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A Time To Love

Guest Zetti

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Story Title: A Time to Love

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Aden, Belle and OC’s

BTTB rating: Teen/Adult

Genre: Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (DR, SC, L, V/D)

Summary: Aden and Belle have 2 children but problems arise, can they get back to where they were?

Chapter One

They admired the view of the beach, it looked exactly the same it had when they left for university, and they had always had plans to come back when they were on vacation but they never actually did come back.

‘It looks the same, nothing has changed, not really’ Belle commented as they drove past the beach.

‘I know, I can’t believe that we haven’t been here for 3 years’

‘Same, I mean, we can’t exactly excuse it can we?’

Belle smiled ‘Not really but we can just use the classic excuse that we were busy with uni’

Aden smiled ‘well you were hardly the model student’ he said knowing that Belle was going to slap him on the head and true to form that is exactly what she did.

‘Ow’ he said rubbing his head but with a grin on his face.

She smiled as he parked the car and got out. She opened the door and then closed it.

She walked towards the beach admiring the view as Aden came around and placed his hands around her waist, resting his head on her shoulders.

‘It’s beautiful’

‘It’s hard to believe nothing has changed’ she said again

‘I know, but we’re back, that is what counts’

‘Exactly, it was nice of Roman to give us his flat.’

Aden laughed ‘he didn’t exactly need to be forced into giving it to us’

‘I know’

‘Come on, we will go to the diner and let them know we are back’

Belle grimaced ‘Irene isn’t going to be chuffed’

‘We will get through it together babe’


3 years earlier

Belle still had the image of Irene’s face when she told her that she was leaving the bay.

‘You’re leaving?’

‘I have to, Aden has the opportunity to do something for himself, and I want to be with him’

Irene looked at her with her deep hazel eyes ‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, I have been accepted into the university so I can do my degree and still be with him at the same time.’

Irene didn’t answer her as she sat down at the table where Belle sat. ‘You have just got so much potential and that wasn’t the university where you wanted to go’

‘I want to go where my heart is, and he is that’ she admitted

‘No, you can say that, but this isn’t what you want’ she said

‘I just want you to know, that I love you and that whatever happens, I wont forget you’ she said as tears started to fall out of her eyes.

Belle got up with her eyes feeling heavy but Irene didn’t move. Belle was surprised that Irene was holding up so much resistance to her move.

‘I know you don’t approve but I hope one day that you realise that I love him, we’ve both been through so much, and I don’t want to spend more time away from him.’

Irene just stood up and said ‘If you leave, that’s fine but I can’t give you my blessing, you deserve the best, and all Aden has given you is heartache’

‘I know but I am no angel, I hurt him so badly when I got with Angelo so soon after him, I was thoughtless’

Irene disagreed ‘You were human; he can’t blame you for that’

‘He doesn’t, despite it all, none of us wants to dwell on the past, the future is what I am concentrating, and my future is with him.’

Irene shook her head and walked away from her, she didn’t want to say anything else that she might regret but she didn’t agree with Belle’s decision to leave the Bay with Aden.

Irene couldn’t deny that Belle loved him because it was her who had to pick up the pieces when Aden had reduced her to tears.

Belle took one last look at Irene but Irene had her back to her and she didn’t look like she was budging neither.

‘Babe?’ she heard Aden call

‘Coming.’ She said not moving her eyes away from Irene and after a few moments, she moved her eyes away from Irene and walked to Aden.

‘She didn’t take it well did she?’

‘She all but disowned me’ she admitted with tears in her eyes.

Aden pulled her in towards him and Belle sniffed into his chest. She loved him and she had hoped that Irene would see that but evidently she didn’t.

‘One day, she will realise that she was wrong’ Aden said gently

‘I know but I don’t want to leave on bad terms but she won’t listen to me, so I guess that’s it’


Present Day

Aden gripped Belle’s hand as they walked into the diner.

‘It’s changed’

‘Still feels like the old diner though’ she commented

‘Yes it does’

Aden noticed that Belle was shaking ‘Hey, you okay?’

‘Sorry, didn’t realise, how hard it would being back ‘

Aden made her sit down.

‘You worried about Irene?

‘Yes, I mean I never came back, what must she think?’

Aden stroked her and squatted down next to her locking her eyes on his.

‘You have nothing to feel guilty about, you tried, and you couldn’t have done more!’

Belle looked into his eyes. ‘I know, I can’t help it’

‘Do you want me to go and order you something?’

Belle didn’t even get a chance to answer as Leah came up to them ‘Hello strangers’

Aden stood up and smiled ‘Hey Leah’

Belle smiled and hugged Leah ‘It’s been a long time’

‘Oh yes, how have you all been?’

‘It’s been a good three years but we missed the bay, nowhere has felt like home as it does here’

Leah nodded ‘True, I have never wanted to go anywhere else’

‘Is Irene here?’ Belle asked after bringing herself up to ask.

Leah looked uneasy but said ‘She’s in the kitchen’

‘Can I?’

‘Of course, just be careful, I don’t think that she is in the best mood at the moment’

Aden squeezed her hands. ‘Do you want me to come with you?’

‘It’s okay; I need to do this for myself’


Belle was very quiet when she walked out of the kitchen ‘Can we go now?’ she asked Aden who was sitting at a table reading the newspaper.

He looked up, it was very clear that Belle had been crying ‘Sure, what happened?’

‘She doesn’t want to know’ her face was red raw and the tears were still flowing.

He pulled her towards him ‘Oh babe’

Aden made her sit down. ‘Wait here. I need to talk to her’

‘No please don’t, I don’t want to make it worse’

‘Relax and calm down, I will only talk, don’t worry’

Belle’s breathing fastened ‘Don’t make it worse, please’

‘I won’t’ he kissed her forehead and strode into the kitchen.



