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Oh...My...God!!!!! :o

Joey's back!!! :o

I did not see that coming at all!

Oh no, this could really mess things up for Brax! :(

Wow Lucii this is really a fantastic fic!

I did not see that twist coming at all!

Wow you've got me completely hooked!

Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Jeez...I still can't believe Joey's back! :o

I doubt that's the kind of competition Brax expected! :P


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Okay so it's been waay to long since I updated! Sorry! it started with exams and stuff and by the end I had writers block! Anyways next part is here I hope you enjoy it :) and again sorry for the lack of updates but after the 13th = no more exams = more updates hopefully :P

Chapter 4

Needless to say both girls stared at each other in shock. Previous memories of Charlie’s confusion in her sexuality came flooding back when she saw sight of Joey. She had changed alot; become more girly in herself Charlie had noticed when she clocked the outfit that Joey was wearing. But her eyes – well they remained the same warmth and passion that Charlie had felt a long time ago when she thought she was really in love.

”W-Wh-What are you doing here?" Charlie asked, still taken aback by how different Joey looked.

Joey’s eyes shifted uncomfortably up and down still not making contact with Charlie. The awkward silence arose between the pair as Joey struggled to answer.

”I’m um sorry I can’t explain this...are you busy later?"

Charlie said nothing except shake her head, signalling she meant no. Joey smiled awkwardly

”Well how about we meet for a drink or something?” she asked while Charlie still struggled to regain her vocal cords. ”Say six? At that restaurant...Angelo’s is it?”

”Yeah um sure...I’ll see you there”

They smiled awkwardly at one another, so many past memories held between their gaze. Joey smiled and drove off into the distance whilst Charlie struggled to come to terms with what had happened. Had any of that really happened? Had she dreamed it up in her head? Her steps became shakier as she wandered back to her car and she struggled to think straight. She drove to work with this morning’s events on her mind, taking no notice of anyone at the station as she seemed to switch off. Her phone lay deserted on the side of Charlie’s desk with messages coming through every few minutes but Charlie remained still and silent.

When it seemed like forever, Charlie had finally finished her shift. It was pretty early meaning she had time to get ready to meet Joey. Not that she needed to impress her, but the fact that Brax worked at Angelo’s meant there would be a pretty good chance she could see him too. Also Charlie felt guilty at not replying to many of his text messages through the day with the stress of the work combined with shock at seeing a former love in the bay again. She knew Angelo was a former lover but to be honest he was her friend first and he was her friend now. Joey was different. Aside from the fact that she was a girl, Charlie felt that she loved Joey and she hadn’t felt that love since until her feelings developed for Brax.

Charlie found herself in the bar earlier than expected having changed from her work outfit into a pair of white skinny jeans and a yellow boob tube with yellow pumps. Her hair was down in its natural form compared to the bun style which was compulsory for work. Brax was at the bar serving customers when Charlie walked in. He noticed her straight away, continued to serve the customers before making his way over to where she was sitting.

”Well Miss Buckton” he whispered so no one else would hear. ”What do I owe the pleasure of seeing your beautiful face twice in one day?”

Charlie grinned whilst gazing into Brax’s eyes. She really wanted to kiss him but she couldn’t.

”That’s sergeant to you Darryl Braxton” she said as her eyes twinkled.

”Sorry sergeant Buckton mam!” Brax grinned and Charlie struggled not to laugh. ”But seriously Charlie what are you doing here?”

”Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m meeting a friend” replied Charlie but still the pair didn’t break eye contact.

At once Charlie saw the opportunity to tease Brax and make him jealous. She smiled and played with her hair.

”Actually I’m meeting an ex of mine...Joey. We’re still good friends”

Charlie swore she could have seen Brax’s face drop slightly but that would be nothing compared to when he found out that Joey was actually a girl.

”Oh erm well I better leave you to it, but it this guy tries anything funny I swear...”

”Chill Brax, I got it covered”

Charlie watched Brax walk away just as Joey entered the bar. She looked as beautiful as when Charlie first lay eyes on her and Charlie would be lying to herself if she said she didn’t love Joey. She did but now she had Brax to think about. They may not have been a couple to anyone else’s knowledge but in their own eyes they were perfect for each other.

”Charlie!” Joey smiled as she went to sit down next to where Charlie was sitting. Charlie smiled and waved at Joey whilst taking sideward’s glances at Brax. He had noticed a young female sitting next to his girlfriend and knew this wasn’t the ex Charlie was going to meet and as the excuse of going over to speak to Charlie he went over to ask what drink they would like.

”Hello ladies and what can I get ya?” he asked whilst shooting Charlie a why don’t you introduce me then glance.

”Um this is Brax, he’s my erm...erm”

”I’m her daughters boyfriends brother” he laughed. ”Confusing right? And you are?"

”I’m Joey”

Brax stared at Charlie as she struggled again not to laugh. He glanced back at Joey who was oblivious to anything strange acting around her.

”But...you’re a chick” he said. ”And Charlie said her ex was called Joey”

”Yeah that would be me” Joey smiled and by this time Charlie had burst into hysterical laughter at Brax’s facial expression as he struggled to believe that his girlfriend once kissed another girl.

”Oh....well....erm I’m going to get you your drinks and erm Charlie yeah we’re going to have to talk”

Brax turned and walked away, noticing his cheeks had blushed a little from the awkward meeting with one of his girlfriends exes who just happened to be another girl. Another member of staff took care of the drinks as Brax didn’t want to go back over. And for once being totally unprofessional Brax poured himself a vodka shot as he struggled to come to terms with a revelation from Charlie’s past.

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