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Secrets Every Family Has Them!

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Story Title: Secrets Every Family Has Them!

Rated: A

Type Of Story: Long FanFiction!

Main Characters: Braxtons and Bucktons! Will Contain Others!

Does This Story Inclued Spoilers: Not Sure Yet!

Any Warnings: In The Future, Maybe Drugs And Violence And Maybe Sexual Content!

Genre: Not Sure! Drama!

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Home And Away!

Summary: There's a new girl in town and she doesn't play nice, who is she related to? And why does she hate Charlie and Ruby?



You know how they say every family has its secrets? Well mine had a big one it was last year when I found out my sister was in fact my mother! And from that day on we both promised never to lie to each other.

Charlie knew how upset I was when I found out she was my mother and never wanted to see me like that again…but I found out today that she has been lying to me for months! Where is the trust? Charlie was meant to be my best friend…not just my mother!

I stomped my foot into the sand once again, I was so angry at her for this. Why couldn’t she tell me? Tell me that she was dating Brax! Oh it made me sick to even thing about it…my mother was dating my boyfriend’s brother, it’s all just too weird for me!

Oh wait speaking of boyfriend I wonder if he knows what Charlie and Brax have been up too. Pulling out my phone I could already see 5 missed calls from Charlie…hmm she can keep calling I will not answer her! Casey is the only person in the world right now that is going to understand how I feel, I really need him to hurry up and get here, he was the reason I was waiting in this same spot.

Hey, need to talk ASAP! You were meant to be here 10 minutes ago. X

Once the text sent, I looked out towards the ocean. If Charlie had been straight up with me I wouldn’t be this angry! It didn't take Casey long to send a message back which I was thankful for.

Rubes be there in 5 minutes, tiny issue with family. Coming now xo. Reading the message I scoffed to myself, tiny? This was not a tiny issue? Brax and Charlie! This was a big issue!

Finally Casey showed up, bit longer than 5 minutes but that didn't worry me.

"Hey babe, what's going on? The text sounded urgent" I looked at him and I swore he saw the fire behind my eyes.

"Charlie and Brax! This is a major issue" He chuckled as I threw my hands into the air. How could he be laughing at a time like this?

"Oh come on Rubes it really isn't that big" I could have punched him I swear, but then I remembered that Casey was not who I was angry at.

"Isn't that big?" I said gritting my teeth.

"No it isn't, come on Ruby you need to calm down. You can't get to angry at Charlie I am sure she had her reasons for keeping it a secret, how about we head up and get a table for lunch at the diner? I already asked Brax and Charlie to join us" I looked at him, as he took a step closer wrapping me into a hug.

"I don't want to calm down Case, I am so mad at her for not telling me! We tell each other everything!" Casey and I had already started walking towards the diner, why did we have to have lunch with them?



I was mad at myself for keeping this from Ruby but she didn't understand why at had to, it was a need not a choice. If I had told her she would have expected I come out in the open…let everyone know I was dating Brax, she couldn't even give me enough time to explain that nobody could know until after the investigation was over with, after we had caught the guy responsible for the marijuana crop.

I was mad at myself, mad at Ruby for not letting me explain and sad that my daughter was angry at me.

Brax walked up to me and gave me the same smile, which attracted me to him the moment I saw him.

"Hey baby, how are you?" I leaned my head against his chest and he wrapped his arms around me.

"Not good, telling Ruby didn't go as planned" He kissed my hair affectionately.

"It was never going to go down well Charlie, come on lets go in and explain to them about us" I looked up into my boyfriend's eyes and sighed. I couldn't believe I was about to do this? Why did I have to explain? Explain to teenagers why I was with the man I love.

We walked to the diner holding hands, it was very busy to say the least, well it was lunch time and they did have some of the best food in town, finally we found Ruby and Casey huddled together sitting at a little table in the corner.


[Lunch 12:30pm Diner]


Brax and I pulled up chairs in front of Ruby and Casey, Ruby wasn't exactly making eye contact with us, but Casey had the biggest grin on his face. I guess Rubes is still angry.

"Hey guys, about time you two got here" Brax chuckled and gave Casey a hi-5. Glad to see at least they were getting along.

"Well we were busy talking, Ruby please look here we want to explain" I watch as my daughter looked towards Brax, you could tell by the way he spoke to her that he was fond of my special girl. "Charlie you should tell her" I looked towards Brax and he held my hand reassuringly.

