing, none of Dexs clothes fit you and dads are too big.”

Indi, “Dex got this for a fancy dress party”

Heath, “Fine I wear it”

Indi laughs as Heath puts the costume on.

Heath, “How does it look?”

Indi, “It looks like I have my very own Power Ranger”

Heath stares at the Black power Ranger looking back at him in the mirror.

Later that Night.

Growling and howling can be heard outside the Walkers house followed by gunshots.

Heath runs though the dog flap in the walker’s front door. and escapes a angry Sid who is waving a gun round.

Sid shouts.


Four legs are so much better than two Heath thinks as he runs up the stairs, saviler is dripping from his mouth. He runs into what he thinks is Indi’s room after entering the room he curls up on the bed resting his hairy head on his paws and goes to sleep.

Dreaming of chasing rabbits.

Abit later.

Dex, “Indi get off my bed will you?”

Dex sleepily sits up in his bed rubbing his eyes, he is shocked and slightly roused as he can feel his boxer shorts bulging with excitement, as he looks to the bottom of his bed to see a naked man looking back at him in shock.

Heath, Where’s Indi what are you doing here?

Dex, “Heath where are your clothes?”

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Warning one swear word used

Chapter 5

We return to Dex’s bedroom Dex is watching Heath intensely lying naked at the bottom of his bed getting rather roused by the sight.

Dex, “Heath I never thought you felt this way about me, but I must say it’s a very nice surprise”

Dex slowly slides down the bed seductively towards Heath. Heath cant for the life of him remember how he got here and is very shocked and shaken at the way Dex is behaving.

Dex, “Let me tell you my sexy beefcake, I am very, very pleased you are here”

Dex puckers up his lips to kiss Heath, Heath watches with wide eyes as he watches Dex,s face coming closer and closer towards him he quickly jumps out of the way.

Heath, Hey are you gay for me or something?”

Muffled talking sounds can be heard as Dex speaks into bedclothes.

Heath pulls him up.

Heath, “What did you say?”

Dex, “I said no way am I gay for you I like the ladies”

Heath, “Oh really then what were you doing trying to kiss my face off”

Dex lies.

Dex, “I was sleep walking”

Heath, “Mmmmmm yeah ok but why are your boxers bulging like that?, you look very happy to see me”

Neither of them heard Sid open the bedroom door.

Dex, “I had a wet dream”

Sid, “Excuse me why are you telling Indi’s boyfriend here that you had a wet dream Dex?”

Sid is looking back and forth awaiting an answer.

Heath, “I have to go”

Heath grabs his Power Ranger costume, the only piece of clothing he has and jumps out the bedroom window.

Dex, “Hey that’s my fancy dress costume bring it back”

Sid shouts.


We now join a very tired Watson and hysterical Charlie as they try and get some sense from a wacky Elijah.

Elijah, “Watson my good woman is Charlie going to take this serious?”

Watson, “Charlie get a grip please Elijah here has something serious to tell us”

Charlie manages to stop laughing and looks across the table at Elijah wiping tears from her eyes.

Charlie, “Would you like to make a report?”

Elijah, “Yes I would”

Charlie, “Go ahead”

Elijah, “I would like to report”

Charlie, “Yes?”

Elijah, “A evil presence in this town”

Charlie cant control her laughter any longer and starts rocking backwards and forwards in her chair, slapping her knees as she laughs hysterically.

Charlie, “I have never laughed this much in my life, Watson please take over”

Watson, “Now come on Elijah get serious before Charlie here wets herself”

Elijah, “I am deadly serious there are forces of evil at work in this town”

Charlie, “That’s no way to talk about Colleen Smart Elijah”

Elijah, “Now come to think of it I did have one of her casseroles once made my stomach feel very dodgy, now I remember it gave my a very bad case of the ****s”

Watson, ”Thanks for that delightful image Elijah”

A howl of laughter is heard from behind as Charlie laughs.

Watson, “I am very tired can we please just get on with this please?”

Charlie, “Sorry but this is most batty thing I have ever heard, evil forces at work in Summer Bay I know this town is a strange place to live sometimes but even so”

Watson sighs.

Watson, “So Elijah what are you under attack from?”

Charlie, “If you say zombies I think I’m going to die here laughing”

Elijah, “Werewolves in this case only one that the good lord and I know about”

Charlie, “Oh come on now Elijah you only want to see how we react, where’s the hidden camera someone going to jump out and shout we have you on candy camera any second isn’t that right?”

Elijah, “I am deadly serious isn’t that right Watson?”

Watson sighs with impatience.

Watson says with sarcasm.

Watson, “No **** Sherlock”

Elijah, “language Watson”

Elijah turns to Charlie.

Charlie decides to play along with this madness.

Charlie, “Ok we have a case of werewolf ok then Elijah, you have no need to worry we will shoot it dead and then we can get back to some sanity”

Elijah, “Oh yes what are you going kill it with?”

Charlie, “Bullets of course”

Elijah, “No normal bullet will do the job”

Charlie and Watson exchange looks at each other rolling their eyes.

Elijah takes something from his bag of weapons resting at his feet.

Charlie, “It looks like you have everything in that bag but the kitchen sink”

Elijah has a serious face.

Elijah, “Yes you are quite right, you would not believe me if I told you what is in there”

Elijah places pieces of bent sliver into Charlie’s hand.

Charlie, “Stop trying to bribe me Elijah with pieces of sliver”

Elijah looks shocked.

Elijah, “No my good woman that is the only way to kill a werewolf”

Charlie, “Ok so these sliver pieces which I hold in my hand, which look like they have been chewed by a dog will save us all?”

