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The Truth Will Out [Whether We Like It Or Not]

Guest Zetti

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Sorry about the non existent post but anyways here we go! :)

Story Title: The Truth Will Out [Whether We Like It or Not]

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Brax, Charlie, Heath, Casey and Ruby .

BTTB rating: General

Genre: Fluff

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Mild Sexual Content, V/D

Summary: A death in the bay causes Charlie and Brax to reassess their relationship. Will they announce it or not?

The Truth Will Out [Whether We Like It or Not]

Charlie sneaked into Brax's room. She knew it was dangerous but she could not resist. She loved the thrill of being sneaky, maybe it was part of her job or maybe it was just because it was Brax? Either way she loved it. She saw Brax sitting on his bed with nothing but boxers on, he put his hand out and she took it.

'I can't stay; I have to go and see Gina about Ruby'

He trailed his fingers up Charlie's arm but she stopped him 'I told you, I can't stay, I have to go'

He grinned… 'Five minutes?'

Charlie groaned as he kissed her neck. She pushed him away 'I wish I could but no, I have to go'. Brax stood up and pulled his jeans on 'Fine, come on, I will see if the coast is clear'.

Charlie grinned as he opened the door, she couldn't help but sneak a look at him, admiring him. She wished she didn't have to leave.

'Come on, it's clear'

Charlie smiled as she kissed him before sneaking out down the hallway, she eased herself out of the back door and ran along the alleyway till she got to the street and then got into her car and drove to the school.

Heath spotted Charlie sneaking out, he shook his head as he watched her get in her car, it was clear that her and Brax had been getting it on. 'So you and the copper then' Heath smirked as Brax came into the kitchen and walked up to the fridge pulling out a beer.

'No idea what you are on about'

'Whatever you say bro, but it will come with consequences' Heath warned.

Brax looked at him 'Keep your mouth zipped.

'As opposed to your trousers?' he replied smirking and chuckling at his own comments; knowing that Brax was getting wound up. He loved winding him up, it was too easy at the moment.

Brax picked up his bottle and walked out not wanting to get into a fight, he knew that now Heath knew, trouble was looming.

It wasn't going to be long before everything came out and he had a messy situation on his hands.

Despite it all he didn't care if it came out as long as he and Charlie were okay. He hated to admit to anyone but he was falling in love with her.


Charlie could hear whispers everywhere, she was curious to find out what was going on but she got a text.

Heath knows. Ring me ASAP. X

'What's going on?' Ruby asked as she followed Charlie into the room.

Leah approached them 'You might want to sit down'

'What's going on?' Charlie asked

'Irene had a heart attack' Leah said as she lost her voice for a few seconds.

Ruby breathed in 'Is she?'

'She passed away a few moments ago'

'At hospital?' Charlie asked being able to find her voice.

Leah nodded. 'It was really sudden, April's there right now and I think Bianca is still in shock.'

'Poor Bianca, she has lost Liam and now Irene'

Charlie realised that she needed air and she needed Brax. 'I might go and get some air, will you be okay?' she asked Ruby.

She nodded. 'I am gonna stay here for a bit and then head off home.'

'Okay, if you need me, just call' she kissed Ruby on the forehead and walked out. As soon as she got into her car, she phoned Brax who picked up on the second bell.

'Hey, Heath knows'

'I gathered that much, I need to tell you something, can I meet you somewhere?'

'Sure, Deacons point?'


Charlie had started to cry as she pulled into Deacon's point. She saw Brax sat on the rocks opposite. He realised something was wrong and approached the car as she got out.

'What's wrong?' he asked her. He hated seeing her in pain.

She couldn't say anything and was so glad when he held her.

'What's wrong?'

'Irene passed away'

Brax was visibly shocked. 'How?' he asked a few moments later once Charlie's breathing had gone back to her normal breath.

'A heart attack, we never thought it would happen to her, I mean she is healthy'

Brax looked at her. 'I know she is the poster girl for being healthy' he agreed.

'It scares me to know that it could just happen so suddenly'

Brax sighed and hugged her again. She whispered into his chest 'We need to tell people'

'Are you sure?' he asked as she hugged him closer to her.

'Yes, I don't want to lose you but I don't want to lie to people anymore, it is not fair on them or anyone else'

'I know, so how are we doing this?'

'Let's just tell Ruby and Casey first before anything else' she said.


Ruby and Casey sat on the sofa of the Braxton house. 'Do you know why we are here?'

'No, Brax just ordered me home'

Ruby was about to respond when Charlie and Brax walked in. 'Ah, you are here then'

'What's going on?' Casey asked crossing his arms across his chest, raising his eyebrows at them both.

'We both need to tell you something' Brax said as he breathed in, he still wasn't convinced that telling Ruby and Casey together was a good idea but Charlie didn't want to do it twice over so he agreed.

'Or rather, show you something' Charlie said causing Ruby to frown and look at Casey but when she looked back at Charlie and Brax, they didn't realise at first that they were holding hands.

'hold on?' Casey asked a few seconds later pointing his finger at Brax and then at Charlie, and back again.

'Are you two…?'

Ruby looked at Casey; she didn't actually believe it at first. 'Charlie?'

'It's true'

'How long?'

'For a while now' Brax said 'It's just been a secret, at first neither of us were sure if it was going to go anywhere'

'And now?' Casey asked allowing himself time to take in the news that his brother was dating his girlfriends mother, it just sounded like a bad news article, surely there had to be a line drawn but he didn't have time to ponder it.

'Its serious' Charlie said as Brax looked at her reassuringly, he wasn't going anywhere and he had no intention of letting her go out of his life either.

The two people that they cared about knew, and had sort of accepted it, the rest would either love or hate it, and they didn't actually care at that point, because they had each other.



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