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Don't Put Your Face Into Your Hands (by Jen) - comments


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Phew, back to the normal fic without all my silly interference :wink:

It’s good to be a coward, Dex decides.

At this point, I was cross with Dex, but obviously later he redeemed himself.

Dex is not made to be anyone’s hero or knight in shining armour -- which would imply Casey is a princess who needs saving, which is clearly not the case.

Or is he a princess who needs saving? Sounds like he is :wub:

Or, Dex can call him out. Dex can ask Casey what is going on, and why he is apparently not safe in his own house. Casey will probably tell him that it’s none of his business and will insist that Dex stays out of it, and that he saw nothing, and Dex will be forever haunted with the images of Heath’s fist colliding with Casey’s jaw.

“You don’t have to put up with that, you know.” Dex doesn’t know how he’s staying so calm. The ball is in Casey’s court. Dex may not want to get involved, but that doesn’t mean he can’t tell that what is going on is wrong.


Dex seems to perk up a bit. “Well, then we’ll role play.” He’s shifting in the sand so he’s angled towards Casey.

“Are you serious?”

“It’ll be fine,” Dex insists.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Casey says, more to himself that anything as soon as it becomes apparent that Dex is absolutely serious.

“Now, you just be you, so -- perfect! And I’ll be one of your brothers.” Then Dex is slouching forward and messing up his hair with his hand, and the next time Dex opens his mouth to talk, his voice is about an octave lower. “’Sup, Casey.”

Casey snickers, because this whole this is ridiculous. Dex is pretending to be Casey’s brother in an effort to help him become more confident. It’s ludicrous.

“Uh, hi,” Casey finally says, albeit very reluctantly, when Dex appears as though he is not going to be giving up easily.

“D’you wanna talk? ‘Cause, you know. We’re like, brothers.”

“Is that how you think River Boys actually talk?” Casey asks.

Dex rolls his eyes, voice returning to normal. “Breaking character,” he sing-songs and Casey sighs.

Oh I laughed out loud at their role play. Dex trying to be hard and macho. Bless him.

And maybe Dex has always been one for theatrics,

Definitely a friend of Dorothy then....!

“I don’t really do well with confrontation. I tend to just spout facts and quote teen movies and hope I can keep the bullies talking long enough so I can make an escape.”

Again, Dex sums up life for a vast section of teenage society.

“But I can’t just go up to Heath and say, ‘and by the way, you should also know that I’m not exactly a zero on the Kinsey scale’.”

I didn't know what this meant at first, but then I guessed, and its a brilliant way to put it. Dex is intelligent enough to understand and obviously Casey is too.

And there is this tremor in Casey’s voice, that he’s doing his best to hide, but Dex hears it anyway. Casey lets out a strangled sigh, and Dex knows he’s blinking back tears. He doesn’t say anything, though. Just focuses his eyes on the sea, and waits.

Aw... Good for Dex just letting him get over it in his own time.

“Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that we are officially internet famous now. I’m getting Facebook friend requests every minute.”

“Well, we need to celebrate,” Casey suggests.

“Really?” Dex questions.

“Yeah, a party. That’s what normal people do apparently,” Casey replies. “Or so I’ve heard.”

“I’m not normal.”

“Me either.”

Celebrate eh? :wub:

Jen, this is absolutely brilliant, I can't say more :)

All I want to say is that ever since I started reading this fic, I've had that song in my head:

The only one who could ever reach me

Was the son of a preacher man

The only boy who could ever teach me

Was the son of a preacher man

Yes he was, he was, ooh, yes he was

You could substitute 'doctor' for preacher, couldn't you? :wink:

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Oooh this chapter was really good...

I read it before I went to my lecture, I couldnt stop thinking about the beach scene.

I love the fact that Casey went to Dex... that was really cute... :)

I cant wait for next part.

Well done x

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JarlieFanEver - Thank you for reading :).

Red Ranger - Thanks! I think there is this thing where both of them say things out loud before realising the implications of it. Dex is just a candid person, whereas Casey is just a bit more confident that he thinks he is.

Miranda - Ha! Yes. Back to your regularly scheduled fic update. The role playing scene is one of my favourites -- It's also one of the first scenes I had in my head before I started writing this fic. So, there you go. It was all leading up to this point. It's all downhill from here! :lol:

Zetti - <3 Oh, thank you for liking this part.

Carina - *hearts* Thank you. Dex/Casey is happening slowly and surely. At least in this fic it is :P.

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What? :o I'll stop reading shall I? :P

I was asking for that, wasn't I? I'll offer amazing internet cookies if you stick it out to the end :).

Silly, of course I'll stick it out to the end. I'm Reading fan fic at the moment, not Writing, so I won't stop in the middle of this. I have to see if Dex rescues the unhappy 'princess', don't I? :lol: :lol:

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Dex widens his eyes, and finally thanks the Lord for his slightly high-pitched voice. He is playing the innocent baby of the family to a tee.

Teehee I do that as well :wink:

As soon as the car is gone, Indi is out the door. “See ya, Dex. Don’t burn the house down while I’m gone!” she calls rapidly, already calling Romeo on her phone asking him to come and pick her up.

I love this line, it is so realistic as I can imagine it happening in my head! :)

You do a great job of making it seem like normal teen life which is why I love reading it :)

Hope you update soon x

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I loved the whole part about Dex thinking he won't get into trouble for acting 'normal.'

Because it's what 'normal' teenagers do.

It was another brilliant chapter & I've said it before & I'll say it again, Dex's characterisation is perfect.

Well done. I look forward to more.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

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