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When Tomorrow Finally Gets Here

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Story Title: When Tomorrow Finally Gets Here

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: Nicole and Brittany, Miles, Geoff and Aden (& Baby!) (Plus others)

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama, Romance

Warning: Contains a Same Sex relationship

Does story include spoilers: No

Summary: Miles Aden, Geoff, Nic all knew that things couldn't stay the same but believed that their friendships wouldn't end until something happened and it all seemed to change. How could they face Tomorrow when it seemed so scary all of a sudden?

Authors Note: This continues on from After the Leaving, Happily Ever After and Full Circle and is only being written because I think Carina would kill me if I didn't....

The First Day:

Nicole sat outside Rachel’s office door waiting to go in. She felt a strange sense of numbness that seemed to make her muscles freeze. Eventually the door opened and she looked up to see Rachel peering back at her. There was no smile on the other woman’s face and she felt her heart sink inside her.

“Rachel.” She called out trying to ready herself for what was to come.

“Come in Nic.” Rachel told her gently.

Nic stood and followed Rachel into her office. She sat in the chair that Rachel indicated and waited for the bad news.

“We got back the results of Brittany’s tests and I’m afraid that it isn’t good news. She has Leukaemia.”

Nic felt the world spinning and heard a rushing sound in her ears before the world turned black and she sunk into a dead faint.

Aden and Geoff looked over at Beth and grinned at each other. It had been her first day at nursery and she’d already hit one boy and dominated the play area.

“If you say it’s Nic’s genes one more time Bible boy I’ll have to leave you.” Aden said still grinning.

“Well…” Geoff raised his eyebrow and looked at Aden. “I think the evidence is there.”

Aden chuckled before going over to their daughter and picking her up.

“Did you have a good day Princess?” he asked her.

“Boys are smelly.” Beth declared and smiled at Geoff when he laughed at her.

“Beth.” Aden protested weekly.

“She has us there.” Geoff murmured. “Still that isn’t nice to blurt out Beth-Ann Jefferies.”

Beth frowned before she gave them her innocent smile.

“Plotting something.” Aden called quietly.

“No doubt. We better get her home.”

They moved out to the car, with Aden strapping her securely into her car seat in the back. She immediately reached for her toy, a Barbie doll that Brittany had left behind on one of her visits.

“That reminds me we should give Nic a call.” Aden said glancing at the doll.

“A Barbie doll reminded you of Nic? I’m sure she’ll be flattered by the comparison. “ Geoff murmured.

Aden laughed.

“Yeah sure you go ahead and tell her. I hope that you’d visit me in intensive care afterwards.”

Geoff chuckled before he got into the car behind the wheel. He waited for Aden to get in the passenger side before setting off home.

“No I was actually thinking that she gets the results today.” Aden qualified his earlier statement.

“Maybe we should leave it. She’s probably taking Brittany out to celebrate the good news.” Geoff murmured.

“I hope so.” Aden said quietly although he couldn’t help that feeling deep down in the pit of his stomach that everything was changing. He’d put it down to Beth-Ann’s first day at nursery but if he were truly honest with himself he would have to admit that he was scared stupid. He looked up to see Geoff looking at him and he forced his aching facial muscles to appropriate a smile. Geoff must have been fooled because he smiled back.

Aden’s thoughts drifted back to the dream he’d had that morning and he finally remembered some of the details. Belle was there in her wedding dress looking beautiful and fragile at the same time standing back on the beach in Summer Bay before she pointed to something in the distance. He’d turned and tried to run there feeling his feet dragged down by the sand and the more he ran the further away it got. He’d woken then to the shrill of the alarm clock.

“You ok?” Geoff asked him quietly glancing at Beth-Ann in the back seat through the rear view mirror.

“Yeah.” Aden said sounding unconvinced.

Geoff frowned at him but lost the chance to pursue the matter as they moved into the house and became parents for a little while longer.

Nic looked at Brittany resting on the sofa and pulled up a blanket over her.

“She’ll be fine Darl.” Irene said slowly. “I’ll keep an eye on her.”

Nic nodded a hand reaching out to stroke her daughter’s waist length blonde hair. She hastily pulled the hand back to her side when she saw it was shaking.

“I won’t be long.” Nic murmured.