"Ruby sweetie, I well actually we didn't tell you because I knew if we did you would want us to come out in the open and tell everyone we were dating, but we couldn't Ruby at least not until after the investigation…we needed to stay a secret for the sake of my job, Brax he understood that…we just weren't sure if you would so we decided to put on hold telling you" Ruby looked from me to Brax I could see the hurt in her eyes.

"Charlie we tell each other everything, your right I probably would have suggested you come out in the open and let everyone in Summerbay know you guys are together. But if you said no I would have understood. You didn’t trust me and that’s what hurts” I shook my head and placed a hand over hers lucky for me she didn’t pull away.

"I’m so sorry sweetie, I just thought it was for the best, please forgive me? I never meant to hurt you Rubes, I know we tell each other everything please let’s start fresh” I could see deep in Ruby’s eyes that she was thinking and then finally she smiled and let a giggle out.

"So Charlie you and Brax aye?" I giggled to and that was all I needed to reassure me that my daughter was okay. That she was more accepting to the idea then I had originally thought.

I couldn’t believe the time when I glanced at my watch, it was 2:30. Wow we had been here for 2 hours!

I was about to say to everyone that we should probably start thinking about leaving, but Casey suddenly cleared his throat before nodding towards the other side of the room.

I followed Brax’s gaze but all I saw was Heath and a girl. Well she wasn’t just any girl she was beautiful her light brown hair fell to the mid of her back, she was a small slim girl with big brown eyes; you could hear her laugh from the other side of the diner it sounded like bells.

I noticed how Brax’s grasp tightened on my hand and I was starting to feel pain, why was he angry? Was he jealous of the girl Heath was with?

Casey was staring at the girl intently, geez what was with these two boys? And Ruby well she looked confused and a little annoyed about how Casey was staring at the girl.

I watched as Brax looked away and I knew I had to too, surely I wouldn’t want to get caught staring at the girl…but before I could glance away I saw Casey nodded to her and Heath, and while Heath sent a grin our way the girl didn’t even acknowledge Casey she just walked out trailing behind Heath.

"Who was that?" Ruby asked geez she had good timing I was just about to ask that question.

"Nobody really, just one of the Rivergirls we know" Ruby looked at me and I could see the curiosity hidden deep in her eyes.

"Really? I always thought it was just the Riverboys" I said, Brax shrugged and looked at Casey, not saying a word. This only made me and Ruby more curious…why didn't they want to tell us who she is?


Please Leave A Comment, for feedback! :)

Next chapter: Will Charlie and Ruby find out who the girl is?

Or will secrets stay secrets?

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I saw some of your replies, so I thought I would upload the second chapter:) Hope you like it.



When I looked over into the mirror I smiled to myself I was finally finished getting ready, I know what you’re thinking why did I have to get dressed up for the Braxton’s…I don’t know I just thought I should look nice after all I saw the way Casey looked at that girl in the diner and I didn’t I want him to notice her…just me!

My dress consists of 3 colours; I am one of those girls who doesn’t like to wear just one colour I like to mix it up. So anyway my dress is grey, purple and yellow…it ended just above my knee like I said I wanted to look nice but it wasn’t too fancy. I put on some gold sandals that matched the dress perfectly, before slipping my gold headband into my hair…wow I was looking hot! I left my hair down and wavy…Casey thought that girl was hot and she had wavy hair so I decided that’s what I would have my hair look like. Great I was all done…I looked over to check the time, oh crap! 6:30 already I quickly grabbed my bag and walked out into the lounge where I saw Charlie and she stunned me, she was beautiful…and she was my mother.

"Hey there Rubes, what do you think?" I looked at Charlie, she wore a white top which hugged her body, with the white top she wore dark blue skinny jeans which complemented the top really well and then finally she wore brown knee high boots she looked like my sister…not my mother.

"Charlie you look great, Brax did the right thing choosing you" She smiled at me.

"Thanks Ruby, you look fantastic. Come on I will grab my bag and we will get going" I nodded and we headed out.

While we were in the car I couldn't help but think about that girl earlier I was certain the Braxton brothers were lying to us and I really wanted to find out the truth.

"Hey Charles" My mother glanced at me for a second encouraging me to keep talking. "I was thinking maybe we should ask the guys about that girl again, I just can't shake the feeling that she is someone important…oh and the way Casey was looking at her I hated it!"

"I agree Rubes, but we can't force them to tell us...I know you did sweetie but Casey loves you remember that okay" I knew that in my head, but I so badly wanted to know.

"Yeah but we are there girlfriends they should be able to tell us everything, yeah I will Charlie I know he loves me" Charlie sighed.

