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Guest JosieTash

Fri 3 June 2011 – Episode # 5310

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Not Looking Forward To That Conversation With Ruby “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 3 June 2011 – Episode # 5310 ]


Nic awakes from lying ion the couch. She is stressed, and is even moreso when Maz exits the house when George in her arms.

Nic tells Angelo that she’s been having that dream [described above [ often and that she is worried bout the baby. Talk turns to angle – he can’t bail from hospital just yet, but both are looking fwd to him bailing from here.


Indi & Dex chat before that approach Romeo, who tells Indi that he’s been to busy to call her recently. When she asks why, he sys the he has to be somewhere. He bails, and Dex comments on the awkwardness.


Maz & Sid clash bout Romeo’s illness and how Sid won’t directly tell Indi. George is crying by they ignore him till Nic arrives and tells them that he is.


Elijah & Miles chat bout how Elijah tire to talk to Romeo bout seeing a Dr, but all Romeo went to talk bout was Indi’s dad. Romeo sents the room – telling that that he’s going to see a Dr. Romeo bails.


Romeo is surprised when Sid calls him in as nest patient. Romeo tell him ta he has an appointment with a female Dr, but Sid tells her at she is off work sick. Romeo enters the treatment room but bails monets after.


Nic talk to Maz, insisting she NEEDS to know the baby is totally secure/ that George is Maz & Sid’s TOP priority. Maz assure Nic ta he is.


Roo's phone rings – sand she comets to Irene bout how the person in question is persistent in trying to talk to her.

Sid, Indi & Dex have lunch together. Sid tire to hint once more that Indi should really talk to Romeo, Indi takes offence and storms off, and Dex mimics his siters’ actions.


Dex & Indi arrive and Indi is annoyed at Sid cos of the way he was talking bout Romeo. Maz tells Indi ta they NEED to talk.


Romeo tells Elijah & Miles that he didn't get tested, cos Sid was the Dr. he tells that that Emily has Chlamydia and they insist he NEED to be tested AND to tell Indi. Romeo bails.


Maz tells Indi that Emily has Chlamydia – and that Maz only know cos [although Sid is ethically bound not to tell] it slipped out during a fight with Maz.


Indi talks to Nic bout what’s happened, incl te possibility ta if she has Chlamydia she mightn’t be abo to have kids. Nic tells Indi she doesn’t deserve that – and that Nic deserves something bad to happen to her [cos she gave up her bub].


Dex talk to Maz – as he heard everything that Indi & Maz chatted bout. He comets on how he doesn’t have to worry bout that problem, but Maz tri to assute him that the right girl will come Dex’s way sooner or later. Maz tries to ring Sid again – but gets his msg bank.


Sid checks his phone – notice there’s messages form Maz. He sees Roo –an in plaesed, cos Angelo is about to be discharged.


Romeo arrives, and Indi is there. She wonders why he din't tell her bout Emily etc. he tell her ta until he had tests, didn’t want to worry her. He is awaiting results, and she sluggers he talk to Ruby bout this – and Romeo’s response in my eop title. Romeo gets a phone call.


Nic is surprised when Roo & Angelo arrive, as she would have picked him up from the hopitalm,,but roo tell him at she just happened to be there at right time.


After Indi tell Sid & Maz that she’s been tested and isn’t diseased, Sid & Indi clash over what occurred – esp. Sid not telling g Indio. Sid fires bask at her – insiasts the Romeo should have told her/protected her, and that Romeo is BANNED from this house and that the ‘ship doesn’t have his blessing.


Nic tells Angelo ta she is worried bout George – given how unsettled things are tween Maz &* Sid. Angelo insist ta Nic cant have things both ways – wither raise te bub herself or allow him to be reside by Maz/Sid.


Roo arrives, and is more than a lintel surprised when Miles tell her at someone is her to see her – its Roo old friend, Laura, and is takes a while before Roo hold Laura [who is played by on of my fave actresses, Roxanne Wilson].



Penn’s grandad arrives in the Bay

Angelo sees Charlie & Brax kissing on the restaurant’s security cameras

Nic wants her baby

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Laura Carmody: red top/silver necklace


Nic: white [red floral] top/dark 3/ pants/dark lacy stockings


Indi: hot pink mini dress/dark vest


Angelo: grey singlet

Angelo: white t/grey jacket

Dex: green [dark unknown motif] t

Elijah: apple green polo

George: white jumpsuit/blue beanie

Irene: yellow blouse

Marilyn: black & pink top

Marilyn: purple, green & blue low cut top/aqua earrings

Miles: blue [dark blue shoes] t

Nic: white & orange low cut top/dark necklace

Nurse Sue: purple [white trim] top

Romeo: white singlet/blue & white shorts

Roo: blue & partly white top

Roo: dark top

Sid: dark [Nike logo] t

Sid: dark shirt

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