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Everything Happens For A Reason (by Zetti) - comments


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:o Heath in the shower :wub: Tattoos moving, muscles etc :wub:

Like to think of Brax and Angelo at university together, very sweet. I wonder what they are studying. Brax probably Business Studies, Ange Psychology of Crime and Deviance I expect :lol:

Interesting for so many reasons, its nice to see different slash stories with other characters.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes, keep going Z :)

Forgot to say that I too think the Braxtons/ River Boys are good for H&A. They add an element of danger, 'anti niceness' and testosterone.

Edited by Miranda
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Laura: Thanks hun. I too love Brax and Heath :) I appreciate you reading x

Miranda: Thanks for the comments and pushing me to post it!

Scottaz: Thanks :wub:

Sarah: Thanks hun x

lozlovesh&a: Ta hun x

Carina: :) Am glad you are hooked! :) *hearts*

Pembie: Thanks :lol:

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I just want to say, Zetti: ner ner ner NER ner. Told you people would like it :lol:

Hopefully there will be lots of Braxtons hanging around shirtless :lol:

:ph34r: You sound mad... :lol: but thanks hun! I appreciate all the help x

Ooh there will be shirtless parts, I promise :ph34r:

Edited by Zetti
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