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No Regrets

Guest LauraPhilly!!

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Story Title: No Regrets

Type of Story: One Shot

Main Characters: Charlie and Brax

BTTB Rating: G/T

Genre: General

Does this story contain spoilers?: No

Any warning: No

Summary: It's a typical day where Brax comes to pick the children up for their day out with him. Charlie recalls the events that led to their relationship being the way it is today.

Dedication: This One Shot is dedicated to Zetti as a massive thank you for the gorgeous Brax av that she made me! Love you so much darling, thank you so much! :wub:


Charlie looked up from the newspaper as she heard the doorbell ring.

"Lizzie, Harry, your father's here," she called up the stairs.

Opening the front door, Charlie smiled politely as she saw Brax standing in the porch, his hands in his pockets, holding that relaxed pose that he always did.

He returned Charlie's polite smile. "Are the kids ready?"

"Yeah they're just coming down now," she said, walking back into the kitchen as he stepped into the hall, closing the door behind him. "How's the restaurant?"

Brax sighed, shaking his head.

"The economy has really hit us bad," he said, sighing heavily. "People are just not going to restaurants anymore! If I try and lower our prices any further, we'll make a loss!"

"Oh that's a shame," said Charlie.

Brax raised his eyebrows at the faint sound of concern in her voice. He caught her eye for a brief moment before they both looked away uncomfortably.

"So…um, how's David?"

"He's good thanks," said Charlie, trying to find something to do. "We just celebrated our anniversary actually."

Brax nodded. "Yeah…I remember."

The two shared an awkward glance. They both remembered that day and that argument. Charlie and Brax had had bad arguments before, but this had been the worst of them all. Both had said things that they regretted afterwards and before Charlie knew it, she had packed the kids bags and left.

Then, not long after their divorce, Charlie met David. He was completely different to Brax, which refreshed Charlie. The kids loved him and thought of him as a second Dad. They had not been going out long when David proposed, but Charlie, looking for stability in her life and her children's life, immediately said yes.

The big day came quickly and, as Charlie expected, Brax made an appearance. The two didn't exchange words but Brax's feelings for Charlie were clearly painted on his face. But Charlie nonetheless went ahead with the wedding, and now a definite awkwardness existed between Charlie and Brax. Neither registered it but they knew it was there.

They both looked up as Lizzie and Harry bounded down the stairs.

"Daddy!" cried Lizzie happily as she jumped into Brax's arms.

"Hey guys," he said, smiling at them both widely, and ruffling Harry's hair. "Are you both ready to go?"

"Absolutely," said Harry, grabbing his jacket from the banister.

Charlie smiled as she saw her children's happy faces. It was not often that they saw their father so when they did it made their day!

"Mummy we'll be back later," said Lizzie, waving at Charlie with one hand as she held Brax's hand in the other.

"Bye sweety," she said, blowing her a kiss.

Before he left, Harry paused and walked over to his mother. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he laid his head against her chest and hugged her tightly. Charlie laid her hand on her son's head, leaned down and kissed him gently.

Harry was the quieter of Charlie and Brax's two children, and he had witnessed, unbeknownst to his parents, many of the arguments that Charlie and Brax had engaged in before the divorce.

Now, as a result, he was always protective of his mother, determined to never see her cry again the way she did back then.

"I love you," he said earnestly as he released his arms from around his mother's waist.

Charlie smiled and placed both her hands on either side of his cheeks. "You have a good day alright," she said. "And don't worry about me; I'll be here when you get back."

Harry smiled and Charlie kissed him on the forehead before shooing him away.

As they watched their children running out to the car, Charlie and Brax paused at the porch.

"Have a nice day," said Charlie, smiling at him.

Brax nodded and walked towards the car. Making sure that the kids were belted, he sat into the front seat.

As the car drove out of the driveway, Brax looked as Charlie as he passed.

Charlie leaned against the doorframe, watching as the car drove away into the distance. She was sad that things had never worked out between her and Brax but she believed that it had all happened for the best. Charlie and Brax were, individually, too high spirited for them to ever truly work as a couple. And now, with two young children to think of, their needs had to come first. Lizzie and Harry needed as much stability in their lives as possible and Charlie didn't know whether Brax could offer that kind of stability.

As she closed the door and walked into the kitchen, she passed an old collection of photos on the wall. Most of them were of the children, but a few were of Charlie and Brax in happier times. Charlie smiled as she looked at them, remembering the feeling of Brax's arms around her. She remembered the warmth and safety that she felt within them.

But those pictures had been taken many years ago and naturally things had changed. Charlie never once regretted marrying David. He was calm and collected, exactly the kind of man Charlie needed in her life. He loved her children, and never once complained with Charlie's decision to not have any more children. Charlie had questioned this decision time and time again before realising that it was made on the basis of her forever remaining feelings for Brax.

She had moved on, yes, but she wanted there to be one thing that she exclusively shared with him; their children. As they ran around the house, laughing and screaming, Brax lived and breathed within them and just having that small part of him around was comfort enough for Charlie.

She would never have children with David. No. She would save that right exclusively for Brax.


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