Watson, “Oh thank goodness Charlie I was getting worried for a minute”

Charlie laughs.

Elijah, “They are sliver bullets you have to shoot the werewolf with these to kill it, will you do that?”

Charlie and Watson getting fed up now with this insane conservation say together.


Elijah jumps up.

Elijah, “Oh good we must get on with ridding this town of its evil”

Elijah stands in his superhero pose for a second and then dashes out of the office.

Charlie, “Oh my have we just been talking to the mad hatter or what?”

Watson, “No just a man of God”

Charlie loads her pistol with one of her clips.

Watson, “Normal bullets?”

Charlie “Yes”

Watson, “Aren’t you going to use the sliver ones?”

Charlie, “No”

Watson, “What you going do with them?”

Charlie, “Sell them on Ebay I could earn very good money for sliver”

They both exit the room laughing.

Now we join Heath waiting to enter the River boys hidden bunker on the Walkers farm.

Heath, “Black Ranger”

Brax, “Very good Heath you remembered the password”

Heath jumps down the trap door.

Brax, “Steveo how’s that new batch of shipment of drugs going? all ready to for tonight? Heath here’s your pay packet for keeping those Walkers off our……………”

Heath stands there grinning.

Brax, “Now Heathy I feel your taking this password business to far what are you wearing?”

Heath is dressed like the black power ranger.

Heath getting nervous by Brax’s questioning starts to bark nervously like a dog.

Brax, “You have got to stop in with this strange habit or people will start to think your odd”

Heath barks.

Brax sighs.

Brax, “Anyway how’s it going with Indi? hope you are posing has the prefect boyfriend don’t go blowing our cover”

Heath, “We might have a small problem there Brax”

Brax, “Oh yes”

Heath, “I think Indi and her dad think I might be gay”

Brax, “Why?”

Heath, “Now don’t ask me how this happened but I slept with Dex last night”

Brax, “You what?”

Heath, “No I mean I slept at the bottom of his bed and I just happened to have no clothes on”

Brax looks like he might faint.

Heath, “You see Dex saw me naked and he has major crush on me and tried to kiss me so and then his dad caught us”

Brax, “Heath so they think your gay that’s cool”

Heath, “Really what about Indi?”

Brax, “I don’t care if they think you’re a alien from outer of space as long has they don’t find out about our little operation here”

Heath gets excited gets down on all fours and runs round barking.

Brax shakes his head and sighs.

Brax, “There’s no way I’m related to you”

Later that night.

Romeo and Ruby are walking hand in hand giggling walking along the beach they don’t see the wolf watching them.

Heath watches Romeo and Ruby walk past. He has grown tired of eating scarps from bins it would be much better to eat live meat. He slowly starts running over to the tasty meat walking past him. It might even get him back into Indi’s good books if he eats Romeo after all he did cheat on her with Ruby.

Heath feels the rage building up in him. How could Romeo hurt Indi like that she’s the most beautiful girl Heath has ever seen and yes he had fallen in love with her.

Heath wants revenge on Romeo and what a prefect way to get revenge it would be, to eat him.

Romeo and Ruby freeze in horror as they spot the wolf coming towards them.

Heath is licking his lips but he also has a strong feeling he needs to urinate, oh man he really needs to wee. He stops in front of Romeo. He watches Ruby as she lifts her arms over her head and runs off screaming and wavering her arms around like a mad woman.

Heath lifts his leg and starts urinating, as Heath wees he transforms into his human form.

Romeo, What the hell? That,s disgusting”

Heath, “Oh yeah that’s better”

Romeo, “What are you doing?”

Heath, “Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaah”

Romeo, “Heath will you stop reliving yourself up my leg?

A naked Heath looks up at Romeo.

Heath, “Alright dude? what’s the hell is going on?”

Romeo, “Your weeing up my leg like a dog”

Heath puts his leg down and grins.

Heath, “Well when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go”

Romeo, “Heath why are you naked?”

Heath doesn’t know, but thinks his being witty with his answer.

Heath, “Hot night don’t you think?”

Romeo shakes his head.

Romeo looks quite worried as he asks the next question.

Romeo, “Heath where are your clothes?”

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Hope This chapter's ok had Writers block

Chapter 6

We join Charlie and Watson and Elijah sat in a police car on a very boring stake out at The Walkers farm. Charlie from laughing at Elijah once again has crashed the police vehicle into the barn causing a big bail to crash down on top of them, hiding the car from view its proving to be a very good hiding place.

Elijah, “Nice bit of driving there Charlie my good woman”

Charlie, “Thank you”

Watson, “Oh yes real nice. Its not like we don’t stick out like a sore thumb a hay shaped car sat in view of their house.”

Charlie, “Oh Watson don’t be such a sour puss what could go wrong?”

Elijah, “Hey ladies look at it this way I can now have a good roll in the hay with two sexy ladies like yourselves”

Watson turns and glares at Elijah.

Watson, “I don’t want to sound rude to a man of the cloth or anything, but, go and shove that crucfix of yours up your butt hole”

Charlie, “Watson”

Elijah, Oh don’t worry your pretty head about it Charlie, Watson is only expressing her anger towards me. The good lord did tell me some people might fight against me when I told them about my quest”

Charlie, “Well this is the most fun I have ever had Elijah”

Elijah, “How about some music to clam the situation?”

Watson, “Oh yes there’s nothing suspicious about big singing hay bails”

Charlie, “We could put the music on quietly?”