“Can’t fool me Darl once you and Miles get talking, ya can’t get a word in edgewise.” Irene said with a grin.

Nic nodded once more forcing herself to walk out of the beach house and to her car. She climbed behind the wheel and set off needing to tell someone, to talk to someone. Mere minutes passed before she pulled up outside Miles place and she climbed out of the car on shaking legs and moved inside not even bothering to knock on the door.

“Hey Nic.” Miles called from his position by the isle in the kitchen. He moved and grabbed a second cup pouring out a coffee for her before heading for the sofa. He placed both cups down before taking a look at her finally.

“Nic?” he asked slowly.

She stepped forward and over to him before the first tears came.

“It’s…” she stopped unable to say the word.

Miles eased them both down on the sofa holding her in his arms as she sobbed. He knew inside that something bad had happened and hated that he couldn’t do anything to help. He held her a long time feeling her shake the coffees growing cold in front of them before she looked up and met his warm gaze.

“Leukaemia.” Nic finished her sentence.

“I’m sorry Nic.” Miles said immediately. “But we have to be positive there is a lot that can be done.”

She nodded.

“Not really helping am I?” he asked.

“Just being here is helping.” She told him.

Miles lifted up a hand and stroked Nic’s face.

“I’m glad you can come to me.” Miles told her.

Nic nodded and met his earnest gaze. She felt something go through her and frowned for a fraction of a second before half smiling.

“I can always come to you.” She whispered slowly leaning forward.

Miles looked at her before his gaze was drawn to her lips. He’d never noticed the shape of them before and leaned forward. He checked the movement at the last minute and eased away.

“Did they tell you what type it was?” he asked easing further away and collecting the two cups before standing and walking into the kitchen. He threw the cold coffee away and debated about making a fresh pot. Moving over to the fridge he took out a bottle of white wine and poured out two glasses before taking them over to the table.

Nic accepted the glass her eyes moving to his before drifting away.

“Its something called ALL.” Nic announced. “She has to have Chemotherapy.” Nic murmured slowly. “She’s going to lose her lovely hair.” She added with a sob.

“Is that it?” Miles asked. “Just Chemo?”

Nic shrugged.

“They want to put a needle into her hip bone and take a marrow sample to see how far the disease has spread.” Nic told him sipping quickly from the glass as though that would dilute the pain of her words. “How am I going to explain that to her?” she added in a whisper.

“Just like that Nic.” Miles said softly.

He reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder and she gave a small smile at the familiar gesture feeling some comfort from his touch.

“Do you want me to come with you?” he asked her.

Nic looked at him and nodded knowing that she needed him there.

“Lets go.” He said putting his glass down untouched. “We’ll answer her million questions and watch her favourite movie before getting pizza.”

Nic looked at him gratefully.

“What would I do without you Miles?”

“Probably not a lot.” He murmured with a straight face.

Nicole looked at him and groaned before she stood up. Whether it was because of the glass of wine or the lack of food she felt herself sway and put her hands out. Immediately Miles was there and he steadied her before their eyes met once more.

“Come on.” He told her and moved out with her to go see Brittany.

Aden looked ruefully down at his sodden grey t shirt and grinned when he turned and saw that Geoff was also soaked.

“We’re supposed to bath her you know.” He commented with a smirk.

Geoff nodded before stripping of his top and moving into the laundry room he threw it into the pile waiting to be done. Aden watched him a smile on his face as he came out.

“I know what that look means.” Geoff murmured softly.

“Just admiring the view. We should grab some food and chill.”

“So you don’t want to kiss me Jefferies?” Geoff asked looking at him from under his lashes.

“Maybe.” Aden said back his voice husky. “Come here.”

Geoff laughed before stepping forward and pressing his lips to Aden’s. He felt the combination of smooth warm skin and the rash of beard growth smiling at the familiar-yet-new feel of the other mans skin. He felt the firm pressure of Aden’s lips against his own, the taste of him. The simple kiss moved speedily to a deeper one, their tongues fusing and dancing and teasing.

Aden eased back looking into Geoff’s eyes and smiled softly.

“I love you.” He said for the hundredth time.

Geoff looked at Aden and rolled his eyes.

“Again with the I love you?” he asked with a grin.