‘Can’t you give her some slack?’

Irene’s shoulder tensed ‘It’s between the two of us, not you’

‘I am her boyfriend; I have been for the past 3 years. Can you see that?’

‘No’ she said simply

‘You will lose her, and as much as you will deny it, you don’t want that’ he said simply and then he walked out.

Aden had so much more to say to her but Belle was his main priority and he wanted to look to the future not have the past dragging them down.


A few weeks later…

Aden was watching Belle put the dishes away. ‘Belle…’

‘Hmm?’ she asked as she finished putting the dishes away.

‘Come sit down, we need to talk’

Belle turned and looked at him. ‘What about?’

‘Come. I will tell you’

Belle looked at Aden quizzically but sat next to him. He took her hands in his. ‘I need to tell you something’ he said carefully

‘Okay’ she said confused

Aden breathed in as he tried to find the words to tell her, this was going to change their lives and he didn’t want so much to change.

‘I have cancer’


Don’t kill me! The next chapter is set 20 years later…

Please comment xx

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Thanks -Carina- I will hold you that :lol:

Here we go with the chapter :) Hope you like it :)

Chapter Two

‘Mum?’ Belle heard her 15 year daughter call her.

‘What is it?’ She asked she put her bag down.

She looked at her sweetly.

‘What is it?’ automatically knowing that she was going to probably say no.

‘There’s a party on Friday’

Belle sighed. ‘We’ve had this conversation several times’

‘Please! There’s gonna be parents there…’ she said hoping to sweeten the deal.

‘Whose parents?’ she asked resigned to the fact that she would have to carry on the conversation.


Belle frowned. She didn’t like Sarah but she hid that from her daughter. ‘I am not sure’

‘Please, you can drive me and pick me up’

‘What time does it start?’


‘Okay, I will drive you and pick you up at half 11’

Holly smiled ‘Thanks mum!’ she skipped off up the stairs with a grin on her face.

Belle still felt uneasy but she had to let her children grow up and make their own mistakes.

Nate walked in ‘Mum. Where’s Holly?’


‘Facebook’ he said

‘Probably, why?’

Nate smiled ‘Well, she wanted to see Dad’

Belle looked at him but didn’t answer at first ‘Well, she’s upstairs’

‘Don’t you want to see him?’

Belle thought about seeing him but it had been so long since he walked out on them, she didn’t think she could control her emotions.

‘I can’t’

Nate looked exactly like his father, with the piercing blue eyes. Belle saw Aden in him every day.

‘Okay, do you want me to say hi on your behalf?’

‘If you want, does he ask about me?’

Nate’s face gave her the answer as it is clouded in sadness.

She nodded ‘it’s okay, I know’

Nate hugged her, he was 17 and had his head screwed on, she was so proud of her children. She loved them so much and she never let them forget that.

‘Go on, get Holly. Don’t be back too late’ she warned

‘Of course not, mum’ he said as he called up the stairs to Holly.

‘He won’t forget you’ Nate said as Holly walked down the stairs.

‘He already has’ Belle admitted

‘Who’s already forgotten?’ Holly asked

‘Don’t worry about, go and have fun’

Holly kissed her mother’s cheek and she ushered them out of the door. She never stepped out because then she would see Aden and after everything, she wasn’t ready for that.


Aden greeted Holly as she got in. ‘Hey darling, you okay?’’

Holly nodded but she was really engrossed by something on her phone.

‘Earth to holly…’ Aden said as he waved his hands in front of her.

‘Sorry. Party prep’ she said simply as she looked at Aden and smiled before concentrating on her phone.

Aden looked at Nate who said ‘I am not going to pretend to understand her’

Aden laughed as Holly smacked Nate around the head. ‘I heard that!’

‘You were meant to’ he said with a grin on his face as Aden turned the engine on and set off.

‘So where we going?’ Holly asked

‘Let’s get something to eat; I need to talk to you both’

‘Fine, but we’re not getting Chinese again’ Holly said with finality

‘Fine, pizza?’

‘Whatever’ Nate shrugged as his phone rang.

‘Hey babe’

‘Nope, am with my dad, what’s up?’

‘Oh. When?’

Aden frowned and looked at him as he pulled into the car park.

‘You should go; you need to be with them.’

‘No don’t worry about that, I mean it’s not gonna be for that long’

‘Hold on, two secs’

He looked at Aden and Holly ‘Do you mind if I bail, I need to go and see Laura’

‘Hold on, I need to talk to you both, can you stay for half an hour?’

Nate looked pained. He hated choosing between his dad and his girlfriend.

‘Okay, right, why don’t you invite her to come with us?’ Holly offered as way of a compromise

‘Hmmm’ Nate said ‘Dad?’

‘Sure, fine by me’



Laura had her head on Nate’s shoulders when Aden came back with the drinks.

‘Here we are’ handing chocolate milkshakes to the girls and giving Nate a Pepsi whilst having lemonade himself.

‘So…’ Holly said trying to defuse the silence

Laura excused herself ‘I am just gonna go to the ladies room’

Nate smiled as she kissed him the cheek.

‘So, what did you want to talk about?’ Nate asked

‘Okay, you know that I have been working a lot in the city’

Both nodded

‘I have been offered a job in London’

Aden gauged their reactions, Nate looked shocked and he couldn’t tell how Holly felt. He knew it was going to shock them.

‘When you going?’

