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Wed 13 April 2011 – Episode # 5273

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Seperate Charlie The Cop From Charlie The Mum“

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 13 April 2011 – Episode # 5273 ]


Brax is on tee phone – and Charlie [who’s clearly dressed as though she & Brax have recently slept together] overheard him say that Brax has sorted the police sitch. When Brax is of tee phone, he tells Charlie [when she asks[ ta he was talking to Casey. He suggests, esp. when dealing with Ruby, that Charlie has to separate Charlie the cop, from Charlie the mum. When Charlie wants Brax to go, he tell her ta he prefers the other [softer] version of her. Brax bails.


Nic talk to Angelo bout today – and dhow it was a total disaster. He suggest she should “sound out” any idea with him – a male perspective and tee like./


Roo is very stressed, so Maz suggest she should do something relaxing. Maz tough isn’t so keen when Roo decides to throw a diner party = inviting Maz & Sid and others.


Nic & Angelo chat when Roo arrives home – telling them of tee diner oparty. Nic tells her that she feels like quitting – and Roo doesn’t even try to stop her.


Maz tell Sid bout tee dinner party, he says ta he has a seminar at work, but insist ta he can attend the one next week. Maz is annoyed dta they can go.


Ruby arrives and clashes with Charlie, who insist Ruby/Casey aren’t suited to each other AND that this will save Ruby having her heart broken in to long run. Ruby tells Charlie she's not like her mum, i.e. can’t just turn off her feelings.


Nic talk to Maz – bout how Roo don’t even tr8i to talk her out of resigning.


Charlie & Leah talk bout Charlie’s most recent clash with Ruby – but they way tee Charlie is talking, its sounds like she is talking bout Charlie/Brax rather than Ruby/Casey. Leah is surprised Charlie threw out tee cake she made. Charlie bails – insists she nee to be somewhere.


Angelo & Charlie chat bout various tings – incl Angelo suggesting ta Brax has an agenda for everything he does.


Roo & Nic talk bout what’s going on. Roo insist ta the fashion industry is a tough game anf that if Nic had made up her mind to resign, Roo wasn’t going to try to change it. Nic is keen to be involved in the project – so Roo rehires her.

NIGHT – Sid & Maz arrive for tee diner party. Maz is about half way though having a go at Roo when Nic enters the room and tells Maz that all is sorted [Nic has job bask].

Soon after, with the dinner party [incl Miles] in fill swing, Maz seem to be on tee outer [compared to Sid & Roo] with her opinion bout a number of subjects, incl giving birth [i.e. drug free versus epidural etc]. In tee middle of all of this, Nic gets tee hiccups.


Leah tries to get Ruby see reason bout whit’s going on – using a more friendly approach that Ruby usually gets from Charlie – but it falls on deaf ears. Charlie arrives. She insist at she’s NOT going top tee BBQ. She also tells Ruby that although she doesn't support Ruby/Casey, she won’t stand in ruby’s way either. Ruby bails.

Soon after, Brax arrives – and tell Charlie that the poloite tig to do would have been phoning to say she’s not attending the BBQ. Whilst Brax is keen for he & Charlie to be together, she insist ta it wouldn’t work. After Brax bails, you can see that Charlie is “torn” bout her decision – it’s like, you know she’d like to be with him, but a combo of tings [incl her job] is standing in the way.


Nic thanks Angelo for taking her home. She also insist ta she is terrified of all this [pregnancy/.birth etc]. Angelo offers to hug the distressed, still hiccuping Nic – and she agrees. Whilst they hug, Nic stops hiccuping. She mushily thanks Angelo – and as they are on the back patio, she asks him in for coffee. Angelo agrees and they enter the house.


Roo & Sid are talking bout Nic being a tad immature. Maz, who was out of the room, entrs and has a go at tem for talking about MAZ behind her back. Sid & Roo insist that were talk bout Nic.



April is worried bout someting bout happening to Bianca

Maz is very concerned bout how close Sid & Roo are getting

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: electric blue satin nightgown


Ruby: grey thin strap dress/orange headband


Nicole: white [pink floral] strapless maxi dress


Angelo: blue shirt

Angelo: white shirt

Brax: dark [green circles] t

Brax: white [dark check] shirt

Charlie: white [dark straps] thin strap top/denim shorts

Leah: red scoop top

Marilyn: dark [white floral] knee dress

Marilyn: plum low cut knee dress

Miles: red [dark UFO-like motif] t

Roo: olive green [dark horiz stripes] maxi dress

Roo: white top/grey vest

Ruby: white [dark trim] top

Sid: dark shirt

Sid: dark suit/grey shirt

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