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Favourite/Least Favourite characters

Guest Natasha

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From the 1990's discussion thread. Who is everyone's favourite to least favourite character? Or who do you think is the strongest/weakest character?

For me its: Celia Stewart, Donald Fisher, Bobby Simpson, Ailsa

Least favourite: Lance and Martin, Andrew, Mat, and Viv.

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Favourites out of the 1990 season so far: Bobby, Fisher, Lance, Martin, Marilyn, Ailsa and Celia.

Seems odd not to add Pippa but we've hardly seen her this year.

Least: Andrew. I agree, he is so pointless and I just don't know why they kept him around for so long. If we were talking 89 and 88 too I would have added Matt, but this year I've enjoyed his screen time and mateship with Adam.

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Since most characters that made my favourite list a few months ago are no longer in the show, I definitely have some new favourites, so at the moment they are:

Fisher, Adam, Matt, Maz, Pippa, Ailsa, Emma, Carly, Bobby, Sally, Mullet and Alf - these are characters I currently most look forward to seeing, but I've got to say other than Viv being the weakest link, I'm not disliking any of the current cast (pretty obvious I suppose since I've pretty much list the entire cast), I'm enjoying watching them all and that does include Ben since I dont have a problem with him. I just think the show is surprisingly quite strong at the moment. I did wonder if once the departing characters had well and truly gone the show would dip, but so far it hasn't Imo.

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