Watson, “No it’s a good job they are very deep sleepers and never heard us crashing into this stupid barn”

Elijah, “The good lord must of shielded their ears from the sound”

Watson, “Of course he did well he has guided us here so what does he want us to do now?”

Elijah, “Oh I don’t know sit back and enjoy the glorious stars he has placed in the sky and wait for evil to find us”

Watson, “Oh what fun I had plans this evening, but no instead I am sat covered in hay because Charlie forgot to close the windows of this stupid car”

Charlie, “They were jammed, anyway what plans did you have?”

Elijah, “The jammed windows help with our disguise”

Watson, “My plans Charlie I would have you know was a date”

Charlie laughs.

Charlie, “A date who with?”

Watson, “Yes Charlie, don’t look so shocked a date. well a blind date

Charlie, “They never work”

Watson, “Well the website said…….”

Charlie, “Website?”

Watson, Yes online dating, it said on his profile he was gay but I’m sure I can change that he did say he used to have a thing for older women”

Charlie, “Watson you do know the danger of online dating?”

Watson, “Yes that’s why I was going take my gun with me, anyway sounds abit of a geek his username was “Point Dexter”

We now join Brax and Heath driving across the farm transporting their next shipment of drugs.

Brax, “Heath will you stop sticking your head out of the window?”

Heath, “Sorry Brax just feel really excited oh I do like car journeys ”

Brax, “Good for you but can you stop panting? and put your tongue away what is wrong with you?”

Heath pulls back from the window.

Brax, “Good”

Brax closes the window.

Heath looks at the glass blocking the windy night from him.

Brax, “Heath did you remember to pack the guns? in case we run into………..”

Brax stops talking.

Heath has started to cry just like a dog would and is clawing at the window.

Brax, “Heath would you stop scratching my windows please? and stop squeaking like a dog”

Heath turns to Brax spraying him with drool.

Brax, “Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gross”

Heath knocks his head back and howls and says in a deep voice.

Heath, “Open the window my good brother”

Brax, “Wow that is one freaky demanding voice you have do you use that voice in the bedroom with Indi or even Dex?”

Heath growls at Brax’s comment about Dex.

Brax winks and opens the window.

Heath sticks his head out looking happy his tongue hanging from his mouth panting and starts to bark.

Meanwhile back in the hay covered car.

Elijah, “Well Watson I’m sorry about you missing your date with your mystery man”

Watson, “That’s fine I guess”

Charlie is trying to guess who Watson’s blind date is.

Charlie, “Point Dexter, you said this guy likes comic books, internet blogging, might be gay, likes to wear pink shirts, now do you know anyone who likes to wear pink shirts?

Watson, “No”

Charlie, “I think you do I hate to burst you bubble of mystery my friend Point Dexter is no other than Dexter Walker”

Watson, “No way?”

Elijah, “lucky escape there I say but I must say Watson you could go for someone more normal”

Elijah gestures to himself and grins

Watson, “You?”

Elijah, “Yes I can tell you are digging my new leather outfit”

Watson, “You are the wackiest person I know, since you went batty and all with all this god stuff and depending doom you keep banging on about”

Charlie laughs.

Charlie, “I think Elijah could be a very kinky man of God dressed in all that leather”

Elijah, “Watson my good woman after we have prevented the Apocalypse I am taking you on a date”

Watson has a smiled to herself.

Brax, “Heath will you sit down before you fall out that dam window?”

Brax grabs Heath and pulls him back into the car.

Heath growls.

Brax, “Heath I will have to take you to the doctors your very strange these days”

Heath forgets his not the wolf yet and barks in answer to Brax.

Brax sighs and shakes his head.

Brax, “Oh no the cops Heath quick get those dummy suits of Sid and Marilyn we had made”

Heath grabs the life like dummy suits of Sid and Marilyn from the back seat and hands Sid to Brax.

Heath takes the wheel as Brax gets into the Sid dummy suit, through all the excitement from getting into his Marilyn dummy suit Heath starts howling and barking and hangs out of the car window.

Charlie, “Oh look its Sid and Marilyn wave guys”

They wave.

Brax/ Sid and Heath/Marilyn wave back.

Charlie, “What on earth was Marilyn howling about?”

Elijah, “Looks like they were enjoying wild sex while driving. or Marilyn is the werewolf”

Watson, “You can’t be serious? Marilyn is sweet and harmless”

Elijah, “Maybe that’s what she wants you to think, no sorry ladies but Marilyn is the demon sent by Satan”

Later that night.

Brax and Heath have broken down and are asleep. Brax doesn’t know Heath has gone to roam the night as a wolf.

Morning is about to break.

Brax says sleepily.

Brax, “Morning Heath we might have to walk back and leave………”

Brax stops talking.

Heath is curled up naked in the passengers seat.

Heath, “Ok bro give me five more minutes I had a rough night”

Brax is speechless finding it hard to form words.

Brax, “Heath where are your clothes”

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Oh God, yet again I'm aching with laughter. Elijah saving Watson from a date with Dex! 'Sid' and 'Marilyn' having wild sex in the car! Heath's deep freaky demanding voice! Brax saying Heath goes to bed with Dex as well as Indi!

You are a cure for any type of boredom/ sadness, Pembie.

I'm glad you all find this Funny

I have never been called a cure for boredom or sadness through :lol: maybe I should bottle some of my sense of hurmour up and sell it :lol: enough of me banging on now through here's next chapter

Warning Sexaul content refences one swear word one sexaul word

Chapter 7

Charlie Watson and Elijah are still sat in the police car on their stake out.

We begin the chapter with a dream sequence.

