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Casey Braxton - Lincoln Younes

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I just watched some older episodes of HAA when Casey was still there. And I found a new site of him I know he was sometimes acting out and acting stupid but he never seemed to be able to hold a grudge. Whenever Brax was bringing someone who had done Casey wrong to live in the house he was clearly angry and pissed at Brax, but I never took him long to come around. I think deep down despite trying to be a River boy etc he was a really good and soft hearted caring person and I also think he was very sensitive. He tried to hide it most of the times but seeing this older episodes I get why he tried to keep Brax out of the thing with Jake because he deeply cared for his brother and didn't want to loose him. I find it very sad that Casey didn't leave to go back to London after he found out that he was a Barrett. I liked the english girl and it would have been much better if he just left. I miss his Casey in HAA and I miss Lincoln portraying him.

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You're right Fyn3. And it's only Brax that seems to remember him. Ricky is all happy being pregnant (understandable) but she never shows a bit of emotion or being sad that Casey (whom she know as a chid) is dead. And the rest of Summer Bay just forgot about him. Really sad because I really liked Casey as a character. And if my sister would be killed because I was involved in something I would take it much harder than Brax. But it's a soap and life has to go on although I think Brax is really struggling with Casey's death. I'm sad that Lincoln wanted to get out of HAA but I think if he wanted to push his career further he needed t do that.

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Ooooh its coming in the uk just seen the promo for his death its next week

Don't worry its not that sad at least I didn't think so :lol: oh ive seen it I watch ahead but im wondering wether to again lol

Were u in a flood of tears haha I found the whole storyline pretty disappointing.

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