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Heath Braxton - Dan Ewing

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It's weird that I started off thinkng Heath was the genuinely bad one among the Braxtons.I'm now left thinking that Brax is the really bad one and Heath's just easily led.I accept pretty much every argument I make about Brax could apply to Heath:He got out of jail pretty quickly, there were a number of serious offences not covered by the immunity(notably putting Angelo in a coma)and he's hardly been a Boy Scout since then and would be even less of one if Brax had agreed to restart the drug crops.But...whereas Brax chose this life, I get the feeling that Heath really didn't stand a chance.He's not intelligent or independent enough to make his own way, so he just went along with what his older brother and the rest of his friends were involved in, with Brax seemingly viewing him as someone who's not worth trying to help better himself and who's only useful to do the donkey work.

I think possibly the turning point for me was when Brax originally quit the River Boys.What was advertised as "Heath wants to take over the gang" somehow came across as "Heath wants his brother to tell him what to do again and his double bluff goes wrong."When we see Heath with people that he cares about who aren't part of the River Boy scene, like Bianca and Darcy

and possibly April now

, he's a lot softer:Unlike Brax, he really does become a different person with them.I can't help thinking that's the person he could be if he was given the chance.

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Hi All

This forum has been a bit quiet! lol :)

My mum wanted to post ( haha) she think Heath is bad boy with a conscience!

I always wanted to state I have found his character really interesting lately ... Im not too sure what his motivation with April is ( I thought I had figured it out a couple of weeks ago! lol) He and Henri seems interesting actually and I think they are most suited she knows who he is and under no illusion unlike April, i just wanted to know where Darcy lol! I think his character grew and shows different sides with her! there are missing potential storyline I think! lol

I love your comment @ Red Ranger 1 i agree with it :)

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Ah Heath..he has been on the screen in UK a lot more and I love seeing it. Its refreshing, different and I truly do think he's one of the best characters on the show. He seems to be different when he is not a RiverBoy.

The RiverBoy side of him is slightly more robust than his demeanour when he was with Bianca, Darcy (seems to have disppeared but I hope not because Heath is just that little bit more cuter when he has her around him :wub: ) and more recently April. Heath and April are not my favourite as I prefer Bianca and Heath but here is my view on April and Heath regardless. Heath is no angel. He's about 25 I would say & April is about 18 which is about 7 years of a gap but I am a firm believer that ages really doesnt matter. It's been so long since I have liked April since she's been a bitch towards Dex & previously to Xavier which annoys me because Xapril was my favourite couple in the show. I like Heath and I always have since he entered the show.

It's no secret that hes my favourite but I do not however like him with April. She's immature & Heath has already told her that he isn't a relationship kind of guy. As well as that I prefer Heath with Bianca & I really do want them together. Meanwhile Heath & April in a no strings relationship will not work especially since its obvious to me that Heath is hung up on Bianca..so I'm not in favour of Heapril but I do want to see Heath happy so if April is gonna be that person at least short term then I can sort of accept but I don't like it. As I said earlier, I love Darcy with Heath as he is not an all round bad person, he may make mistakes and doesnt always learn from his mistakes but at the same time he is one of the most interesting characters IMO to enter the bay which is why I am glad he is a regular character. It would be a shame not to explore Heath and who he really is. I look forward to more of him and now I will shut up and go do something more productive :P (like feeding my kittens :P )

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Given that I hated Heath up until about the middle of last year, I'm astonished to think he seems to be becoming one of my favourites.I was never a fan of him and Bianca, I thought she was too much of a princess to go for him long-term.There was a time when it looked like it might happen but it's clear she wouldn't have anything to do with the darker side of him and it seems the intention was to show the contrast between her and Charlie:Charlie chose the man and Bianca chose her old life.There's probably some residual feelings on Heath's side but I don't think it's going anywhere.I actually really like Heapril together and think April could be good for him if he let her.I think he was burned a lot by Bianca and that's why he seems, at times, to be going out of his way to sabotage things and insisting he doesn't want anything serious.But he's repeatedly drawn back to her all the same.I can see several reasons why it could end disastrously but hope it doesn't.I hope we haven't seen the last of Darcy as well:It was a smart move not to make Heath a full-time dad, which is what I thought they were going to do to start with, but it'd be nice to see more of that side of him.

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I started off not liking Heath but now I like him more then Brax.It annoys me that Brax brings things on himself but still comes out smelling of roses.Like RR1 said I see Heath as more of a follower then just a bad guy.

I also like him with April but i'm hesitant to get to invested in them.I think April needs to grow up.I'm not sure Heath is even capable of giving her the type of relationship she wants though I do hope they sort it out eventually and he gets over Bianca who I never saw as more then a one night stand.

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Heath is just annoying and gthe actor is really bad at playing a bad boy, sorry and Dancing With The Stars did him no favors. He thinks it's cool to act like a child all the time, this is just my opinion but he's brought nothing positive to the show at all.

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Can some PLEASE give Heath a lesson on contraception!

I'm sure Darcy or VJ know more than he does...

Bianca too ... it takes two to tango!

They probably used it though ... it could have broken or they could have just been that unlucky couple that fall under the 3% range of it not working! :rolleyes:

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