Elijah is handcuffed to a bed covered in bright red marks from being whipped repeatedly.

Watson stands at the foot of the bed dressed in a cat woman leather outfit with a long whip. The sound of the whip is fast and sharp as it cracks across Elijah’s bare chest.

Watson, “You like that don’t you my kinky Revered?”

Elijah, “Oh yes I do thank the heavens for sending you my kinky pussycat”

Watson “Now how about giving his pussycat some cream?”

Elijah, “You kinky Bitch”

Elijah laughs.

Watson, “No I meant whipped cream”

Watson winks, she starts to cover Elijah with the cream.

Watson starts to wake from her dream muttering under her breath.

Watson, “You like that don’t you Elijah?”

Elijah, “Yes I do I really like these sprinkles on top tastes quite creamy too”

Watson still half sleep says

Watson, “Oh you dirty boy”

Elijah, Don’t worry I will wipe my sugary and sticky hands with a hand wipe after I have finished”

Watson, “Hmmmmm”

Charlie turns to Elijah laughing.

Charlie, “Another doughnut Elijah?”

Elijah, “Oh yes I would like the pink one there please”

Watson, “Oh I will wear my pink bra for you next time”

Elijah drops the pink doughnut in shock onto Watson.

Watson wakes up to see Charlie and Elijah staring at her.

Watson, “I was having such a nice dream”

Charlie, “We know”

Watson, “I didn’t say nothing embarrassing in my sleep did I?”

Charlie, “Oh just a few things”

Elijah, “I didn’t realise you were asleep, I thought you was asking me questions about the doughnuts and you seemed very up tight about my sticky hands”

Charlie laughs.

Watson, “Forget everything you have heard or I will feed you to that werewolf you keep banging on about”

Elijah looks at her dreamily.

Elijah, “I think I’m in love you are very different to Leah”

Watson turns in the front seat to face him.

Watson, “Now that is enough talk about love I wont stand for it”

Elijah statutes. “Yes Madam”

Further on down the road we find a naked Heath and a very worried looking Brax.

Brax, “Where the hell are you clothes Heath?”

Heath, “Clam down will you? you act like you have never seen a naked body before”

Brax, “Yes but they are normally female brother”

Heath, “Oh yes tell me what does Charlie Buckton look like naked?”

Brax, “She looks really good”

Heath, “What’s the sex like? how many times have you done it now? one thousand times or what?”

Brax, “Well needs must keeps her off our backs anyway lets get going”

Heath, “What about my clothes?”

Brax, “You will have to wear the Sid body suit”

Heath, “What happens if we get spotted? people will think its strange your talking to Sid”

Brax, “I don’t know his a doctor”

Heath starts to jump up and down barking when a witty answer strikes him.

Heath, “Oh I know you could be talking to him about family plans with the amount of times you shag Charlie”

Brax hits Heath round the back of the head.

Heath Growls and tries to bite at him.

Brax, “Will you stop acting like a insane dog you weirdo?”

Heath, “Sorry it’s the beast inside me”

Brax, “Heath your not the Incredible Hulk you know? his pretend you do know that don’t you?”


Brax, “There’s that demanding voice again”

We now join Heath dressed in the Sid body suit, Brax having left him in case of rousing suspicion.

Heath knocks on the Walkers front door.

The door is opened by Dex.

Heath dressed as Sid stands before Dex.

Dex, “Dad?”

Heath, “I am your father”

Dex, “Dad stop trying to be cool quoting Star Wars to me”

Heath, “Can I come in?”

Dex, “Dad you live here”

Heath, “That is very true”

Dex, “Dad come in”

Heath, “I can’t stop actually, I have errrrrrrrrrrrr work I’m doing a very important operation to do on a brain this afternoon”

Dex, “Dad your not a brain surgeon”

Heath, “How dare you I’m a very skilled and talented doctor I would have you know I do everything at that hospital”

Dex, “Big headed much”

Heath getting carried away now.

Heath, “How dare you your father has a normal sized head, your very odd and strange but I don’t tease you about it do I?”

Dex, “You actually do you always tell me to act normal, what are you doing here dad?”

Heath, “I’m here to see Indi”

Dex, “Well Dad you were just in the living room with her”

Heath forgetting he is dressed like Sid.

Heath, “I was?”

Dex Yes Dad have you been abducted by Aliens or something?”

Heath doesn’t know how to answer that question so he just goes with a simple,

Heath, “Yes”

Dex, “Right”

Heath, “Anyway can you past a message onto Indi for me?”

Dex, “I guess”

Heath, “Tell her I love her and I’m not gay”

Dex just stands there with a very confused look on his face.

Dex, “Errrrrrrrrrrr Dad?”

Heath, “Oh I mean Heath loves her and his not gay”

Dex, “Oh that’s a shame Heath’s quite hot”

Heath, “WHAT”

Dex, “Oh nothing Dad”

Just then the real Sid walks through the hall.

Sid, “Who’s at the door Dex?”

Dex turns to the door to see a empty doorway.

Sid, “Well who was it?”

Dex, “You”

Sid, “Oh Dex stop being so odd and be normal”

Dex mutters to himself.

Dex, “Bonkers just Bonkers”

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Sorry for long time in updating


Chapter 8

We open the scene in the Walkers household.

Dex still stands at the front door confused from that very odd conversation with his father

Sid, “Dex are you coming in? ,dinners ready I have been shouting you”

Dex, “Dad who cooked the dinner was it Marilyn?”