"That's the thing Ruby, just because we think they should be able to tell us everything doesn't make it so. Maybe this is a hard subject for them" I laughed and Charlie frowned.

"It can't be that hard she was with Heath after all and they looked like they were having fun" Charlie shrugged.

"I don't know Ruby, but promise me you will wait until they decide they want to tell us" I nodded.

"Yeah Charlie I promise" My mother and I got out of the car and headed up onto the front porch of the Braxton house.



I sat on the couch watching some program on the tv, I wasn't even interested in. Brax was in the kitchen cooking, Heath was out the back, and Olivia was in her room. Oh **** that reminds me Ruby and Charlie were going to be here soon and Olivia needed to go out.

"Olivia" I called through the house, I swear I could hear her groan and she eventually appeared in the doorway of the lounge room.

"Yeah" She asked looking at me, I switched the tv off.

"You need to get going" I could see her annoyance, I knew she hated having to leave but there was nothing I could do about it, we have had many arguments about her always having to leave.

"Yeah alright, bye" I nodded and she kissed my cheek, before grabbing her jacket and heading out the back door.

I could tell it was good timing because less than 5 minutes later the doorbell rang and it could only be two people the Buckton girls.

"Case could you get that" Brax yelled through the house, who else would get it? I thought to myself as I opened the door with a girl smile.

"Hey girls" I said smiling; I pulled Ruby into a hug.

"Hi Casey, how are you? Could you please point me in the direction of your older brother" I nodded.

"I am good Charlie, I will take you to Brax in a minute I will give you a tour first if you like. Since now you and Brax are officially dating I thought you would be spending more time here" I swear I heard Ruby giggle and Charlie blush.

"Yeah I tour sounds great"

"Alright now last but not least the bedrooms, that's Brax's. Charlie you might want to get to know that one" I said pointing to the master room and chuckling, Ruby giggled and Charlie blushed again. "That one's Heath's" I said nodding to the one beside it. "And this one is mine" Ruby smiled and pointed to the one behind me.

"What's in there? You missed that one" I shuttered that was Olivia's.

"That is no ones, it's just for guests" Both girls nodded, um that was close I thought to myself, I really needed to keep them away from that room, if they find out about Olivia Brax will kill me!



We were all sitting down to dinner and I couldn't get out of my head the way Casey shuttered when we asked him about one of the bedrooms, why would he act like that unless he has something to hide? Did these three brothers have anything to hide?

"So Casey, did Brax give you any rewards for winning the science competition last week?" I asked smiling, I would never admit it but I am very proud of him, he definitely isn't as bad as I made him out to be.

"Yeah he gave me 100 dollars as a gift" I looked over at Brax.

"Really?" I asked smiling, he had taken on the role of being like a father to Casey and I thought he was doing great.

"Yeah sure did, he did earn it after all" Heath scoffed at his and Brax sent him a glare. "Like it or not Heath, Casey has a chance to make something of himself and he is doing well" I could tell Brax was proud but Heath didn't really care.

After talking about the science comp, let's just say we didn't speak much more. But we soon washed up the dishes and went and watched a movie. I smiled as I saw Ruby snuggled up against Casey, I could tell that boy meant a lot to her and I was more accepting towards the idea now more than anyone realised. Heath sat in the recliner texting away; he didn't really care about the movie and was probably organizing some excuse to get out of the house. Typical Heath! I was just as content as Ruby, I was snuggled up against Brax watching a movie as he played with my hair, everything was perfect…that's right I said was…because just then the door banged and in walked that girl from earlier. She didn't look at anyone just dumped her jacket on the table and walked over to Heath, whispering something in his ear.

“Olivia!” Casey yelled surprised. So that’s what her name is!

I turned towards Brax and looked him dead in the eyes, I had had enough and I wanted to know who she was to them and why she just let herself into their house.

"Brax who is that girl?" He looked over at Casey, who nodded and then at Heath…I noticed Heath nod slightly as he grabbed a hold of the girls arm to stop her from walking away.

"Well Charlie and Ruby I would like you to meet Olivia, Olivia is…."

Next Chapter:

* Charlie and Ruby finally find out who the girl is, will they take the news good?

* Or will there be tears all over?

:) Who do you think the girl is?

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Finally had a chance to read these two chapters, very intrigued.I'm thinking Olivia is either their sister or Brax's daughter.Or maybe Heath's daughter, since he's the one that seems to have the connection with her?Looking forward to more.

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