‘In a few days’


Please comment :) x

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Thanks for the comments! :) As long as I have readers, I will continue to update. I apologise if it makes no sense, I was feeling a bit crappy yesterday :)

Chapter 3

Belle had just managed to get off to sleep later on that night when she was awoken by raised voices.

‘She doesn’t want to see you’ Nate hissed as he tried to control his temper

‘Okay, listen, she needs to know’

‘Not like this’

‘Nate’ Belle said as she came down the stairs ‘its okay, goes to bed. I will deal with it and don't talk to your father like that'

Nate wasn’t sure and neither was Holly. It was clear to them that their mother wasn’t ready to deal with everything.

‘Mum?’ holly asked

‘It’s okay, we won’t be long, go to bed, you have school in the morning’

Nate put his hands on her shoulder ‘you sure?’

‘Go on’

Nate and Holly both went up the stairs but crouched at the top so that they could listen in. They wanted to make sure that there was no fighting.

Aden still couldn’t take in how beautiful Belle looked. It had been a year since they separated and he thought about her every day, he could see Belle in the kids but somehow he was still blown away just by looking at her.

‘What did you want?’ she asked shaking him out of his illusion.

‘Sorry, I had to tell you something’

‘And it couldn’t have waited until the morning?’ she asked

‘No, I have to tell you this’

She narrowed her eyes and went ‘go on then’

‘Look maybe we should sit down’

She folded her arms and made no movement.

‘Fine. I am moving’

‘To where?’


Belle looked at him unsure of what he had just said. ‘London?’


‘Right, what about the kids?’

‘I want them to come with me’

Belle frowned ‘No way. I am not letting my kids go halfway across the world’

Aden said ‘I have full custody remember?’

‘It was your idea to let them come back. I am and still am grateful, don’t throw it back in my face’

‘I have no intention of throwing back into your face ‘I love you, you know that, I only ever did to make you see that you needed help’

Nate and Holly looked at each other ‘I hope this doesn’t mean we have to leave?’ she whispered. She was still trying to keep herself up.

Nate looked just as Holly felt. He shrugged and hugged Holly. He had spent so long trying to hold his family together and he didn’t even know how to do it anymore’

Belle closed her eyes ‘Are you seriously going to take the kids’

‘No, I won’t, I don’t want to go anywhere. I told you that’

Belle sighed and sat down on the sofa. Aden took her hands in his. ‘We should have never have broken up’

‘But we did, we can’t ignore the problems we had’

‘Of course not, but we can do something’

‘Like what’ Belle asked

‘Start again’

Holly whispered excitedly ‘I hope they do’

Nate didn’t reply. He wasn’t sure if they could go back to where they were. Too much had happened for that.

‘Kids?’ Belle called ‘Come downstairs’

Aden shook his head and smiled ‘Of course, they were eavesdropping’

‘They got that from you’

‘And the looks’ he quickly added as she looked at the kids’



‘Are we moving?’

Belle looked at Aden who didn’t say anything. ‘It’s up to you. I am staying here. I have the diner and the newspaper’ she hoped that they would refuse. She hated to admit but she needed them with her. She had felt so fragile when Aden left and having the children there was the only thing that made her feel like she could carry on. She was stronger now but she was afraid that if the children left then she might not be able to stay as strong as she was. The children were all she had to keep her going.

Holly looked uncomfortable ‘I don’t want to go. I have all my friends here’

‘I have Laura and my HSC. It’s not ideal Dad’

‘I know which is why I spoke to the courts a few weeks ago’

Belle tensed, when he mentioned courts, she had too many bad memories.



Aden looked at Belle who looked sombre as she looked at the judge willing him to give her custody of their children.

He never wanted to do this but the drugs had taken over her life and she needed a harsh call back to reality.

He loved her and he had never stopped. It was tearing him apart not be with her and holding her but he had to think of the kids. Nate and Holly were his main priority.

‘All rise’

‘Please be seated’ the judge said as she sat down

‘I have reviewed the testimony and the reports put in by both parties. I have made my decision. However I would like to say it is clear that both parties love the children and in a sense, that has made my job harder but I have to place the children in the custody of the person who is best equipped to help them and at the moment that person is Mr Aden Jefferies’

Belle broke down in tears and Nate ran to her. The bailiffs were ready to pull him away but Aden stopped him ‘No, let them say goodbye. They need to’

The bailiff looked at the judge who nodded.

‘I am soo sorry’ Belle sobbed as she held her son and daughter

‘Get better, please’ Holly sobbed as she moved away from her mother into Nate’s arms

‘I will I promise, I will find my way back to you. I promise’

End of Flashback


‘I asked for joint custody’ he said

‘Really?’ she said not really believing

‘I did, I love you, despite it all and I never wanted to lose you or the children’

‘You never lost the kids’ he said ‘I was never going to stop you seeing them ever, you just needed to get yourself into rehab’

‘In a way I did. I wanted to be with you as well as the kids’

Nate and Holly excused themselves and went up the stairs. They didn’t bother stopping, they just ended up in Nate’s room.

‘Do you think they will get together?’

‘I don’t know Holly. So much has happened’

‘But they both love each other’

‘It’s never that simple’ he said vaguely

‘What do you know that I don’t?’

‘Nothing’ he said quickly

Holly wasn’t convinced but she didn’t have time to question him as their parents walked in.

‘We’ve been talking’ Belle said

‘And I am going to London, for 3 weeks.’

‘Okay’ Holly said ‘and then what?’

Holly was getting more and more confused about what exactly was going on. ‘I am confused, before you said, you were moving and now you are going for 3 weeks’

‘I spoke to my boss and I decided that I wasn’t going to take you away from your mother and that I don’t want to be halfway across the world.