Sid, “No I cooked it”

Dex, “But you were at the front door just I had the most barzzie talk with you”

Sid, “Of course you did Dex and what did I say?”

Sid winks; Dex takes the wink as to have a hidden meaning and thinks his dad really does know what he had said.

Dex, “Ok Dad I will tell her”

Sid, “Tell who what”

Dex, “Your message”

Sid walks off dazed.

Dex turns to close the door.

Heath pops his head out of some brushes still wearing the Sid body suit.

Dex grasps.

Heath, “Thanks Dude make sure you tell Indi the message right”

Dex, “Yeah Heath loves her and his not gay got it”

Heath forgetting he looks like Sid again says.

Heath, “Why are you talking about me like as in a third person?”

Dex, “What do you mean Dad?”

Heath, “I’m not your dad I’m Indi’s boyfriend”

Dex looks at his dad confused.

Dex, “Ok dad sure you are”

Heath, “Whatever don’t matter just go tell her”

Dex, “Ok Dad I will tell your daughter that you love her”

Dex watches his Dad nodding.

Heath, “And what else?”

Dex, “That your not gay Dad but I think she knows that with all the nurses you used to bring home”

Heath doesn’t really listen to that as he starts sniffing the air exeitcliy as the smell of The Walkers dinner wafers through the doorway.

Dex, “Dad what on earth are you doing?”

Heath, “Dex what are you having for dinner?”

Dex, “Errrrrrrr Dad you should know you cooked it”

Heath, “I didn’t I have been hiding in these brushes what meat is it?”

Dex, “Beef I think burgers and chips I think”

Heath, “Is it cooked meat?”

Dex, “No Dad we are going to eat it raw”

Heath, “Sounds great the bloodily the better”

Dex, “Ewwwwwwwwww gross Dad now will you come in?”

Heath, “No I’m ok thanks there’s a rabbit over there I want to chase”

Dex, “Ok Dad and to think you tell me to be more normal”

Heath, “Dex have you got any tasty scraps in this bin?”

Dex, “I threw a family sized bucket of chicken away for Indi I think”

Heath, “GREAT”

Dex, “Dad aren’t you coming to eat the burgers?”

Heath, “I would but I haven’t got any clothes on just this body suit”

Dex, “Body suit?”

Heath, “Yeah”

Dex, “Ok dad I’m going close the door now you are slightly freaking me out now”

Heath, “Ok then enjoy your raw burgers”

Dex walks dazed into the living room.

Dex looks round the room he doesn’t see his dad anywhere.

Indi sits at dining table looking at Dex.

Indi, “Dex are you alright?”

Dex, “I think I might be going slightly bonkers sis”

Indi, “Oh don’t worry that ship has sailed long ago”

Marilyn comes over to the table juggling hot plates of burgers and chips.

Marilyn, “There you go you two?”

Dex, “Thanks”

Indi, “Thanks”

Marilyn, “Well this looks well nice your dad has out done himself this time”

Dex, “Oh yes he sure has”

Marilyn, “Trust him to run off somewhere for dishing up time have you two seen him?”

Indi, “No sorry”

Marilyn, “Dex have you?”

Dex, “You know this tastes great its cooked and not at all raw”

Indi, “Do you normally eat your food raw then?”

Dex, “Oh no not me”

Indi, “Who would you weirdo?”

Indi rolls her eyes.

Dex says quickly.

Dex ,“Dad might”

Indi and Marilyn stare at him with great wonder.

Marilyn, “Do you know where he is? His food is getting cold”

Dex, “Who?”

Marilyn, “Your dad”

Dex, “What about him?”

Marilyn, “Where is he?”

Dex unable to put it off anymore says.

Dex, “Oooooooooh Dad”

Indi, “Yes Dex you know that bloke we have grown up with all our lives?”

Dex, “Yes him oh his outside out front”

Marilyn, “What’s he doing out there?”

Dex, “Oh you know normal stuff”

Indi, “Like?”

Dex, “Seeing to the trash”

Indi, “Seeing to the trash?”

Marilyn, “What about eating his dinner through?”

Dex, “Oh don’t worry his getting a bite to eat”

Marilyn, “Where from what’s he eating?”

Dex, “A family sized bucket of chicken”

Indi, “A bucket of chicken I threw that out yesterday”

Dex, “Well Dad is eating it now”

Indi, “How?”

Dex, “By reaching into the bin and pulling it out I expect”

Marilyn, “Hang on so your telling us that your father is out there after cooking for us and is eating our trash”

Dex, “Yes totally normal thing to do don’t you think?”

Marilyn, “But his a doctor he should no better, its not very hygienic is it?”

Dex, “Well I’m sure if he uses that alcoholic hand gel he has at the hospital he wont kill no one”

Indi, “Dad has lost it by the sounds of it”

Dex, “Oh look Indi your favourite programme is on the biggest loser”

Indi, “Don’t change the subject Dex”

Dex shrugs and munches at his burger he stops as he remembers his dads very odd message.

Dex, “While we are on the subject of Dad being a bigger freak than me”

Marilyn looks very worried.

Marilyn, “Yes?”

Dex, “Indi”

Indi, “Yes?”

Dex, “Now don’t choke and die when I tell you this its quite shocking news”

Indi, “We wont”

Dex, “Indi Dad would like to inform you that Heath loves you”

Indi, “Ok but why is dad telling me that? I didn’t think he liked him that much to pass on his messages”

Dex, “Yes but you could ask the same to why is dad outside eating through our bins?”

Indi and Marilyn shrug and go back to eating.

Dex, “Oh wait I have more”

Indi, “What is it?”

