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Sworn To Secrecy (by Lucii) - comments


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Awesome update .... So excited that Tegan let Chax have the baby, she realised that they loved him already awwww

Noah is a cute name :-)

Loved everything ... Looking forward to the last few chapters! Sad to see it come to an end :-( but I guess all good things must :-)

Please update soon xx

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Great update,

Chax and co. are moving to perth :wub:!!

Aww Ruby's whole wedding was just beautiful :wub:!!

Had to laugh at pretty much all of Bianca's comments in that, as well as Brax's line about killing Kyle if he ever hurt Ruby :lol:!!

More soon please :D

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I am glad that Tegan kept her word and gave Brax and Charlie her baby. Noahs name is lovely. I thought the children at the wedding were cute. Glad to see that Ruby and Casey are now good friends. I am curious as to why they are moving to Perth. Could it be something to do with Charlies Aunty Michelle. I am sorry that your story is ending but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to reading the final chapters.

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Chapter 40 - So glad Teagan let Charlie and Brax keep her baby, it was so nice of her. loved how she commented on the way she noticed Charlie with her baby boy, it was a really decent thing for Teagan to do.

Chapter 41 - Wow! Chax are moving to Perth, Ruby and Bianca seem as though they are going to miss Chax the most! i hope they don't leave permanently. why they would leave i have no clue! Loved the scenes between Charlie and Ruby! very emotional and sweet :lol: The wedding was very cute and the two little children are so grown up now its adorable! Bianca and Liam are having a baby!

Cant wait for the next chapter! I'm very curious to see how all of this story ends :) thanks for the last two chapters, please update the next one soon! xoxox :lol:

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Read this chapter already but didn't have the time to comment.

So so relieved that Tegan let them be a family. :)

The whole wedding was really beautiful. :wub:

Loved Brax warning Kyle never to hurt Ruby. :D

Great chapter. :)

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I was so excited when I had seen that you had updated :-)

That chapter was so emotional , all the goodbyes were so beautiful!

Awesome chapter .. Wat a way to end :-)

Have really loved this fan fic & I hope you write more Chax ones in the future ... I'll keep my eye for one lol

Thanx for writing it ;-) xx

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