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Casey Braxton - Lincoln Younes

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Farewell Casey Braxton! :(

What a fantastic character and brilliantly portrayed by the very talented Lincoln Younes. Casey had been through a lot in these past three years and I loved watching his journey from a troubled school man who felt like an 'outsider' amongst the River Boys to a mature and confident man and that's why his death is such a tragedy in more ways than one.

I loved the sibling relationships that he shared with Brax, Heath and Kyle later on in the series and while Casey did have his flaws he was definitely a well-liked character amongst residents of Summer Bay with him sharing a friendships with characters like John, Jett and Dexter over the years.

His final scene with Brax is one of the saddest scenes I've seen in the show for a long time and I'm certain that it will be remembered for years to come.

Lincoln Younes should be extremely proud of his portrayal as Casey Braxton for the past three and a half years on the show and after seeing him on Tangle I knew that he was definitely talented and that's why I wish him all the best in his future endeavours as an actor and while I've never seen an episode of Love Child I'm eager to watch it next year when he's on!

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Posted Today, 11:47 AM

Easily my favourite character and favourite Braxton. How I will miss this kid. Amazing young actor in my opinion and a lovely guy. Bye bye our sweet Casey you've been through so, so much for it to end there. Tragic doesn't even come close to that moment and will now be forever associated with this character. My HAA heart has broken and I doubt I'll get too invested ever again.

Casey was my favourite character,too. Funny I started watching HAA for Luke Mitchell but then the Braxtons showed up at Summer Bay and was hooked since I like those boys so much. But it will never be the same without Casey who was very well portrayed by Lincoln who did an amazing job.

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I'm hoping so I'm angry it is Andy who kills Jake that just isn't right. I also have this awful feeling as soon as that happens and Ricky tells him she's pregnant it's going to be Casey who?. We had grieving for a while after Charlie I just hope and prey they afford Casey the same courtesy and not quickly forgotten like Gina or Romeo.

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