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Casey Braxton - Lincoln Younes

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To be honest, I think Casey has had so much **** thrown at him this past year, he deserves just to be happy for awhile but the writers seem to plunge him into really bad situations all the time lately and I'm feeling sorry for him!

I like that everything that he has been through has changed him for the better... This Casey is much stronger and tougher than the Casey that first arrived in the Bay but I just wish that the writers woud lay off him a bit! :(

Give the kid a chance to be happy for once!

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Remeber when Casey threw hot oil over a guy in Juvie? I would like that to come back and haunt him some how. I think that would be a good story line......

Or Henri could come back with a baby and Casey is the dad haha

I was just joking about this. Definitely don't want that to happen as I want Casey to be happy.

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