‘What does that mean’ Nate asked unsure of what implications this would have on himself and his mother. Holly didn’t seem to be affected by anything but then again, Holly hid everything really well.

‘I am going to London for 3 weeks and then I will be back. Nothing has to change.’

Belle looked sad when he said that. Aden and Holly didn’t notice but Nate had seen the forlorn look in her eyes. He hated the pain his mother was going through; he wished he could ease the pain


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Thanks again for the awesome comments :) Here we go :D Please comment x

Chapter 4

2 days later...

‘Just talk to him, stressing out isn’t doing you any good is it?’ Laura urged Nate.

‘What am I meant to say?’

‘That your mum is struggling’

She placed her hands on his face ‘There is no weakness in asking for help. We’re all human’

‘I know. I just hate seeing my mother so bad. I don’t want her to end up back where she was’

Laura sat on the bed and pulled him down so he sat next to her. ‘Ring your dad now’ she handed him the phone.

He shook his head but Laura thrust the phone at him ‘Ring him’

‘Fine’ he breathed and took the phone. He looked at it for a few seconds and then dialled his father’s number

‘Hello?’ he heard his father answer


‘Nate, you okay?’

‘Yep, but Mum isn’t’

He heard his father say in a concerned voice ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Well. The past few weeks, she’s been really sad and miserable, and she cries herself to sleep, she tries to hide but I can hear every night’


‘I think she misses you’

‘Oh Nate’ he said wishing he could be there’

‘I know, can you talk to her. I don’t think she can cope any more’

Aden sighed. ‘How long have you been keeping this to yourself?’

‘About 2 months’

‘2 months’ he gasped in shock ‘You should have told me before’ Aden knew that Belle was struggling because he could see it in her eyes. He felt the same but he didn’t realise that it had been going on for so long; he never wanted to hurt her. He loved her.

‘Sorry. I didn’t know what to do’ Nate said not able to hide his sadness and tears fell out of his eyes. Laura squeezed his hands and put her head on his shoulders and arms around his waist.

‘Oh mate, it’s not your fault’ he said as he thought to himself. Its mine…

‘What are we going to do?’

‘I’ he placed the emphasis on the I. ‘will talk to her, despite everything, the three of you mean the world to me’

‘Does that mean there is a chance?’ he had his doubts but underneath it all, he wanted his parents together as it was obvious, they hated being apart.

‘There is… but don’t say anything. I don’t think it is a good idea if your mum knows yet.’

‘Okay… when’s your flight?’

‘Tomorrow morning’

‘So are you going to talk to mum today?’

‘I will come over with some pizzas in a while’

‘Alright, see you later then’

‘See you. Nate?’


‘Next time, please tell me straightaway’ he said firmly but he meant it in a caring way, he loved his son. He just wanted

‘I will, thanks dad’

‘Bye son’

He hung the phone and lay back on the bed. Laura lay next to him propping herself up on her elbow. ‘What did he say?’

‘He’s going to come over and talk to her’

Laura was about to respond when her phone beeped ‘Aargh’

‘What?’ he said forgetting for a moment about his family.

‘Dad’ she said

‘He still wants you to go’

‘Yep, I want to stay here’ she crossed her legs and sat on the bed. Nate pulled himself up and looked at her ‘What’s so bad about going to New Zealand for a few weeks?’

‘Nothing, it’s just I don’t want to leave you’

‘I will be fine… you should go, I will be here when you get back’

‘I know’ she said vaguely

‘What are you not telling me?’

Laura closed her eyes. She couldn’t tell him. He was already so fragile with his family, this would just break him. He didn’t deserve to get hurt.

‘What is it?’ he asked gently

‘Oh god’ she said

‘Babe?’ he said ‘You’re scaring me now’

‘I… going to New Zealand is a permanent move’ she whispered as the tears fell

Nate didn’t quite know how to take that. He just saw his girlfriend in so much pain. He did the only thing he could think of which was to hold. He rocked back and forwards as she cried all her tears.

She sniffled. ‘Sorry, am such a mess’

He wiped away one of the tears on her cheek and kissed her. He didn’t know what to say to her.

‘I am going to New Zealand’ she mumbled a few moments later.

‘I know you can’t not be with your family’ he said sadly with tears brimming at the bottom of his eyes. He blinked in the hope of stopping them falling. It worked but he didn’t know how long he would be able to hold them in.

‘I am sorry; I don’t want it to be over between us’

‘I know, but maybe one day’

‘Maybe, one thing is for sure. I am so glad I met you… you will make someone a good husband one day’

‘Is that your subtle way of saying it’s over?’

‘I leave soon, is there any point in us prolonging it?’ she said as she looked into his eyes.

Nate couldn’t say anything to her so he leant forward and kissed her on the lips ‘I guess not’ he said as they separated away from each other in an awkward way.

‘I love you’ she said as she picked up her things and walked to the door. Nate watched as she opened it but then he got up and made his way over closing the door ‘Don’t go, let’s just enjoy the next few days and then we will see. I can’t bear to lose you’ he said cupping her face, rubbing his thumb over her cheek. He whispered in her ear. ‘I love you too’ both of them had tears rolling down their eyes as they contemplated their last few days together. Laura didn’t want to leave but she didn’t have time to think about it as Nate pushed her back onto the bed and started to kiss her. All thoughts of leaving was pushed out of her head as she kissed him back…


Hope it made sense :) x

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Chapter 5

Nate and Laura walked down the stairs where Holly was sat down. ‘Dad’s here’

‘Already?’ he asked looking at his watch.

‘You knew he was coming?’ she asked.

He sat down next to her, whilst Laura crouched down and then got comfortable next to Nate.

