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Heath Braxton - Dan Ewing

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It does seem as though Heath isn't really getting a lot of focus and they're concentrating more on the two brothers who are regulars.You had that episode where he was accused of attacking VJ, where we should have seen a lot of him, but instead we only saw him briefly at the beginning and the end and most of it was Charlie talking to Brax.Don't really know what they're going to do with him, whether they're going to have him and the other River Boys stop hanging around the Bay while Brax and Casey remain behind.Then again, the whole "guest cast" thing can be a bit meaningless at times, John's been on "Guest cast" for about two years now.

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hmm I can't make a decison on him coz he aint had much time on screen as Brax and Casey have. I've liked what I've seen so far, and had to :lol: at him when Romeo was at the house with Casey and Casey pushed all the things on the floor. I hope we get more screen time from him, he seems like a great character.

oh, and a bad boy :P with a hot bod :wub:

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This isn't really a spoiler, just speculation, but I'll tag it anyway...

I was looking at one of the promos for 2011 that aired a while back and when it gets to the bit about the River Boys it shows the three boys and the voice over says they'll really shake things up, and then it shows shots of Indi, Ruby and Charlie. Now we know story line wise so far Casey is involved with Ruby and Brax is involved with Charlie, so maybe Heath will have something to do with Indi?

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