Dex, “Dad would like you to know also Indi that his not gay”

Indi, “Who Heath?”

Dex, “No I think Dad is informing you his not gay”

Marilyn chokes on her food and grabs a glass of water and gulps it down.

Dex, “So onto to something else now how was your day you two?”

They both stare at him shocked at how un phased he seems to be.

Dex, “You both good?”

There is a sudden crash in Marilyn’s bedroom.

Marilyn, “What on earth?”

Dex, “Well this is a very eventful evening”

Indi and Marilyn are frozed to the spot as they bedroom door is pulled open and someone runs through to the living room.

Indi, “Heath?”

Heath, “Hey babe your looking very sexy like always”

Dex turns to look at Heath.

Marilyn looks dreamily at Heath as does Dex.

Indi, “What are you doing here?”

Heath, “Dex told me you were having burgers, I thought I would come and join you ohh Dex you said they were going to be raw”

Sid then walks into the room, he jumps back when he sees Heath standing there in nothing but his birthday suit as in naked. He looks across at his family who are all looking at Heath dreamily.

Sid, “Heath?”

Heath, “Dr Walker”

Sid, “Where are your clothes”

Indi, Marilyn and Dex all say together.


Sid, “What are you doing here?”

Heath, “I have come to see Indi and have a bite to eat”

Sid, “Well next time you feel like dropping in would you mind not being naked?”

Heath, “But Indi likes my body just look at the way she’s drooling at the very sight of me and the least said about Dex the better”

Sid, “Indi, Dex stop dribbling like that your getting the carpet all wet and Marilyn I am shocked at you”

Marilyn, “Where were you Sid? Dex said you were outside eating through our trash”

Sid stands there looking very confused by that last comment and takes a few minutes to answer.

Sid, “I was upstairs in the toilet”

Marilyn, “For 15 minutes?”

Sid, “Yes I have a little problem”

Heath spots a carrot on the table and picks it up and starts to munch away at it.

Heath turns to look at Sid.

Heath, “What’s up doc?”

Sid, “Never you mind Bugs Bunny”

Marilyn, “Come on tell me your food is ruined now”

Sid, “Oh ok I have constipation ok”

Heath, “Oh you know what is good for that prune juice”

Sid, “Yes thank you Heath for your medical opinion”

Heath, “Don’t mention it”

Sid glares at him.

Indi, “Why are you naked Heath? Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, the only person complaining here is Dad I just wondered”

Heath once again gets a not so witty comeback pop into his head.

Heath, “I’m thinking about becoming a nudist”

Indi Dex and Marilyn say together.


We now pick up the story at the Summer bay house.

Ruby, “Hey Miles is Romeo here?”

Miles, “He sure is”

Miles lets her in.

Ruby, “Hey you, are you ok?”

Romeo, “I guess so”

Ruby, “What happened with that wolf?”

Romeo, “Well you would know if you hadn’t ran off like a screaming lunatic”

Ruby, “Sorry was just sacred what happened?”

Romeo, “Don’t want to say”

Ruby, “Oh come on”

Miles and Alf have come and sat down with them eager to hear the gossip they sip their coffees to hide their excited grins.

Miles, “We wont laugh is it something embarrassing?”

Alf, “A wolf in summer bay well stone the flaming crows”

Romeo “Do you two have to be here?”

Miles, “Yes so spit it out”

They all started nagging Romeo to tell them about his encounter with a wolf.

Romeo, “Oh ok I don’t know what happened to the wolf but….”

Miles Alf and Ruby sit there gestures him to go on.

Romeo sighs.

Romeo, “Heath Braxton came and started to do a wee up my leg”

They all laughed.

Through tears Alf manages to say.

Alf, “That dirty mongrel”

Romeo, “I thought you said you weren’t going to laugh”

Miles, “Oh we are not laughing at you we are laughing with you”

Romeo, “It sure doesn’t seem that way”

Ruby, “Ewwwwwwww Romeo get changed I can still smell it I didn’t notice it before”

Romeo gets up with his fist clenched and yells


This makes Miles, Alf and Ruby laugh even harder.

Romeo covers his face with his hands and rushes out the room crying loudly.

Miles, ”That was the best laugh I have had in ages”

The other two nod in agreement

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Hey guys heres the next chapter


quite a racy chapter

Chapter 9

We join The Walkers gazing with lush at a naked Heath flexing his muscles.

Heath, “So you think I would make a good nudist then?”

Sid stands against the wall feeling faint from what a totally bizarre situation he found himself in.

Indi, Dex , and Marilyn are grazing at Heath.

Indi, “Sorry what was the question?”

Marilyn, “Look at those pecks and muscles”

Dex, “What a man you are”

Sid, “Excuse me people are we living in the Twilight Zone here or something? Doesn’t anyone realise we have a flasher standing in our house?”

Marilyn, “I think we are well aware Sid thank you”

Heath, “Doc don’t worry Marilyn just hired me as a stripper for supper that’s all”

Sid, “Heath if that is your attempt of being witty...”

Heath turns to watch Sid shake his fist menacing.

Dex forgetting he is sat with his family shouts out excitedly.


They all turn to Dex and shout.


Dex, “What no what I meant to say is Marilyn wants a lap dance”

Marilyn, “What I don’t…… well I do”

Marilyn starts giggling blushing bright red.

Heath moves in front of his admires resting his hands behind his head and starts to do very exotic dancing.

Indi, Dex and Marilyn start to wolf whistle and clap wildly.

Heath, “Do you like that ladies? And not forgetting you Dex my geeky man.

