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Summer Bay High (by Skykat) - comments

bay girl

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Brilliant chapter Skykat. I like the friendship that is developing between Martha and Cassie I hope they stand up to Hayley eventaully. I would love to give Hayley a slap, you write her bitchiness so well.

The kit/noah scene was great, I could totally imagine it, I hope Hayley doesnt come between them. Poor Old Kim though, in love with a bitchy Hayley, but addicted to Gypsy, I really wouldnt want to be in his shoes. :D

Hope there is more soon.

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Ooh the drama is only just beginning :P Hehe, can't wait to see Hayley's reaction when Kit walks through those doors. She really is Queen Biatch!

I really feel sorry for Kim, the passages you write on him are great, I can see where he is coming from. And with Gypsy being a drug and all.

Can't wait for chapter six :) Don't keep us waiting too long Kat!

Although I never liked Dani, I want to see how she'll fit in with everyone. If she'll become one of Hayley's acquaintances or siding with Kit and Gypsy.

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I love Cassie. And I never thought I'd say that again! She's so loyal and protective of her friends, and then, she's getting smashed with the new bad boy in town, seriously, I cannot wait to see where it goes.

I'm loving Gypsy. If I could just have an entire story of Gypsy/Hayley interaction I'd be so happy. And throw Kit into the mix, and its great!

I laughed when I read Dani’s the girl Will has the hots for, she works in the Kiosk at Noah’s. Maybe because Noah is still alive in this story, but I just found it funny... :blink: LoL.

I'm loving this story, angst, drama, dormat Kim and the best interaction ever! I can't wait for more.

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Oh my, poor Martha. Just as things were getting good for Jack and Martha, Gypsy had to ruin it, or well Jack had to ruin it. :( Please let things be good again *begs* Great chapter though. Still hating Haley with passion. Loved it when Jack said that Martha looked the best in the room, i could just imagine Haleys face :lol:

Please update soon :D

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COWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! I hate Haley even more. Every update makes me despise her :angry: Poor Martha and Jack. I cant believe they broke up, why you doing this to me, im depressed by them already and your just making it worse. Stupid Haley, Stupid Gypsy and stupid Jack for not telling Martha *cries* Nah! But it was a great chapter. Nice work

Please udpate soon :D

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What...a...bitch! You know, there was that scene in her bedroom where I thought there was a chance of sympathy but then Hayley just thought

"At the end of the day she looked better than Martha did, she was far more attractive than Kit Hunter and Kim was willing to dump Gypsy for her. Plus it was her party and nobody was going to spoil it for her."

That actually cracked me up, oh her superficiality! And of course it made me hate her so much more :)

Poor Cassie, Hayley really needs to be put in her place. I'm glad to hear you'll be updating soon because you enjoy writing this fic. I certainly enjoy reading it!

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