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Reality Bites

Guest smokinace

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title - Reality Bites

type of story - med / long fic

genre - drama

rating - A

Cast - The Walker Family plus a new Riley Dainer

spoilers - no

warnings - language, sexual references, adult themes

plots - A new guy comes to town with a connection to the Walker family.


Colleen watched in disgust as a guy she didn't recognize flicked ash from his cigarette in to the empty tips jar in the diner.

"You can't smoke in here" Colleen snapped

"Well, why do have an ashtray?" the guy asked

"It's not an ashtray it's a tips jar? she replied

"This is a tip jar, then why is it empty?" he asked her

"It wasn't 10 minutes ago" she said angrily

The guy blew a smoke ring in her face and put his threw his cigarette in the coffee she was holding.

"Well, it looks like i'm mistaken" he said

"I think you should go" Colleen snapped

"Well before i do can you tell me where i can find Sid Walker?" he asked


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I like Colleen standing up to this man. She really meant business. :)

I'm very interested to see where you take this. And who the man is.

Please update soon. This looks like it could get interesting! :)

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Sid sat on the verander reading the newspaper, he looked up when he heard the step creak and saw a tall dark haired good looking boy standing there carrying a backpack on his back

"Ah, can i help you?" Sid asked

The guy just stood staring for a while before speakling

"Um, are you Sid Walker?" he asked

"Yeah that's me, something i can help with?" Sid replied

"You can start by telling why you left" the boy said

Sid frowned

"I'm sorry have we ever met?" Sid asked

The boy wiped a tear out of his eye then laughed sarcasticly.

"You know, i came here because i thought mum was lying but she was right you are a total jerk" The boy said angrily

"Your mu... i have no idea who you are, what's your name?" Sid said grabbed his arm as he turned to walk away.

"Riley" The boy said

"Do you have a last name?" Sid asked

"Dainer" Riley replied

"Oh" Sid replied


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"Take a seat, make yourself at home" Sid said to Riley after inviting him in

"No thanks, i just wanna know why you left" Riley replied

"I was a different person back then, i was young and didn't want kids" Sid told him

"Mum blamed me" Riley told him

"What do you mean?" Sid asked

"For you leaving, she even cut my wrist, see" he said holding in arm out

"Jill did this?" Sid asked

"Yeah, she changed completly after you left"

"Do you have anywhere to stay? because you're welcome to stay here" Sid said

"No, it's way too late to play happy families, i just wanted see who you were" Riley told him


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