Brax seeks round the outside of the house. He looks through the Walkers window and spots Heath dancing exotically.

Brax mutters to himself.

Brax, “Heath what on earth are you doing now?”

Brax knocks on the front door.

Sid, “The door people”

Marilyn, “Wooo Indi look at the size of his lunchbox”

Sid, “Errr people the door”

Indi, “Oh yes Marilyn I know its big isn’t it he puts it to good use too”

Sid, “Is anyone going to get that?”

Dex, “Indi I bet he does”

Sid, “The knocking is getting louder people I’m starting to get a headache now”


Sid, “Shall I see who’s at the door?”

No answer comes as he watches his family lost in a trance.

Sid, “Ok I will get it then and Marilyn if you think your getting lucky tonight you can think again”

Marilyn, “What’s that Sid?”

Sid, “You heard me”

Marilyn, “Did you say we have struck luck I think you are right”

Marilyn giggles.

Sid staggers to the door.

The door opens.

Brax, “Alright Doc?”

Sid, “No not really”

Brax is eating a raw carrot he found on the ground.

Brax, “What’s up doc?”

Sid, “Nothing….. now look here don’t start that again seriously why is your family so obsessed with Bugs Bunny?”

Brax, “Huh?”

Sid, “Doesn’t matter what do you want Brax.? As you can probably hear from all that insane whopping and cheering just like a Take That concert which of course it isn’t, its just my family getting overexcited I have never had such a mad night as this in like ever”

Brax, “So you don’t like Take That I take it then doc? I think their…..”

Sid, “Hey

Brax holds his hands up.

Brax “Hey wasn’t going say anything”

Sid, “Good”

Brax, “I have come for Heath have you seen him thought he might be here seeing Indi”

Sid, “Now let me think have I seen him, now yelling, “YES TOO MUCH OF HIM I WOULD SAY”

Sid gestures into the living room.

Brax, “Only pulling your leg I seen him through your window”

Sid oh great first your brother is a flasher and you’re a peeping Tom”

Heath spots Brax at the door.

Marilyn and Indi have joined him in his dancing pushing themselves up against his body.

Heath, “Yo Bro”

Brax, “I need you Heath”

Indi, “Wooo you do seem to be in demand tonight babe”

Heath, “You know it”


Heath, “Listen bro I have been thinking I want to be a nudist or maybe a porn star instead of being in your drugs opera……”


Sid, “Drugs?”

Brax, “Yeah what he means doc is his quite embarrassed to ask you”

Sid, “Ask me what?”

Brax, “Well what with you being a doctor and all he wants drugs………”

Sid, “What for, does he have a medic condition?”

Brax, “Errr I hm”

Heath, “Viagra”

Brax slaps his own face with his hands.

Sid “Viagra? You need Viagra Heath?

Heath, “Yep”

Dex, “It certainly doesn’t look like you need Viagra”

Sid, “I will write you up a prescription then Heath”

Heath, “Cool doc”

Brax, “Heath are you coming?”

Heath, “Yep see you later babe”

He kisses Indi and starts to run to the door.

Brax, “Heath have you got any clothes?”

Heath, “Nope”

Brax throws his hands over his head and screams.


Heath shrugs.

Heath, “Who needs clothes?”

Brax, “I will leave you too it doc”

Sid, “Are you taking your naked brother with you?”

Brax, “You must be joking”

Brax goes shaking his head.

Heath, “Oh well babe lets have some sexy time in your bedroom”

Indi, “Oh yes lets”

Heath and Indi runs up the stairs to Indi’s bedroom.

Dex runs out of the living room.

Dex, “I have got to do a blog about this”

Dex runs off in search of his laptop.

Sid yells as he marches into the living room.


Marilyn, “Oh Sid don’t shout I feel really horny after that”

Marilyn giggles.

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Hey Guys here is the next part

just wondering how many chapters would people like this story to be ? I have a ending in mind

Chapter 10

We pick up the story with The Walkers.

Creaking sounds can be heard from Indi’s bedroom from upstairs.

Sid, “What on earth is going on up there? certainly doesn’t sound like Heath is in need of Viagra”

Dex ,“Well Dad Indi did say Heath is an animal in the bedroom”

Sid, “Well I’m all up for Indi having a healthy sex life and all but I rather the roof didn’t cave in on top of my head it sounds like they are going come through the ceiling”

Dex, “Do you want me to go and give them what for?”

Dex looks up eagerly.

Sid, “Dex I know you would like to give Heath what for”

Marilyn, “Wouldn’t we all?”

Marilyn giggles.

Sid, “Marilyn please I will see to your horny needs soon”

Dex, “Ewww Dad please that’s a image I could do without”

Sid, “All I wanted was a quiet night but no was that to much to ask for?”

Marilyn, “Oh come on Sid stop complaining you have me offering you sex on plate what’s wrong with you?”

Dex, “Dad is finding it hard to believe that a so called quiet farm life can be so lively”

Sid, “Yes I must say I didn’t really in vision my daughters boyfriend dropping by naked and turning my family in some horny sex craving lunatics”

Dex, “I know Indi said Heath was like an animal in the bedroom but……”

Sid, “What on earth is going on up there?”

Dex, “Heath sounds like his enjoying it”

Marilyn, “Sid how come you don’t howl like that when we have sex”

Sid, “Because I don’t want to sound like some insane dog thank you”

Marilyn, “Sounds very thrilling”

Sid places his hands over his ears.

Sid, “Oh I need something to block Heath’s insane howling out”

Dex casually takes some chewing gum out of his mouth.