Aden laughed before leaning forward and kissing Geoff again.

“Beth-Ann is asleep.” Geoff said quietly.

“Really?” Aden asked.

Geoff nodded at him watching the slow grin on Aden’s face before the other man took hold of his hand and led him through to the bedroom.

“Brittany.” Nic called softly.

“Are we taking DeDe for a walk?” Brittany asked looking from Miles to her mother.

“It’s a bit late for that isn’t it?” Miles asked when Nic couldn’t answer her. He bent down and picked up Brittany and carrying her out to Nic’s car while Nic murmured her thanks to Irene for the babysitting. They arrived home and Miles lifted Brittany once more carrying her into the house. He sat her on the sofa and sat opposite her grinning as the dog came running up to them. Nic moved and sat with her daughter taking hold of Brittany’s hand.

“Hey baby.” She began. “You know we had tests done at the hospital.”

Brittany nodded solemnly before turning to Miles.

“I had to have needles.” She told him wrinkling up her nose.

Miles smiled and nodded.

“Well it seems that you are a poorly little girl.” Nic said her eyes shooting over to Miles in a silent appeal. He nodded before moving closer to the two girls.

“You have something called Leukaemia.” Miles told her. “Which means that you have some bad blood so we will be taking you to the doctors to have medicine and make you better.”

Brittany looked at them before tears appeared in her eyes. They ran down her face as she looked at her mother.

“Will I get better?” she asked.

Nic nodded.

“Of course you will.” She said brightly. “Only the medicine they give you makes you feel very sick at first and then you start to feel better.”

“I don’t have to stay in the hospital do I?”

“Not all the time.” Miles said. “Now we thought that we should have pizza for tea tonight.”

Brittany smiled and looked at her Mummy.

“You are silly Mummy.” She told her. “You brought Miles thinking I’ll be upset didn’t you? I know I don’t like needles but if they are going to make me better I’ll put up with them.”

Nic smiled at her before lifting her into her lap.

“You are very smart Brittany.” She said her eyes meeting Miles’ gaze. He smiled at her and she nodded blinking back tears.

“What do you want on your pizza?” Miles asked.

“Ham and pineapple.” Brittany said quickly.

“Actually I was asking DeDe.” Miles told her watching as the little girl giggled.

6 weeks later.

Miles walked into the hospital. He was carrying a large pink Barbie helium balloon in one hand and carrying a large suitcase with the other. He found Brittany’s room easily and walked inside closing the door behind him.

“Miles.” Brittany called out smiling weakly. “Look funny.” She added.

Brittany was lying in bed with a drip attached to her arm. She looked pale and tired and there were dark circles around her eyes. Worse than that her beautiful hair was gone, lost because of the chemicals that were killing the cancer.

Miles chuckled before he glanced at Nic. She was seated in a chair by Brittany’s bed with a cover over her.

“What have you got there?” she asked sitting up and pushing the blanket down.

“Oh this?” Miles asked holding out the balloon.

Brittany giggled.

“I think she means that Uncle Miles.” Brittany said pointing to the suitcase.

Miles looked sheepish before he placed the suitcase on the floor. He handed Nic the balloon to hold while he opened up the case and let out DeDe. She ran around the room excitedly before trying to climb on the bed.

“You are a mad person Miles Copeland.” Nic said laughing for the first time in weeks. She looked at Brittany and saw colour on her daughters cheeks for the first time in ages and she looked at Miles gratefully.

“Come here DeDe.” Brittany called out.

Miles took pity on the dog and helped her up on the bed next to the little girl.

“Mummy hasn’t noticed yet.” Brittany told Miles in a conspiratorial whisper.

“I know.” Miles said back. “Give her a few minutes.”

“What’s that?” Nic asked standing up and coming over to them. She reached out and stroked the dogs soft fur before looking at Miles. “You’ve shaved the beard off.” She murmured after a minute.

Brittany giggled.

Miles nodded and looked at the little girl in the bed before he reached up and pulled off his hat showing them his shaved head.

“Oh Miles.” Nic said quietly overcome by emotion.

“Well I didn’t want Brittany to get all the attention when she comes home next week.” He said quietly.

Brittany lifted her hand to her bald head and smiled.

“I’m kind of liking this look now.” She told them grinning at her mother. “I may not want to grow my hair back.”