‘I called him’

‘Why?’ she asked with curiosity.

‘Mum’s struggling, she needs him. She just won’t admit to herself’

Holly nodded in agreement ‘I hope they don’t argue, I hate it when they argue’

Nate nodded and stepped over to get down the stairs. ‘There’s no point hiding.’ He said as he looked back at his sister and his girlfriend.

‘Ergh… fine’ she huffed as she followed her brother. Laura followed them but she felt really uncomfortable.

Nate walked to the kitchen where he could hear his parents talking. He decided to go into the lounge where they were.

‘Hey dad’

Aden looked up ‘Hey Nate, would you mind going to the diner and getting some food for us all, me and your mum need to talk’ he handed him some cash.


‘Hey Holly and Laura’ he said with a smile.

‘Hey dad’

‘Hi’ she said with a smile.

‘Come on then, you both can keep me company’

‘Fine, but I am not going to walk with you if you both start with the gushiness’

Nate chuckled as Holly grabbed her bag and walked to the door. ‘See you in a bit’

‘Mum? You want the usual?’

‘Please’ she smiled and for the first time, Nate could see that she was happy. He hoped it would stay like this. He looked at his dad but he couldn’t read his expression and he didn’t get the chance to as Holly dragged him out.

Once they had gone, Aden sat down at the table. ‘You should have told me’

Belle longed to touch him as she loved him, suffice it to say she had never stopped, how can you stop loving the person that taught you to love to be nothing but themselves and not worry about others at the same time.

‘That I was struggling’ she said as Aden nodded. ‘What good would it have done, you made it clear that until I was off the drugs then you would not be in my life’

‘I know, but struggling with it means you need help. You have been clean for 6 months, the kids keep saying that you are getting stronger’ Aden said. He could see how much she had changed but she still looked fragile. Deep inside he knew that was because they weren’t together. They had always relied on each other for everything but despite that she was stronger than she gave herself credit for.

‘Why are you here?’ she asked, the question had been playing on her mind for a while now and she wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

‘Well Nate rang’

‘But that isn’t why you are here’ she said as if a light bulb had just been turned on.

‘No it isn’t’ he admitted


‘I miss you and the kids’

Belle didn’t want to be hopeful of a reunion because she wasn’t sure if she could cope if she was wrong.

‘I spend all my time thinking about what you are all doing. How Nate is doing at school and whether Holly’s still bugging you about parties and that.’

Belle smiled ‘I miss you too, but I don’t want something to happen and then you to leave again’ she sniffed not want to cry but feeling like she had no choice.

‘I never wanted to leave in the first place’

‘I know and I never thought I would say this’ she reached over and touched his hand. She was so close to him, she really wanted to get closer but she had to get her thoughts out first ‘but I am glad you got the kids taken away from me. I needed it to get myself back to where I am now’ she urged closer to him. Aden didn’t want to make Belle feel uncomfortable but he couldn’t deny how much he wanted to kiss her.

She looked in his eyes and she saw how much he wanted her. She kissed him on the lips gently but not forcefully as she wanted to see how he reacted. He kissed her back soaking up the feeling that she gave him.

A few moments later they moved apart but Aden stayed close to her face. ‘Wow, I didn’t think that would happen’

‘And now it has?’

‘I don’t know, I have always wanted this to happen but now it has, I don’t know what to say’

Belle sighed as she moved away from him. ‘I don’t want to raise my hopes but is there a chance of us getting back together?’

Aden concentrated on her face, how her jaw framed her lips and how much he wanted to kiss them again.

He nodded. ‘I want to be with you; I have always wanted that, I just had to put the kids first’

‘Always’ she agreed, despite everything Nate and Holly came first. She wouldn’t do anything that would jeopardise them.

‘So where do we go from here?’ she asked him after a few moments of strained silence.

‘I don’t know. I want to be with you but I am going to London tomorrow’

‘Maybe that’s a good thing, we know that we want to be together, maybe you going will mean that we can have some space and then we can tell the kids when you come back?’

‘So, we’re back together?’ he asked allowing himself to breathe and touch Belle’s hands.

She nodded ‘let’s not tell the kids yet, we will wait till you come back.’ She moved towards him and kissed him ‘I love you’

‘I love you too, more than you will ever know’ he said as he lowered his lips towards hers once again.


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Chapter 6

Laura said her goodbyes to Nate as they approached the diner ‘I will call you later’

He nodded. ‘Bye’

She waved at him and then saw Holly ordering at the counter ‘Can I have 2 lasagnes, a shepherd’s pie and…’ she looked at Nate ‘what do you want?’

‘Spag bol’

‘… and spag bol for Nate’

Leah nodded ‘It will be done soon, take a seat, I will bring it over’

Nate sat down. He was thinking about his parents. He didn’t like the secrecy around their conversation, it made him feel uneasy.

‘Relax. Mum is stronger than people think’

‘I know, I can’t help it but worry’

‘They will get back together’ she sounded sure of herself and Nate hoped that they would sort themselves out; he hated having to share his time between them.

Holly smiled ‘They will. They love each other’ she said adamant that she was right

Nate smiled back at her ‘You really think so?’

She nodded as Leah came over ‘Here you go. Say hi to your mum for me’ she smiled

‘Will do thanks.’ Nate got the money out of his pocket but Leah waved it away ‘Its on me, don’t worry’

‘Thanks’ he beamed. ‘Right lets go home and hope for the best’

‘Stop being a pessimist, you are beginning to annoy me’ she said but she couldn’t help but feel negative at the same time. All they wanted was for their family to be back together again but she didn’t want to see her mum destroyed as she was when her dad forced her to get some help by getting custody of both of them.