Dex, “Here Dad stick this gum in your ears”

Marilyn, “Sid you aren’t seriously considering….”

Sid, “You bet I am”

Sid grabs Dex’s gum and sticks it in his ears.

Meanwhile in Indi’s bedroom.

Indi, “Wow that was the most passionate sex I think I have ever had”

Heath lays next to her, a silly grin on his face panting like some wild dog and dribbling onto her bedclothes.

Indi, “God babe breathe”

Heath, “what… Can…I….say….you….drive. me…wild…..sexy”

Indi, “Yes I could hear that from all that howling you were doing as you reached your climax”

Heath, “Howling?”

Indi, “Yeah like one of those werewolves I watch in horror movies sometimes”

Heath laughs nervously.

Heath, “Ah you are funny me a werewolf I’m just a normal guy totally normal”

Indi laughs.

Indi, “You Heath normal you spend half the time running round naked do you have a phobia to clothes or something?”

Heath, “No I just miss place them that’s all”

Indi, “I’m so lucky”

Heath, “Whys that’s?”

Indi, “I have a boyfriend that I need to take clothes shopping do you need any shoes? I could take you shoe shopping too”

On the Beach.

Ruby, “Look sorry Romeo for laughing at you because Heath weed up your leg and because you smelled of urine”

Romeo sobs wiping tears away from his eyes as he says.

Romeo, “I don’t want a girlfriend who laughs at me”

Ruby, “So what are you getting at?”

Romeo, “I think we should break up I will get back with Indi because she is a sucker and can’t resist me she will forgive me for sleeping with you for sure”

Ruby looks dreamily at Casey in the distance.

Romeo, “Ruby did you hear me?”

Ruby, “Sorry Romeo I was just eyeing up my next love obsession”

Romeo, “Good God you got over me quick it must have taken all but 5 seconds”

Ruby, “Well Romeo you know me I like anything with a pulse”

Romeo, “Oh”

Ruby gets up and skips over to Casey.

Romeo starts to cry loudly.

The Walker household.

Marilyn is looking at Sid fluttering her eye lashes.

Marilyn,“Come join me in the shower Sid”

Sid tiredly looks at Dex with a plea for help.

Dex, “What Dad I thought you knew about the birds and bees already but if you want I will explain it to you again if you want?”

Sid sighs.

There is a sudden knock at the door.

Sid mutters to himself.

Sid, “Phew saved by the bell there”

The door opens.

Elijah, “Hello there Sid my good man”

Sid, “Elijah I thought you went crazy or lost you faith or something”

Watson, “He found it again YAY aren’t we lucky?”

Elijah, “Behave woman”

Elijah slaps Watson on her bottom.

Watson, “Oh I say I quite liked that”

Elijah, “Pardon did you say…”

Watson coughs and tries to compose herself.

Watson, “No I didn’t Elijah”

Elijah, “I think you did don’t worry I will slap your bottom or even pinch it later”

Watson smiles.

Watson, “Hmm I will look forward to it”

Elijah, “What did you say?”

Charlie, “When you two have quite finished flirting I’m sure Sid wants to know why we are here”

Sid, “Tonight is just wacky”

Elijah, “Oh yes now why are we here?”

Charlie, “Don’t tell me your to wrapped up with Watson that you have forgotten why?”

Watson, “Wrapped up with Elijah I like the sound of that”

Charlie shakes her head.

Charlie, “Sid the reason we have called around is………”

Elijah, “Oh come on Charlie my good woman of course I haven’t forgot”

Sid, “Well?”

Elijah them swoops through the the doorway and does a dramatic twist to face everyone his eyes wide and his face inches away from Sid’s.

Elijah, “Do you feel that?”

Sid, “Feel what?”

Elijah, “The evil that surrounds this place there is a serious danger here the evil will soon rain down on you”

Dex, “Wooo is it going to start raining frogs?”

Elijah, “No Dex”

Dex, “Fireballs?”

Elijah, “No Dex”

Dex, “Cats and dogs?”

Eligh, “No Dex”

Sid, “Can someone tell me what is going on here?”

Elijah looks at Sid intensely.

Elijah, “I think you might be living with the devil”

Sid, “Now come on Elijah that’s no way to talk about Dex I know his a bit strange”

Elijah, “No not Dex I’m talking about Marilyn”

Sid, “Marilyn?”

There is a sudden loud howling sound coming from the bathroom where Marilyn is taking a shower.


Elijah, “Sid tell me my good man have you noticed Marilyn having any sharp teeth?”

Sid, “Elijah I’m a doctor not a dentist”

Elijah, “What about in your love making does she ever bite you?”

Sid, “No”

Dex, “Lair you have a love bite on your neck”

Sid, “I thought I had that covered up”

Dex, “Oh please that plaster is so see through”

Elijah, “Does Marilyn lose her clothes a lot”

Sid, “What are you talking about?”

Elijah, “You see when the transformation happens the person wakes up from the beast naked”

Sid, Beast what beast?”

Elijah, “The werewolf”

Sid, “You think Marilyn is a werewolf?”

Elijah, “Yes but no worries Charlie here has sliver bullets so we will shoot Marilyn and be on our way”

Sid, “I tell you now your not shooting Marilyn”

Elijah, “It will be quick”

There is a howling sound from upstairs as Heath reaches his climax with Indi once again, soon after Heath and Indi rush down the stairs.

Heath, “Wow are we having a party down here or something?”

Elijah spots Heath naked.

Elijah “Good lord Jesus Christ and banish the holy ghost Heath where in Gods name are your clothes?

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