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Sworn To Secrecy (by Lucii) - comments


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Ooh, Leah, what's going on with you? I hope she's having a steamy romance with someone :wub:

I like the way you put the speech in italics, Lucii, it makes it so clear to read. I hate fics when the speech is all muddled up with the rest of the narrative :D

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Omg I loved that chapter!!

You write their relationship really interestingly Lucii!

I absolutely LOVE the chemistry that you have created between them!

I agree with Carina!

I love all the Charlie/Brax fics that are coming out at the moment! :D

Someone will have to think of a couple name for them

We already have!

It's Chax! :wub:

Next chapter soon please Lucii!

Can't wait to read more! :wink:


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Great update!

Oh Leah whats going on with you eh?! lol...

Hmmm so first chapter Brax was late and second he wasnt texting back... :unsure: I hope he isn't doing anything dodgy that's going to ruin the greatness of chax! :P

Update soon :)

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