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Charlie/Darryl 'Brax'

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So, we've effectively reached the end of the Chax era here in the UK.There's been much talk over the past few months of how the relationship created "drama", which is undeniably true.But it seemed as though everyone was expecting a happy ending, which I don't think was possible.And thankfully it's not what happened.They told the story that needed to be told.It might not have been the story that many fans wanted and it may not even have been the story some of the writers and publicity people thought it was.But this wasn't some great Love Story where the heroine abruptly announces she's got terminal cancer a month before her contract runs out.Charlie's death was the logical result of the decisions she and Brax made throughout their relationship.

What we have here is a capital t Tragedy, where a character falls from grace because of a fatal flaw.In the space of a year, Charlie went from an upholder of the law to the lover of the town's biggest criminal. Her willingness to put their relationship over what she believes is right, to turn a blind eye to crime, to be an accomplice to crime, to encourage others to break the law and allow an innocent man to be punished for what she did, sees her dragged into Brax's world and placed in a situation where she is forced to kill and ultimately is killed herself.

This is drama, where actions have consequences.Not the anti-drama the show often seems to use these days, where action seems to be regarded as an end in itself.

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It was very sweet in yesterday episode when Brax went to visit Charlie's grave. What a beautiful spot! Quite similar to Jack's burial place I remember thinking.

Heath made a very good observation as well, that Brax still has feelings for a ghost but I'm sure that's going to be the way forever, especially because she was taken from him so suddenly, the body is probably still in shock!

Charlie has been mentioned every now and again by various characters in the past few months, it's nice to see that se hasn't been forgotten. :)

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I used to love Brax and Charlie together, the forbidden love storyline was so good. Deep down I knew it had to end badly. Esther Anderson leaving was the perfect way to do that. I was upset when I found out about this, but I have gotten used to it now. That makes me think I liked Brax more than Charlie. He is the one with the brilliant lines sometimes, the funny faces, the love for his brothers and mother.

I like that Charlie has been mentioned a lot recently, but I reckon it is time for Brax to move on. Brax with Casey and Heath is great, but we have always seen 2 sides of Brax in the same episode (or at least in the same week). We have seen a lot of darker scenes: Cage fighting, Danny, drugs... It is time for some lighter scenes again. I want to see Brax having fun again, yes, with Nathalie. I can't deny they have chemistry. He has opened up to her in a way I never thought he would, that makes me think he really has feelings for her. Sometimes I hope that Leah or Alf talks to Brax about loving again after losing 'the love of your life'. I am hoping that once they get together they won't lie about it, not too many break ups (can't say none though, this is home and away). A stable, non controversial relationship would be good for Brax. The fact that she is Casey's counsellor does not make their relationship controversial if you ask me. Yes, Nathalie could do better than someone who grew up dealing drugs and hitting people, but she could do worse as well. I hope they stay together for a long time, or is that too much too ask?

Oh look at me... I am talking about them staying together when they haven't even gotten together... Sorry!

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I agree with totally, there have been lots of reminders lately, I mean only take the visits to her grave. Well, that was not the reason I came here.

I just wanted to say when Lottie and Melissa sat there on that bench, a sudden Chax-reminder crashed into my head. Remember that episode, it was 5365 I think, when Brax sat there and Charlie walked to him and they talked? I loved that scene, I loved their relationship and I really, really miss them.

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