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Don't Put Your Face Into Your Hands (by Jen) - comments


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Great! Well done.

Just to say publicly (in case you didn't see the dedication I just put in my story) that if it wasn't for your encouragement I wouldn't have posted my story.

But anyway as you know, I like your new story and here's the lines I loved:

But even so, Dex can count the number of “relationships” he’s had on one hand when he’s lost three fingers.
(much laughing)

at the time Dex was still in denial about his inability to fit in with people his own age, so was reduced to this quiet, shadow of his real self with a shaggy haircut.
(very clever :) )

It’s like he has a giant red target painted on his back, and a sign that says “Kick Me”, and there’s not a lot Dex can do about it.
(god, we’ve all been there)

My priorities?

To invest in a good compass in case this happens again. Also, maybe some sort of survival training wouldn’t go astray. Would I get in trouble if I carried a Swiss army knife in my pocket at school?

(fabulous. Its just so what Dex would write)

Dex could already tell with the way he walked side by side with Romeo, that he was destined to be teenage royalty- Dex looks Casey up and down. His shirt is untucked, tie hanging loose around his neck, and his shoelaces are untied. Every bit the stereotypical bad boy.
( I can just imagine Dex looking snooty but curious as he looks him up and down. Good boy Dex and bad boy Casey....)

It would be so simple for Casey to turn and go back, just ignore Dex even said anything, but then he’s staring back at him.
(whatever could be occurring? :lol: ) Edited by Miranda
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Once again, another fic from Jen ... & you always write so amazingly well.

Dex's emotions were actually written so perfectly it was unbelievable. It makes me jealous that you're quite literally a professional when it comes to characterisation.

Brilliant thoughts & feelings & just genuinely, a fantastic start to the fic.

I look forward to more, update soon.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

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Miranda's kind of summed up my feelings. It's just pure and utter brilliance.

So well written and the characterisation of Dex was just so fantastic. I loved it. So much.

Also, yay for more slash in the fandom :P.

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Miranda - Honestly, I probably wouldn't have posted this without you <3.

Zetti - Thank you so much! I hope I don't disappoint :).

Red Ranger 1 - Thanks. I had way too much fun writing that blog. In the first draft it was so much longer and more ridiculous. Dex <3 <3

Carina - You always say such nice things. Thank you. I don't know about "professional characterisation" -- I just have this adoration/obsession with Dex and have no life, thus spend my time writing fanfic.

Luc - Always happy to bring more slash to fandom :P. Thanks for reading!

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