‘The kids will be back soon’ Belle said as she was snuggled up to Aden on the sofa. He kissed her forehead and she smiled at him.

‘I know. I don’t think we should keep it from them’ he said surprising Belle

‘Really? Isn’t it just harder for them if we tell them? Just saying we’re back together and then you go to London’

‘The reason we split up last time was because we kept secrets. It’s better to be open’

Belle frowned as she looked at his face. ‘Are you sure?’

He nodded ‘Yes, no more secrets’

They heard the kids in the kitchen. Belle and Aden straightened up their clothes and went to join them.

Nate had set the table and Holly was putting the food onto plates.

‘Mmm smells nice’ Belle said as she sat down.

Aden sat opposite and Nate asked ‘So? Did you two talk?’

Holly stopped eating then for a few seconds, Nate had just said what she wanted to know.

‘So nosy’ Belle said to Aden with a grin.

‘That’s all you’ he joked

‘Ha-ha’ she mocked

‘Dad! Mum?!’ Holly said in frustration.

Belle and Aden grinned at each other and took a bite of their food.


Laura sat on her bed, looking at the picture of her and Nate at their first anniversary; it had been nearly 2 years that they were together.

She loved him, he was her life. She looked at the airline ticket and placed the photo in her bedside drawer. She didn’t want anyone to see it or touch it.

It read:

One-way ticket

Destination: Wellington, New Zealand

Time: 07:00

Date: 23rd May 2011

She flinched as the door opened. Her father slipped in. ‘Everyone’s in bed’ he said.

It was times like when Laura cursed herself for choosing the most secluded room in the attic. She looked at him with the same impassive look she always held.

He got on the bed and stroked her leg. Laura just sat there, she knew he wasn’t going to touch her that night because her mother was only in the other room but she knew it was on the way because he had the dirty look in his eyes.

‘Later’ he breathed as he locked his eyes on hers ‘I promise’

She felt dirty, she really wanted Nate then but she had to be strong, she had lost him and her Dad was never going to stop. She knew what to do to ease the pain, she had to do, and she needed to release the pain.

She reached to the bedside cabinet and instead of getting out the photo, she got out a razor.

She pulled up her sleeve and traced her finger over a healing scar; it had been about 2 years ago when she last harmed herself.

Nate had given her self-worth back but now she was going to lose him, she had nothing left to care about and so she lowered the razor to her skin and cut herself.

As soon as she felt the razor touch her skin, she didn’t feel any pain, she felt relief, she watched as the blood fell onto the bed, staining the bed with the blood, like her father had stained her life.

It made her feel better as she lay on the bed letting the blood flow, she cried herself to sleep.


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And here it is :)

Chapter 7

‘Okay, fine, we talked, cried and made a decision’ Belle said as she moved her hands to rest on top of Aden’s

Holly began to grin. ‘Are you?’

They nodded. Nate breathed a sigh of relief. ‘About time’

‘Okay, now let’s eat’

‘Hold on’ Holly said interrupting just as Nate was about to take his first bite. His stomach rumbled in annoyance.

Aden laughed and then stopped when he saw his daughter glare at him. ‘Sorry’

‘Are you still going to London?’

‘Yes, for 3 weeks’

‘And then what?’

‘We don’t know yet. Let’s just see once I get back’

Belle agreed ‘Yes, let’s just see what happens’

Holly smiled. ‘Okay’ she looked at Nate ‘You can eat now’

‘My stomach thanks you’ he said whilst Aden started laughing again. He had missed this banter. He was glad that they were all happy though.

Time passed and the time came for Aden to leave. ‘Why don’t you stay here tonight?’ Belle asked

‘My flights at 8am, I don’t want to disturb you all. Besides all my stuff is there’ he said. He looked at her ‘I will ring you as soon as I land, I promise’

‘Okay. I am going to miss you’

He kissed her nose ‘I will miss you too, but it’s not for that long’

‘Dad!’ Holly called


‘Can you bring me back a few things?’

Belle laughed ‘Oh, of course, a few things. You will need at least 5 more suitcases just for her things’

He put his hands around her waist ‘Well… she gets it from you’

‘I know and you love it’

‘I do’ he admitted as he kissed her on the cheek.

‘Whoa’ she said as Holly walked up to them with two A4 sides of paper.

‘Okay’ she looked at Aden. ‘You’re not going to have any cash left once she’s finished with you’ she said getting a glare from Holly and Nate started laughing.

‘I don’t think I will neither’ he laughed. He took the papers. ‘I better go’

‘Make sure I get everything’ she said as she walked to the stairs.

He waved goodbye to her and Nate who just shook his head and went back to watching television.

‘Go, before I start blubbering’

He kissed her again and smiled before walking away. He turned a few moments later and said ‘I love you’

‘I love you too’

For the first time in a long time, they both had found their way back to each other.


Belle finally managed to get off to sleep about 2am that night.

She had Aden’s kiss on her mind. She was glad that they were back together, it didn’t feel real though.

She doubted it would until he moved back in with her and she could wake up with him by her side.

She thought back to the day when Aden found her and she saw the hurt etched onto his face when he saw her so helpless and off her head on drugs.


The next chapter is mostly a flashback :) x

Please comment and enjoy -_-

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The whole chapter is a flashback and it is quite short but I hope it is effective.

Warning: Mention of drugs

Chapter 8


‘Where is your mother?’ he asked Holly

‘She was upstairs’ Holly replied, she was only 12, she was just getting into high school and she was enjoying everything.

Nate shrugged ‘Don’t know, I haven’t seen her since this afternoon’

Aden frowned, it was now about 5 and she wasn’t around.

