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The Flipside

Guest Miranda

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Story Title: The Flipside

Type of story: One shot.

Main Characters: Indi, Kieran, Heath.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Thoughtful.

Does story include spoilers: No.

Any warnings: No.

Summary: Indi is harrassed by a man, but someone unexpected steps in to save her. I seem to be full of one shots at the moment :blink:

Indi sat on the bench, gazing over the glistening, azure sea below and chewing her sandwich thoughtfully. She was glad her father had moved the family back to Summer Bay. There had been problems of course, but the beauty and relaxed lifestyle made up for those.


She looked up to see Kieran standing nearby and her stomach tightened.

“I just wanted to apologize for scaring you the other night.” He fiddled with his check shirt. She’d never seen him in anything but a check shirt. Country boy.

“I- um- thanks. You really did scare me.”

“I didn’t mean to! I’d never hurt you Indi! I didn’t realise you were so scared.”

“Well- er- I was screaming and trying to run away. That might have given you a clue.” She didn’t feel as brave as she sounded. For once, there was no one else around on the cliff.

“I really like you Indi, I’d never hurt you.” He moved closer and she flinched, heart beating a bit faster. “I still think we’d be good together.”

“No, Kieran! I can’t. I don’t like you in that way.”

“But you don’t know me. Sure I lost my temper when you annoyed me, but if you don’t do that, we’ll get along fine.”

“No, Kieran. I can’t be with someone like that.”

“You’re so beautiful, Indi, I could forgive you anything.” He sat down on the bench and she squirmed away from him. “Come out with me one more time and we’ll get on well, I promise.”

She jumped up, her stomach churning.

“No! I don’t like you and I never will! Didn’t the police tell you to leave me alone?”

He stood up too and moved towards her, holding out his hand. “But Indi-“

“She said no!” said a voice and they turned in surprise.

It was one of the River Boys. Indi was too anxious to remember his name. It wasn’t Casey, obviously, or Brax, but he did look familiar-

“This is a private conversation.” Kieran stepped towards him and Indi suddenly remembered his name was Heath.

“But she said no, mate.” Heath glared at him.

“It’s none of your business, so get lost. Mate.”

They squared up to each other and Heath pushed him. Kieran lost his balance on the dry, yellow grass and he backed away.

“I’ll text you.” He walked off angrily.

Indi shuddered and turned to Heath.

“Thanks for that. He’s a creep.”

He shrugged.

“S’alright, blondie.”

“I’m Indi.”

“Whatever. I’ll walk you back home if you like. In case he’s hanging around.”

“Oh- no- it’s okay, I’ll be fine.”

“Whatever.” He strode off, towards his appointment.

“Heath!” She ran after him. “Why did you help me?”

He stopped. “You’re a nice girl, Indi, not some skank. You shouldn’t get involved with lowlifes like him.”

She gazed at him, still confused.

He didn’t tell her how his dad had treated his mum. She’d tried so hard to get everything right and make no mistakes, but he always found fault with some little thing and bashed her. He didn’t tell Indi how his mum had been so nice once, but she couldn’t take the violence. She’d turned to drugs and drink and become the mess she was now.

“Well, thanks anyway,” said Indi. “See you around.” She smiled.

“See ya.” He walked away, wondering what his feelings were. It was strange helping someone without having an ulterior motive.


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