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Realisations (by Zetti) - comments


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OK, Don't get me wrong, I did love the whole thing, but I just have to say first:


He would do anything he could to shield her from the pain that Marilyn would surely enact on her.

... just made the whole fic. Bless him! :wub:

I loved how Angelo & Roo were just so abrupt about the fact she should just keep the baby! LOL.

A wonderful start, Zetti. I can't wait to see where you go with it :)


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Good, a longer fic about Niccelo :lol:

I can see why Marilyn wants the baby, but I don't think she should have Nicole's. She should have another baby from an adoption agency/wherever.

Yes I agree about the line about Angelo doing anything to shield her from the pain, bless him :wub:

Looking forward to more of this Zetti :)

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Amy: :) Thanks! I really am glad you liked it x

Danni02: Thanks so much! x

Carina: Thankies :wub:

Miranda: Thanks hun x

MrsRosetta: Appreciate the comment x

Sarah: Thanks! :)

I appreciate all the comments and readers. I hope to update this again over the weekend :) x

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