He rang her mobile and she picked up on the first ring ‘hey’

‘Where are you?’

‘Hospital. I told you this morning’

Aden frowned for a few seconds but then he remembered ‘Oh yes. I remember now, is everything okay?’

‘I haven’t been in yet’

‘Let me know babe. Do you want me to come?’

‘No you stay with the kids, I will be in there soon anyways’

‘Okay, ring me and I will pick you up, no arguments’ he said when she tried to protest.

‘Okay sure, I will text you soon’

Belle walked into the office.

‘Hi, I am Doctor Wood. Please sit down’ she said with a smile on her face.

‘Thanks, so, how is the little one?’ she asked placing her hands on her stomach.

‘We did some test to find out why you were fainting, and we found out that you aren’t actually pregnant’

She frowned ‘How? I took several tests and the doctor confirmed it’

‘Yes, but the sperm has fertilised an empty egg, it is very rare’

Belle hadn’t taken it in yet. A single lone tear had fallen, she wiped it away. She had to be strong, she had two children at home who really needed her but on one level, she wanted to grieve but there was never a baby, so what was there to grieve?


Belle’s POV

A few weeks later…

It was only meant to be one sleeping pill so I could sleep, but then I just kept taking them.

It was my only chance to shut the world out. My life is my own and yet in some strange perverted way it isn’t?

I can’t even understand it. Laying here on the bed whilst everyone has gone to school and work…

I feel so alone

How can I get rid of this feeling?

I hate this feeling.

I hate feeling so helpless like I can’t hold onto a baby.

Aden’s baby.

The words get caught in the back of my throat. How can I even live with the knowledge that I lost the one thing that Aden wanted.

Another baby.

I wanted this baby as well.

I am so goddamn useless

God know I love my kids but I can’t get away from the feeling that I am useless.

My hands go towards the bottle.

Only one more

I swallow it, and wait…

And... wait…

Nothing happens.

I take one more and another and another until I finally feel myself slipping away. It’s not sleep but it’s not pain…

A few moments later, I can feel someone shaking me.

‘Belle?!’ I heard.

I was too lucid to know who it was but he confirmed it was Aden.

My eyes opened and I saw the horror on his face.

He looked disgusted.

I knew then that he hated me.

I had lost control and he would never forgive me for it.

End of Flashback


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Chapter 9

Belle looked at the clock. It had just turned to 3.33am and she couldn’t stop thinking about everything. She thought to herself; I didn’t know then what I know now and that is the fact that he loves me for me, despite the fact that I wasn’t even pregnant. I had to forgive myself first before I could move on.

Her thoughts got interrupted by a knock on the window. She frowned but she went to look.


‘It’s cold. Let me in please?’

Belle laughed ‘Maybe I should just leave you in there’

‘You wouldn’t?’ he asked but he didn’t look very sure

‘I would what you doing here anyways?’ she asked as she opened the window slightly so that she could see his face more clearly.

‘I want to be with you instead of at home trying to sleep’

Belle smiled at the irony. ‘I couldn’t sleep either’

Aden looked at her; she looked beautiful even when she was in her nightie.

Aden cocked his head. ‘Let me in?’

Belle smiled and opened the window and moved back as he climbed over. He closed the window.

‘You have a flight at 8am… what are you doing here?’

‘My stuff is in the car, I don’t want to spend my last night in Australia for a while away from you and the kids’

She sat on the bed. Aden sat next to her.

‘Shoes off’ she said as she got under the covers.

‘Yes mother!’ he said with a smile.

He looked at Belle who couldn’t help but smile back at him.

He got in next to her. She placed her head on his chest. He placed his arms around her and she snuggled up to him.

Within moments they had both fallen asleep. Nate had come down for a glass of water and he heard someone in his mum’s room.

He smiled when he looked in. He knew that his dad wouldn’t stay away for long.

For the first time in a long time, he could finally stop holding his family together.


Holly placed her bags and books in her locker; she pulled out her economics books and made her way to the classroom.

Sarah was not going to come in today; she wanted to ‘prepare’ for the party. Holly grinned as Kate walked in.

‘So you all prepared?’

‘Yep, I am going to get changed and then I will meet you there’

She smiled ‘and your mother?’

‘She’s going to drive me but Dean said he’ll pick me up and take me to the real location.

Kate smiled ‘and how you going to get out of her picking you up?’

‘Am going to get Nate to pick me up’ Holly said but little did she know, Nate wasn’t going to be around that night, it was his last night with Laura and he wasn’t going to be running around after her.

‘Will he definitely pick you up?’ Kate asked

‘Of course he will’ she said

‘If you are sure’

‘I am!’ Holly said with a smile.

She knew that this party was going to be good, she was so looking forward to it, having a good time with her friends was all that she was thinking about.


Nate was in the lounge, his mother had just gone to work ‘Come on, coast is clear’

Laura came in ‘Are you sure this is okay?’

‘Yes, don’t worry’

Laura looked at him, she still couldn’t believe that he chose her, he could have had anyone that he wanted and yet he chose her.

‘Don’t’ he said

‘Don’t what?’

‘Start doing the whole I am gonna miss you stuff, let’s just enjoy tonight and we can say goodbye tomorrow’ he said with finality in his voice.

He didn’t want to think about losing her, she didn’t think at that moment as she kissed him.

‘Sorry’ she said as they broke apart breathless snuggling up on the sofa.

‘Let’s just enjoy this; you want to watch a DVD?’

She smiled ‘Sure, you choose’

He frowned ‘you sure?’ sensing that something was going on. He knew her too well to know when something was up but he wasn’t sure what.