They heard a gentle knock at the door and looked at each other and then at the dog.

“Quick.” Nic said pointing to the suitcase.

“No time for that.” Miles muttered reaching for the spare blanket and covering the dog with that.

“Can we come in?” Aden called out quietly.

“Yes.” Nic called out trying not to giggle.

Aden turned the handle and opened the door coming in with Geoff following behind. Nic noticed their shaved heads immediately and grinned at her daughter.

“Alright Missy just how many people did you get to do that?” she asked her.

Brittany gave her mother a broad innocent smile.

“Good God Miles you look ….” Aden began.

“Younger?” Miles provided.

“Cleaner.” Aden said before he felt Geoff hit him in the ribs. “Ouf!” he exclaimed.

Miles narrowed his eyes and looked at the other man.

“Are you sure I can’t still put you on detention?” he asked.

Geoff laughed before he looked at Brittany in the bed. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Miles seeing an innocent expression on all three of them.

“Why did you’re bed just wag at me?” he asked Brittany watching her giggle once more.

Miles shrugged before walking over to the door and closing it quickly.

“No reason.” Brittany told them.

DeDe barked before putting her head out of the blanket.

“Shush dog.” Miles told her.

Brittany smiled at them all looking like a Princess holding court and the thought made Nic smile.

“So what did you do with Beth-Ann?” Nic asked them.

“She’s with Irene for a visit.” Geoff said ignoring the look from Aden. “She had a bit of a cold so we thought it was best not to bring her.” he added for Brittany’s benefit sighing when the little girl seemed to sink back on the pale pillows behind her.

“Getting tired?” Nic asked softly.

Brittany nodded.

“Don’t go though.” She begged huskily.

“I think I’m going to go.” Miles said to her. “I wouldn’t want to get caught smuggling a dog in.”

Brittany smiled softly looking up at him before she leaned over and hugged her pet.

“Be good.” She said softly.

“I’m always good.” Miles said quickly.

Brittany giggled again but they could see what an effort it was.

Miles kept the smile on his face before lifting the dog over to the suitcase. He reached in his pocket and handed out some dog treats before settling the dog inside and zipping it almost closed.

“See you soon moppet.” Miles called out softly. “You too Brittany.”

“Hey.” Nic protested.

Miles smiled at her and hefted the suitcase up carrying it out of the room.

“So Brittany are they treating you alright? Just say the word and we’ll get you out of here.” Aden said to her.

“Aden stop.” Nic muttered rolling her eyes.

He grinned at her before sitting on the side of Brittany’s bed and lifting his hand to her forehead.

“No temperature.” He commented. “Are you sure you aren’t faking it just to get the day off school?”

Brittany smiled before her eyes closed and she yawned.

“Ok that’s it you joker, come on we’ll go get a coffee and let my lovely daughter get some sleep.” Nic announced.

Brittany nodded.

“Very sleepy.” She told her mum.

Nic smiled and leaned forward kissing her daughter and pulling up the covers before the three of them slipped outside. Nic looked at Geoff and then Aden before she spoke.

“Have you thought any more about getting Beth-Ann tested?” she said bluntly.

“She’s just a little girl.” Aden said to her. “How can you ask us to put her through that when you don’t even know that her bone marrow will be needed for a transplant. You’ve told us that Brittany is responding well to treatment.”

“I can ask you because Beth-Ann was a gift I gave you freely, and with no strings attached out of love and now my daughter may need help you want to what?” she asked a scathing note in her voice.

“You gave us Beth-Ann but that doesn’t mean you can borrow bits of her back to suit you.” Aden snapped out ignoring the look on Geoff’s face. He shook off Geoff’s hand on his arm before turning and walking out of the hospital.

“Nic I’m sorry.” Geoff said immediately.

“It’s ok Geoff.” Nic murmured sadly. “We just need to hope for the best.”

Geoff looked at her unable to say anything before he too turned and began walking away going after Aden.

Nic shook her head before she turned away and walked along the corridor and into the canteen. She grabbed herself a cup of coffee and made her way over to a table sinking on to a chair. It was only then that she let herself cry.

“Aden.” Geoff called out seeing the other man standing on the beach.

There was something so lost about him and it tore Geoff’s heart out to see him like that.

