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The Rominator (by Miranda and JosieTash) - comments


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Trust me, this won't be anything like the normal Terminator films :P VJ is the only candidate to be John Connor in Terminator 2, you see... (she explained to the non sci fi geek) :wink:

Ah! :) Well even so, I will be reading it throughtout :D

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GREAT opening chapter!!!!! …. especially ….

“Why are you talking in that stupid accent? This is AustRALia, not Austria.” ……and ….

“Be careful!!” called Indi. “He might be the love em and leave em type!”

Morag’s reaction to the R101 was ACE !!!

Love the way you’ve blended H&A & Terminator !!!! ........

...... and i'll be posting Part 2 TOMORROW !!!!

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Oh hahahahaha! You mad man! In a good way I mean :)

I'm just going out but I'll be back to comment later :)

Right. I can't help wondering if this is what really went on between Ruby and Romeo on That Night :lol: :lol:

I think we will be turning this into Carry On Terminator, but that is fine by me.

Now you've left me with a fight between Heath and Romeo, hm, where can I go with that? :lol:

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