She looked up and saw his eyes clouded with confusion. She hated lying to him but she would not consider the alternative her father would kill her and hurt Nate if she even thought of telling anyone so she said ‘No, I don’t want to watch a movie; I don’t want to go to New Zealand.’ She said letting the tears flow, she was so scared of him getting hurt that she was willing to carry on letting her father rape her night after night as he had done for the past 5 years.

Nate had been struggling to keep his own emotions in check.

‘Don’t, I don’t want our last night to be clouded in misery’

Laura stood up ‘This was a mistake. We can’t do this, we need to say goodbye now and it has to be goodbye, I can’t keep saying it’ she replied sadly hoping that he would refuse to let her go. She wanted him to keep her close to him and never let her go but she knew it couldn’t happen and that she couldn’t prolong the sadness..

‘Why do you keep saying goodbye?’

‘There is no point prolonging, you will get another girlfriend anyways, cute guy like you’

Nate sat down ‘Fine, if you want to go, then go, I can’t keep doing this’

Laura picked up her bag ‘Sorry, I love you but I can’t do it, I can’t say goodbye’

Nate didn’t respond and so she walked out, he really wanted to go after her, he felt like he needed to but he didn’t know what to say or do, it was times like this when he really wanted his Dad around.


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Thanks for the comments :) Here we go :)

Chapter 10

Belle was in the bath later on that night, she had dropped off Holly and she had arranged for Angelo to pick her up as he was out with Nicole anyways.

Her phone rang, ‘Hello?’


‘Aden, what time do you call this?’ she said jokingly

‘Hey! I have been so tired!’

‘Too tired to call your wife?’

‘Sorry, I literally lay down on the bed in the hotel and the next thing I know, its 4 hours later and then I rang you’

Belle smiled ‘You always did sleep like a baby’

‘I know, anyways enough about me. How are you?’

‘Good, just housework all day’

‘And what you are doing now?’ he asked conversationally.

‘Are you alone?’ she said cryptically

Aden frowned but replied ‘Yep, why?’

‘Am in the bath…’ she let the sentence trail off and she could imagine Aden’s face.

She struggled not to laugh at the image in her head as Aden answered ‘Damn, I wish I was there’

‘I bet you do’ she said letting out a little chuckle which just annoyed Aden that little bit more.

Aden growled ‘Well wait till I get back’

She giggled ‘Ha-ha you won’t get me in the bath, I can promise you that’

‘And why not?’ he asked.

‘Well… I would rather have a shower with you’

Aden growled ‘Now I really wish I was with you’

‘Hold on a sec.’

She put the phone down and got out of the bath, towelling herself off and getting into her dressing gown.

She picked the phone up and walked into her room.

‘Okay, anyways, how is it there?’

‘From what I have seen, it’s loud but it looks good’

‘How are the kids?’

‘Well, Nate is miserable’

‘Why?’ he asked

‘Laura’s moving’


‘I don’t think he’s accepted it yet, he keeps on using the punch bag’

‘He will be fine; he needs to work it out in his own time’

‘It was so much easier when they were kids and we just had to cuddle them to make them feel better’

Aden laughed ‘Oh yes and now they run at the first sign of a hug’

Belle chuckled.

‘What about Holly?’ he asked as he sat up on the bed

‘She’s at a party’

‘I thought we agreed it was a better idea not to?’

‘There are parents and we can’t keep her under lock and key’

‘I know, I just want to protect her’

‘I did worse at her age’ she said

‘That doesn’t make me feel better’ he replied but Belle knew he was smiling.

Aden yawned. ‘You better go back to sleep’ Belle said with a chuckle

Aden got under the covers ‘I love you babe’

‘Love you too, sweet dreams’

‘Sweet dreams’

Aden closed his eyes and thought of Belle, he knew that he wasn’t going to stop thinking about her and a big grin formed on her face.

A few moments later he was fast asleep dreaming of the day he saw her again.


Laura looked around her room. It was bare, the past 16 years living in this room was now in boxes.

So much has happened but she didn’t care about her father or anything like that, she just missed Nate, it had been so hard not to spend her last night with him but she would rather go through all that pain by herself instead of being all alone.

She was intensely grateful that her father hadn’t come into her room that night; she didn’t think she would be able to be as calm as she was at that moment in time if he had made his way into her room.

‘Laura?’ her sister called


‘Nate’s downstairs’

Laura’s heart started to beat faster as she walked down the stairs.

She could feel her father’s eyes on hers but she walked out into the garden where she knew he wouldn’t be able to eavesdrop.

‘I thought we agreed, we weren’t going to do this’

‘You said that, I just wanted to spend time with you without it being clouded in pain and misery’

Laura sighed as she sat on the grass. Nate planted himself next to her.

‘What time you going?’

‘It was meant to be this morning but plane problems so its tonight at 8’

Nate looked at her ‘Are you going to tell me?’

‘Tell you what?’

‘Something is bothering you’

‘Yes, I just don’t want to go’

‘its something else’ he said as he took her hands in his.

‘I am just going to miss you’ she said as tears threatened to fall.

‘Are you sure?’ he said somehow knowing that there was something going on.

‘I am’

‘Okay, but promise me one thing’


‘Keep in contact, I don’t want to lose your friendship’

She nodded as the tears fell ‘Shh, don’t cry, please’

He leant in and kissed her for the last time. He stood up and brought her up with him.

‘I love you Laura, I really do’

‘I love you too’

He let go of her hands and walked away.

She watched him leave, she knew she should tell him but she was terrified of what her father would do and she knew that he would hurt Nate and she was not prepared to let that happen, not ever.


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