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Casey Braxton - Lincoln Younes

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I may take a look too as I love the actor.

Yeah you should watch it. Linc is really good in this. I think that is because Tangle is a lot more mature, the story lines are great and the actors are a lot better than Home and Away IMO. Me saying this doesn't mean I'm dissing Home and Away though haha

^ Just looked up the trailer for it on youtube and saw Ben Mendelsohn is in it. Might not be able to watch it now, he terrifies me after Animal Kingdom.

Ben is pretty intense in Tangle but it's still good.

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Was this show not on a few years ago? Why is he getting an award for it now?

Season 1 of Tangle from October - November 2009, Season 2 from July - August 2010 and the last season - Season 3 of Tangle screened from the end of March - the end of April 2012.

As to why Lincoln is only getting an award for being in "Tangle" now, well firstly he needs to be nominated for the awards and secondly he has to compete with all the other actors in the same category - and since he gave a stellar performance and beat all the other contestants therefore he won! :) Also the fact that he is now what's classified as a "seasoned actor" and imo he was channeling his inner River Boy for his role as Romeo Kovac in this last season.

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I felt so sorry for Casey when Tamara told him she remembered him but still went home with Kyle. He had every right to be angry with her and i am glad he told her that he does not want her anymore. Tamara made her choice there is no excuse for what she did.

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