“It’s Belle isn’t it?” he said slowly.

Aden turned and looked at Geoff.

“How can I ask my little girl to go through something like that.” He asked Geoff. “To have needles put in her. You know how afraid she is of needles.”

“I do.” Geoff said quietly. “But I also now that if you don’t do this for Brittany you’ll never forgive yourself.”

Aden shook his head collapsing on to the sand and sitting there his head resting on his knees. Geoff moved to sit next to him and sighed. He looked out on the vast sea in front of him before he spoke again.

“If Brittany needs it I’ll give consent for the testing.” He told Aden. “I can’t sit back and let Nic lose her daughter if there is something I can do to help her.”

“I know.” Aden said in a hoarse whisper.

“I also know how hard this is for you.” Geoff murmured.

“I’m not so much thinking of me.” Aden said with a wry grin before a sad expression crossed his face. “Belle fought it.”

“And you watched her go through it.” Geoff supplied.

Aden nodded.

“What if she’d lived though.” Aden said his eyes shooting to Geoff’s. “Would we have got together?”

“I doubt it.” Geoff said.

“See I just can’t shake the guilt.” Aden muttered pouting. “Of course I didn’t want Belle to die. But god, if she hadn’t then I wouldn’t have you and we wouldn’t have our beautiful Beth-Ann.”

“I know.” Geoff told him.

“Are you sure you still want to be mixed up with me Bible Boy?” Aden asked wiping his eyes.

Geoff looked at him and pretended to consider the question.

“Hey.” Aden protested after a moment.

Geoff looked over at him before reaching out and placing his fingers under Aden’s chin and lifting his head.

“I love you.” He told Aden. “I guess I’m going to stick around for a while.”

Aden smiled before he leaned over and kissed him.

3 months later.

“So how are you doing?” Miles asked walking over to where Nic was standing looking out at the sea.

Nic shrugged.

“She’s doing ok. Back at school.” She murmured looking out at the beach.

“I didn’t ask about her.” Miles said slowly sitting down on the sand.

Nic watched him before she sat down too looking over at the other man. She saw kindness in his eyes and a gentleness about him that maybe others didn’t see.

“I’m ok.” she said quietly.

“Have you spoken to Aden and Geoff yet?” he probed softly.

Nic shook her head.

“I don’t know what to say to them. I told them that I would go to court to get custody of Beth-Ann. I just wanted to make Brittany better and if it took getting Beth-Ann tested I would have done it. I doubt they will ever forgive me.” She said with a sigh.

“I think they might.” Miles told her. He breathed in quickly before putting his arm around her shoulders and let her lean into him.

“I wouldn’t in their shoes.” She said.

“Well you won’t know unless you try.” Miles said wisely.

Nic smiled at him.

“Why are you so good to me Miles? You were there all through her illness, supporting me and looking after her.” She said quietly. “I know I didn’t do anything to deserve someone like you.”

“Are you kidding me? Nicole you are amazing. You are beautiful and smart and a wonderful mother. A really good friend.” Miles said to her.

Nic looked at him and sighed.

“You think I’m beautiful?” she asked picking up on that.

Miles gave her a sheepish grin.

“Of course I do.” He admitted.

Nic looked up at him and sighed before she turned her head and kissed him.

“Nic what are you doing?” he asked shocked.

“I don’t know. Just…” she stopped and looked at him a sad expression crossing her face. “Right you don’t want me.”

She pulled away from him and stood up beginning to walk away.

“Nicole.” Miles called out.

She shook her head and carried on walking.

Miles groaned before he stood up and followed her along the beach. He caught up with her and grabbed hold of her arm halting her escape. He looked into her blue eyes seeing the uncertainty in them and her vulnerability was apparent in every pore of her body. He sighed and pulled her into his arms before he kissed her.

Nic felt shock for a long moment before she melted into his arms feeling his strength and loving his gentleness. There was no way she would have got through the past few months without Miles being there for her. She put her arms around his neck and sighed against his lips feeling long buried emotions bursting into life. She wanted the kiss to go on and gasped when he pulled away from her. He gave her a look before turning and walking away from her.

“Miles.” Nic called out.

He stopped but didn’t turn around.

“Please.” She gasped out running after him. “I can’t lose you too.”

