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The Ties That Bind (by mizziette) - comments


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Omg such an amazing beginning!

I can already tell this is going to be a great fic!

Wow Chery is just so horrible!

The hatred that is within that woman amazes me! It's as if she believes that nothing good happens in live and nothing seems to change that! Not even her three boys!

Heath sounds really adorable in this chapter in his school uniform!

I can totally imagine his unimpressed look at the thought of school!

Poor Brax, he really does seem to suffer the brunt of everything that happens in the household!

Being the oldest I suppose he sees it - and events like parents separating cause kids to grow up faster, which apears to have happened to Brax!

It's so sad that he sees his mother the way she is - no child should be subjected to such a horrible thing! :(

Looking forward to the next chapter! :D

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Wow, I'm loving this so far. I'm glad that Brax is looking out for his brothers because I don't think Cheryl can, even if she wanted too!

Great start. Your writing is just amazing.

Looking forward to more. Please update soon :)

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My God, their lives are an absolute horror, aren't they?!

Thank God Brax is able to deal with it all and take care of his brothers! It will no doubt catch up with him though when he's older...:unsure:

Another amazing chapter miziette!

This is a really great fic!

I love reading about the history of the RB's!

It's fascinating!

Can't wait for the next chapter! :wink:

Edited by LauraPhilly!!
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