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Hey guys, thanks for the comments♥... just came on to update my profile and though whilst I was here i'll update this as well.

I haven't got any icons, but since January I have done a lot more videos...

Just some of my personal favorites that i've done... (Also it pays to wear headphones to hear the voiceovers more clearly) :D


Tina+Peter | Say something

Tracy, Tina & Kylie | Life is going to be a lot less interesting without Tina

Now these two are my new obsession, I don't think I have ever been so obsessed with a couple before (not even Charlie and Brax)

You'll either love them or hate them. There's really no in-between once you find out a certain piece of information about them.... you will definitely know what i'm talking about if you research them:


Lauren+Joey | Mates, yeah? (Similar to my Tracy/Tina/Kylie video)

Lauren+Joey | As long as we love each other

Lauren+Joey | Only love can hurt like this

& I have about another 5 videos of these two that i'm currently working on getting finished, + I already have another idea for a video, but won't be starting it until I've finished at least 3 of my current ones... i'm getting a bit carried away... oops! :o

The following two aren't my favourites; not by a long shot... but they're the only H&A related thing I have made all year...

Charlie + Brax | The reason why I smile

Charlie + Brax | I'm addicted

So if you want to check them out feel free, I won't be logging back on here, although in a couple of days i'll have a look to see if you guys have posted feedback.

Feedback is still very much appreciated, whether it's on here, Twitter or YouTube.

The names of the songs, artists, fandoms and the program I used to edited etc is always at the end of my videos! Xx

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