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Guest JosieTash

Mon 30 May 2011 – Episode # 5306

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Brodie Discovers Brax’s Secret “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 30 May 2011 – Episode # 5306 ]


Sid tells Nic that cos Angelo is out of his coma, they transferred him to this hospital [from the city one]. Nic enters Angelo’s room and both are REALLY pales to se the other. Charlie arrives- she wants to ask Angelo some questions.


Heath sees Bianca siting on her own. He badmouths Liam, whish Bianca gets quite annoyed bout.


Angelo tells Charlie that he doesn’t remember anything bout what happened to him out on the bush, but when Charlie bails, Nic realise that he DOES remember, and want to find out all he can bout what the River Boys are up to.


NEXT DAY – Dex tries to talk top Sid, just an everyday chat, but gets nowhere, Dex soon finds out what Sid is in the mood he’s in – when Indi & Sid clash. Sid insists t he was going top the boat yestrday to apologise top Romeo. Indi suggest that they invite Romeo over for lunch – yo prove the hatchet is buried so to speak.


Romeo talks to Miles – telling him that he’s having issues fright now with a certain private part of his bod. The phone rings – its Indi, inviting Romeo over for lunch.


Sid tells Angelo that they arte going to keep him in for obs for another few hours.

Nurse Julie then tells Sid bout his next patient, Brodie, who’s suffering form abdo pains. Brodie doesn’t same to like the Sid seems to be taking his condition lightly.


Heath suggests to Boca that they go out together. She regrets him, but there seem to be an inkling the she kinda like him.


Nic tells Angelo ta she thinks it’s a bad idea that he’s not gone top the police. When she goes into the corridor, Brodie grabs her – holding a scalpel to her throat the prison guard has his gun pointing at Brodie, but Angelo gets him to p[ut the gun down. Although Nic & Angelo try to capture Brodie themselves, he is able to escape,


Brodie arrive – and wants Brax to get him O/S. Brax suggest at Bride should give himself up. Charlie arrives, and Brax hides Brodie so she doesn’t see him.


Nic & angle talk bout what’s happ[mned. She now has same opinion as Angelo – don’t get police invoilved/teel police what happened before Angelo has knocked unsconscious.


As Charlie talks top Brax, Brodie realise that they are CLOSE.


Sid treats Emily. He tells her since they got to the STI quickly; it won’t be an issue in future. When Sid “suggest”| she tell the ppl she’d slept with bout this, she tells him she got it form Romeo.


Romeo, Maz, Indi, Sid & Dex have a tesne lunch …. Esp. when Sid mentions that he encountered Emily today.


Brodie tells Brax that he wants Brax to personally get him out of tee country or he’ll “spill” bout Charlie/Brax/


Indi talk to Sid bout what happened at lunch – i.e. that he’ll lose Indi or he keeps behaving this way.


Heath sees Bianca and suggest the there’s better way to have fin that to the workout at the gym she joust had.

After Bianca bails, Brax talks to Heath – Brax needs a distraction so Brax can get Brodie past etc the police roadblocks [that Charlie told him bout.] Brax insist t heath ta he doesn’t trust that Brodie won\t talk.



Looks like Charlie & the police are walking into a trap

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Bianca: red polo


Nic: silver mid thigh dress


Nurse Julie: mauve blouse/dark knee dress


Bianca: off white top

Brax: dark t

Brodie: green t

Charlie: police uniform

Dex: olive green [darkly dots] t

Dex: white t/2 tone blue shorts

Emily: purple thin strap top

Heath: dark “oui” singlet/dark [red daig stripes] shorts

Heath: grey [dark motorcycle] singlet

Indi : dark vest/dark grey mid thigh dress

Indi: red [blue check] dress

Marilyn: red jacket/dark low cut dress

Miles: light blue t/denim jeans

Nic: grey [dark dots] thin strap mid thigh dress

Prion Guard: police uniform

Romeo: bleu & white stripes t/grey jacket

Romeo: dark [white stripes] shorts

Sid: dark shirt

Sid: purple [dark stripes] shirt

Watson: police uniform

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