“I’m sorry Nic.” He said to her.

“Why are you sorry?” she murmured.

“I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

“No.” she said and saw his face fall even more. “I mean that you should have kissed me. I wanted you to kiss me. I want you to kiss me again. Please.” She added the last word in a little breathy whisper.

Miles felt his heart burst into life and he stepped towards her.

“Nic?” he said her name warily.

“I don’t know. I think I’ve been looking in the wrong places for love when all along you’ve been there under my nose. My own personal hero.” She said slowly.

She lifted her fingers to touch her lips before she stepped forward closer to him.

“I’ve been doing all the talking.” She said slowly. “What do you want?”

Miles sighed and reached out a hand. He stroked down her arm before taking hold of her hand.

“I would like to kiss you again and maybe we could take a walk.” He said to her.

Nic smiled and leaned up kissing him once more before easing away and looking at her watch.

“Brittany?” he asked.

She nodded.

“We come as a package.” Nic warned him.

“I know. You, Brittany and Damn Dog.” He murmured. “Shall we go get the Princess?”

“We.” She said slowly. “I like the sound of that.”


“Hello Uncle Aden it’s Brittany.”

“Hey Brit.” Aden said slowly glancing over at Geoff. He mouthed Brittany and Geoff walked over to him holding on to Beth-Ann’s hand.

“I’ve been to the doctor today and it’s really good news.” Brittany said into the phone looking over at Miles and her mother. She gave them a smile before putting her finger in the phone cord and twisting it around the curly wire.

Aden pressed the button and put the call on speaker.

“We’re all here.” He said softly. “Me and Geoff and Beth-Ann.”

“Well the doctor told me its all clear. I don’t even have to keep taking the yucky medicine.” Brittany said before glaring at her mother for laughing.

“That’s wonderful news babe. Bet your Mummy is over the moon.” Aden said feeling Geoff reach out and take hold of his hand. He looked at him and nodded. “We’ll have to come and see you all to celebrate.” He said emotionally.

“We certainly will.” Geoff called out.

“I’ll tell Mummy.” Brittany said before she cupped her hand around the receiver. “And Miles stayed over last night in Mummy’s bed.”

“Brittany!” Nic gasped out blushing.

“Did you say Miles?” Geoff asked seeing Aden grin at him.

“I did. They’ve tried to keep it secret but I’ve seen them kissing.” Brittany said with a giggle as Nic pulled the phone out of her hand.

“Ignore my daughter she doesn’t know anything.” Nic said feeling her cheeks grow warm as she blushed.

Geoff laughed.

“So it’s true then?” he asked her.

Nic smiled at Miles feeling really happy.

“Yes it’s true.” She admitted.

“I’m glad you rang Nic.” Aden said quietly. “We’ve missed you.”

“I missed you too. I’m so sorry….” Nic said before grinning as Miles came over to her side and put his arm around her waist.

“It’s ok Nic.” Aden told her. “We’re going to come and see you soon ok. Lets have a good gossip.”

Nic chuckled.

“See you soon then.” she told them before they all said goodbyes and the phone was finally hung up. She turned to her daughter and sighed. “So.” She began.

“Mummy.” Brittany said. “What took you so long? I knew Miles loved you ages ago.”

Miles chuckled.

“Well that feels like a cue for a celebration pizza.” He said after a minute.

Brittany laughed before she ran over to her mothers side and put her arms around her.

“You’ve made us into a family.” She told her.

“You really happy Brittany?” Nic asked worrying at her bottom lip.

Brittany nodded.

“I think he’s going to be a good Dad.” She whispered.

Nic looked over at Miles and smiled, the last worry disappeared and she held out her hand to him smiling as he moved to their side.

“Great.” He said. “Does this mean we are going to have pizza?”

Brittany giggled.


The funny thing about tomorrows is that there is always another one coming along. Nic knew that she had everything she wanted, a wonderful daughter who was happy and healthy, a good man who was going to take care of her and her daughter. Good friends in Aden and Geoff and she would be auntie to Beth-Ann again. She’d been so scared of her tomorrows fearing she would lose everything; Brittany, Aden and Geoff, and in some strange way even Miles but now she knew that everything would somehow be ok when tomorrow finally gets here.


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